Finally Friday  11-4-2011
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Finally Friday 11-4-2011



Selected news and photographs.

Selected news and photographs.



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Finally Friday 11-4-2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. China Builds World-Class Supercomputer Sans Intel, AMDOctober 31, 2011Last year, China unveiled the worlds fastest supercomputer.But that was just the beginning ...China shook the international establishment last year when it unveiled the fastest supercomputer on the planet, besting its closestAmerican rival by the number-crunching equivalent of a country mile. But last week, the Middle Kingdom’s newest supercomputerarrived with a much greater rumble — even though it’s unlikely to crack the world top 10.Revealed last week at a conference in Jinan, China and profiled in The New York Times, the Sunway BlueLight MPP supercomputerdoesn’t use microprocessors from Intel or AMD. It uses a chip designed by the Chinese themselves — and it’s not the Chinesemicroprocessor the supercomputing community was expecting. In other words, the Chinese are developing two microprocessors thatcould shift not only bragging rights in the worldwide supercomputer game, but the general market for server silicon.“It shows that there’s a significant effort underway in China to build multicore processors that can be put into the world’s fastestcomputers,” Jack Dongarra, the University of Tennessee professor who oversees the annual list of the Top 500 supercomputers, tellsWired. “And you have to wonder what their strategy is in terms of pushing these chips outside of their borders.”Before the Sunway was uncloaked, Dongarra was expecting China to reveal a computing cluster based on an eight-core chip itsengineers were developing under the “Loongson” or “Godson” name. Instead, the Sunway uses a previously unknown chip dubbed the“ShenWei SW-3.” Harnessing 8,700 of these chips, the cluster can, in theory, handle more than 1,000 trillion calculations a second — akaa petaflop.That will likely put the Sunway among the top 20 fastest supercomputers when Dongarra and crew unveil their official list next month.For the University of Tennessee computer scientist, this shows that China is gaining ground on the big American chip-makers faster thanexpected. “China hasn’t done much in the way of microprocessor development over the past 20 years,” he says. “But it won’t take them20 years to catch up. It’s going to take them a very short time.”
  • 2. 66% Oppose Forgiveness Of Student Loans10/25/11 10:30 AM ETStudent loan debt may have topped $1 trillion this year, but according to a recent Rasmussenpoll, a sizable majority of Americans would be opposed to the federal government forgiving theseloans.Rasmussen has more:The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 21% of American Adultsthink the federal government should forgive the nearly $1 trillion in loans it made or guaranteedto help students pay for a college education. Sixty-six percent (66%) oppose the forgiveness of allstudent loans.Thirteen percent (13%) are undecided.Student loan debt has been a major concern of the Occupy Wall Street movement, whereprotestors have been vocal about their frustrations with crushing loan debt.
  • 3. Where have all the females gone?October 28, 2011The Sydney Morning HeraldIts a mans world - more than ever - and that spells doom for the future.As the global population hits seven billion, experts are warning that skewed gender ratios could fuel the emergenceof volatile "bachelor nations" driven by an aggressive competition for brides.The precise consequences of what French population expert Christophe Guilmoto calls the "alarming demographicmasculinisation" of countries such as India and China as the result of sex-selective abortion remain unclear.But many demographers believe the resulting shortage of adult women over the next 50 years will have as deep and pervasive an impact as climate change.The statistics behind the warnings are grimly compelling.Nature provides an unbending biological standard for the sex ratio at birth of 104-106 males to every 100 females. Any significant divergence from that narrowrange can only be explained by abnormal factors.In India and Vietnam the figure is around 112 boys for every 100 girls. In China it is almost 120 to 100 - and in some places higher than 130.And the trend is spreading: to regions like the South Caucasus, where Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia all post-birth ratios of more than 115 to 100, and furtherwest to Serbia and Bosnia.Global awareness of the problem was raised back in 1990 with an article by the Nobel prize-winning Indian economist Amartya Sen that carried the now famoustitle: "More Than 100 Million Women Are Missing.“Demographers say that figure is now more than 160 million - women selected out of existence by the convergence of traditional preferences for sons, decliningfertility and, most crucially, the prevalence of cheap prenatal sex-determination technology.As many as half a million female foetuses are estimated to be aborted each year in India, according to a study by British medical journal The Lancet."Earlier villagers had to go to the city to get a sonogram (ultrasound)," said Poonam Muttreja, executive director of the non-profit Population Foundation of India."Today sonographers are going into the villages to cater to people who want sons.“Even if the sex ratio at birth returned to normal in India and China within 10 years, Guilmoto says men in both countries would still face a "marriage squeeze" fordecades to come."Not only would these men have to marry significantly older, but this growing marriage imbalance would also lead to a rapid rise in male bachelorhood ... animportant change in countries where almost everyone used to get married," he said.How that change might manifest itself is hotly debated, although nearly everyone agrees there is no foreseeable upside.Some forecast an increase in polyandry and sex tourism, while others predict cataclysmic scenarios with the rise of male-surplus societies where sexual predation,violence and conflict are the norm.
  • 4. U.S. glossed over cancer concerns as it rolled out airport X-ray scannersResearch suggests that anywhere from six to 100 U.S. airline passengers each year could get cancerfrom the X-ray machines used by the TSA.ProPublica.orgWed, Nov 02 2011 at 12:26 PM ESTOn Sept. 23, 1998, a panel of radiation safety experts gathered at a Hilton hotel in Maryland toevaluate a new device that could detect hidden weapons and contraband. The machine, known asthe Secure 1000, beamed X-rays at people to see underneath their clothing.One after another, the experts convened by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised questionsabout the machine because it violated a longstanding principle in radiation safety — that humansshouldn’t be X-rayed unless there is a medical benefit.
  • 5. Python in Florida captured, killed after it swallowed an entire deer in the EvergladesThe snake is one of the largest ever found in South FloridaNEW YORK DAILY NEWSSaturday, October 29 2011, 2:23 PMAuthorities in Florida have captured and shot dead a 16-foot-long Burmese python after it swallowed an entire adult deer.The humongous snake was discovered on Thursday by a water management company in western Miami-Dade County in the Everglades.The slithering reptile had a giant bulge from the 76-pound female deer it had recently eaten.Officials said it was necessary to capture the python to help stop the spread of the species further north.The deer was found dead, but amazingly fully intact, and the python was one of the largest ever found in South Florida."This is clearly an extreme event," Skip Snow, a python specialist who conducted the autopsy told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "It shows you theycan eat huge things."
  • 6. $25,000 pass buys first crack at skiing AspenBy The Associated PressPosted: 10/30/2011 01:00:00 AM MDTASPEN — Want first crack at the runs in Aspen? The Aspen Skiing Co. is offering an "Ultimate Ski Pass" that will let you have unlimitedfirst tracks before chairlifts open to the public — for $25,000.The exclusive passes also allow holders to meet members of the U.S. Womens Ski Team when they race in Aspen on Thanksgivingweekend. The passes also buy them breakfast with Aspen native Bill Marolt, president of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.When Ultimate Ski Pass holders are ready to ski, they can bring up to three friends.They can take a private tour of the four ski areas of Aspen-Snowmass with a member of Skicos management team and ride along on asnow-grooming mission.They also can take a "behind-the-scenes tour" with the ski patrol.The pass is transferable and valid at Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk.Its the third year the ski resort has sold the high-priced ski passes. Aspen Skiing Co. says it is offering 18 of the passes this season andhas sold one, The Aspen Times reported."Weve typically sold two or three (of the passes per season) so we dont have an expectation that we will sell them all," said MattHamilton, Skico director of sustainability.The Ultimate Ski Pass has perks for more than just the few who can afford it. The passes raise money for public schools in the RoaringFork Valley and support events tied to World Cup ski racing in Aspen.
  • 7. Must be good….Madonna drinks it!!!........
  • 8. Snuggie inspires more inventors to find next sensationNovember 1, 2011: 3:49 PM ETRidicule of the Snuggie [left] stopped after millions were sold. Now other products, like the Forever Lazy [right] an adult fleece onesie, arevying for that same success.NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Some advice for the Snuggie: Watch your back!Three years after this blanket with sleeves turned the country into "Snuggie Nation," other wacky products are threatening to derail itsphenomenal run.The competition includes the Forever Lazy, a fleece onesie for adults, Bake Pops, a utensil that creates cake on a stick, and Sift & Toss, a meshfilter designed to recycle kitty litter.Sound laughable?Inventors of such items and the companies behind them could have the last laugh. Even in a soft economy, consumers continue to showrobust demand for quirky -- but highly functional -- products. Meanwhile, companies that market these products are revving up theircampaigns, and independent inventors keep pitching new ideas.
  • 9. Barmaid who threw tampon at McDonalds worker says prank has ruined her lifeFrom: The Courier-MailOctober 31, 2011 11:19AMA BARMAID who threw a wet tampon at a McDonalds worker "for a laugh" saysthe drunken prank has ruined her life.Rebecca Leigh Crimmins, who pleaded guilty to common assault in the NoosaMagistrates Court, said she had "pretty much lost everything" since the tampon-tossing incident in the early hours of September 25.She accused some people of over-reacting to the incident.The court last week heard a drunk Ms Crimmins had dabbed a McDonalds workershand with a wet tampon, before throwing it at him, when she went through therestaurants drive-through at Noosaville.The confessed "27-year-old hooligan" said the tampon was only wet with cordial.The promotional model, who was sacked from the Noosa Surf Life Saving Club overthe incident, said the fast-food staff had "made a mountain out of a molehill"."When the police came around, I thought youve got to be kidding," she said.But victim Luke Clareburt said he was shocked by the incident. "I didnt know whatwas on the tampon," he said."She deserves everything she gets. Shes got no one to blame but herself.“Ms Crimmins, originally from Rockhampton, said people needed to "lighten up"."All my friends think its hilarious," she said. "My parents have been answering thephone saying hello, tampon tossers.
  • 10. Monday, Oct 31 2011Her most intricate Halloween outfit yet?Heidi Klum goes all out as shes wheeled into annual party on an autopsy tableHer annual Halloween party is undoubtedly themost highly-anticipated of the spooky holiday, withcelebrities going all out to try and outdo the host.But there was no chance of anyone upstaging HeidiKlum at her party last night.The 38-year-old model was wheeled in to theevent on an autopsy table by two blood-spattereddoctors.And when they lifted the sheet, Klums outfit couldbe seen in its entirety, with the intricacies of thecostume clear to see.Project Runway host Klum decided to dress up as adead body for the event, and spent the majority ofthe day being airbrushed with make-up to ensureher appearance was as realistic as possible.Talking about the outfit, Klum said: It’s kind of likea dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off.It’s basically like me naked.
  • 11. Zombie Girl by Lindsay MarieNov 1 2011Lindsay Marie drew up the concept forZombie Girl on paper and thenproceeded to make her a reality onherself by using makeup, hair dyes,hair accessories, and a bat prop.
  • 12. Beautiful hanging tentA portaledge "is a deployable hanging tent system designed for rock climbers who spend multiple daysand nights on a big wall climb. An assembled portaledge is a fabric-covered platform surrounded by ametal frame that hangs from a single point and has adjustable suspension straps."Beautiful hanging tent!
  • 13. One of this years ‘must have’ toys?.....Male Tandar Electronic Monkey PlushComing in November 2011 (details)Price: $59.99Tandars are interactive pets that interact through touch and motion!They interact and converse with their owner and each other!Pressure-gripping hands allow them to hold on to objects.Tandar Monkeys have a 50-word vocabulary in their own language!(Read More...)Tandars are interactive pets in the spirit of classics like Furby! Theyinteract through touch and motion, and will have a conversation withother Tandars. Their pressure-gripping hands allow them to hold on toobjects, and they have a 50-word vocabulary in their own language! Theirlithium battery is recharged thru their USB tail, and they will tell youwhen their battery is low and when its full. Other special featuresinclude motion sensors in the eyes, touch sensors in the head and back,and 3 adjustable volume settings. You can even style your TandarElectronic Monkeys hair, dress them up, and carry them wherever yougo!
  • 14. Brandages bandaidsThese stylish and cool bandaid fromBrandages. Obviously inspired by someluxury fashion brands, you can seeChanel inspired Brandages and Gucciinspired Brandages, Louis Vuitton andBurberry inspired Brandages in thesedesigns. There are solid colored Brandages aswell, in hot pink, bright yellow and blue.Currently sold only on online Japaneselifestyle store Sugoi Life for $7.95.+ More >>Price: $7.95 | BUY
  • 15. SteriPEN Freedom: Portable UV water purifierOctober 31, 2011Drinking pure and clean water is important, and this is why we have water purifiers, but if you’re always on the go, you might beinterested in a compact SteriPEN Freedom water purifier.SteriPEN Freedom is a portable UV water purifier that can produce drinking water by removing 99% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.As for the usage, this water purifier is straightforward to use, and all you have to do is to remove the lamp cover, immerse the UVlamp in a glass of water and steer it for 48 seconds. SteriPEN Freedom comes with built-in rechargeable battery that can be chargedvia USB port, AC adapter, or even a compatible solar charger. We also have to mention that this device measures 5.1-inch x 1.4-inch x0.8-inch and it weighs only 74 grams.SteriPEN Freedom is both small and lightweight, and that makes it perfect for you, especially if you travel a lot. This compact UVpurifier is priced at $119.95.
  • 16. Couple asleep find man hiding, touching wifeA couple woke up to find a man hiding in their bedroom Halloween night, and touching a womanas she slept next to her husband.Nov. 1, 2011THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTERANAHEIM – A parolee is accused of sneaking into a couples home on Halloween night and touching a womanin bed as she slept next to her husband, authorities said Tuesday.Officials said a violent fight erupted inside the bedroom as the husband tried to subdue the intruder, the SheriffsDepartment said. After the struggle, the couple realized the intruder was the same man who had snuck into a partyat their home two weeks earlier."There was a pretty good fight in there until he subdued the subject," said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Sheriffs Department. "This had to have been a frighteningexperience.“When deputies arrived, both the husband and wife told deputies that the man had walked into a party at their home along the 9000 block of Pacific Avenue in unincorporatedAnaheim two weeks earlier, Amormino said. But no one at the time was sure if he had accompanied one of the guests.The suspect, identified by sheriffs officials as Christopher David Schwanke, 36, was acting oddly at the party and the husband kicked him out. Schwanke then dropped his pantsand exposed himself to the guests, Amormino said."Look at my man-gina," Schwanke told the guests before leaving, Amormino said.No one at the party reported the incident to authorities.On Halloween, the couple told authorities, they spotted him walking around the neighborhood at about 7:30 p.m. The husband approached the man and tried to find out whohe was, Amormino said, to which Schwanke allegedly said he was in the neighborhood to meet a female friend.The couple left, he said.That evening, the couple was asleep in their bedroom when the woman felt someone touching her, Amormino said. The woman at first thought it was her husband. When sherealized it wasnt, the couple was startled to allegedly find Schwanke hiding on the floor near the bed.As the husband fought to subdue Schwanke, several items were broken, Amormino said. When deputies arrived, a shirt believed to belong to Schwanke was found in thebedroom and another was discovered outside the home.Schwanke, who lives in Huntington Beach, was being held on Tuesday on suspicion of burglary and digital penetration with a foreign object in the Mens Central Jail in lieu of$100,000 bail, according to arrest records.Officials said the suspect was on parole. Court records show he has been convicted of multiple crimes in the past, including possession of a controlled substance, driving underthe influence of alcohol, assault with a deadly weapon and theft.
  • 17. Porn video played on Wenzhou LED billboard for 10 minutes, pedestrians dumbstruck11-2-2011Pedestrians of Oubei Town (瓯北镇) in the city of Wenzhou got an eyeful on Wednesday, when a large LED billboard located at thebusiest intersection in town played a pornographic video for a full ten minutes.Beginning at roughly 9pm, passersby began to notice something was amiss when they noticed the billboard, which normally sells cars,acting particularly raunchy. As the video continued its saucy spectacle, a large crowd of people (luckily no children) gathered in theintersection to watch, have a laugh, and record the evidence using their cellphones for, uhh, later research.While we secretly hoped the stunt was akin to Andy Dufresnes playing The Marriage of Figaro in Shawshank Redemption, it turns outthe "culprit" was just a lonely office worker who didnt realize the computer he was using for his private time was linked to the massivebillboard outside.Police were notified, but when they arrived about an hour later, they were undoubtedly disappointed to find the billboard resuming itsnormal operations of car advertisements.The employee is now being charged with "disturbing the peace," because police cannot prove he intentionally aired the clip.The fact that the employee wasnt charged with the obvious "possession of pornography," which is illegal in China, leads us to believeeither Wenzhounese have a strange definition of pornography, or there was a backroom "plea bargain" involving the video in question.
  • 18. Face discovered in testicular tumourDoctors who took an ultrasound of a mans testicles to findout what was causing him pain were astounded to find agaping face staring back at them.31 Oct 2011The TelegraphWhen "faces" are discovered in unexpected locations they areoften hailed as miracles, for example the mysterious appearanceof Jesus in a frying pan or - even more improbably - on a toilet door in Glasgow.But rather than attempting to load their find with religioussignificance the urologists who discovered it followed good scientific practice and sent it away to be peer reviewed.The image of the mans face, seemingly in some distress, was sent to Urology, the International Society of Urologys official journal,and was published in the journals September volume.G. Gregory Roberts and Naji J. Touma, from Queens University in Ontario, Canada, had conducted the ultrasound to examine anunusual mass in the testicle of a 45-year-old patient.Writing in the journal, they said: "The residents and staff alike were amazed to see the outline of a man’s face staring up out of theimage, his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself was also experiencing severe epididymo-orchitis,” wrote theauthors, referring to an inflammatory condition.“A brief debate ensued on whether the image could have been a sign from a deity (perhaps ‘Min,’ the Egyptian god of male virility);however, the consensus deemed it a mere coincidental occurrence rather than a divine proclamation.”The testicle was removed and the mass was discovered to be harmless.
  • 19. November 2, 2011Meet The Georgia Couple Who Copped To Giving Acid To Their Late Dachshund "Oscar“The couple who admitted feeding their dog LSD was hit last night with a variety of criminal charges stemming from Sunday night’sbizarre incident at their Georgia home.Nicholas Modrich and Jaime Hughes, both 25, were booked last night into the Gwinnett County jail on pot possession, drugparaphernalia, and public indecency charges. Modrich, who was also charged with battery, was released earlier today after posting$5200 bond. Hughes was released after posting $3900 bond.The duo, pictured in the above mug shots, has not been charged with animal cruelty for providing acid to “Oscar,” their long-haireddachshund, though cops are continuing to investigate that dosing. The pet subsequently left the couple’s home and was hit by a car,later dying from its injuries.Witnesses called cops Sunday evening after spotting Modrich and Hughes running naked on a nearby roadway. Hughes later toldpolice that she and Modrich “had done acid earlier.” The tripping couple also admitted that “they had given acid to their dog.”
  • 20. November 1, 2011Girl, 9, Facing Four Felonies For Wild School Bus Tantrum, Battering Sheriffs DeputyA nine-year-old Florida girl is facing four felony charges after she allegedly threw a tantrumyesterday on a school bus, spit on the driver, threw rocks at the bus, and tossed a patio chairat a cop, who she warned, “I will fuckin kill you!”The child, a fourth grader at the Royal Palm School in Fort Myers, was traveling home when thedriver told her to stop eating candy on the bus. The girl “became very upset” and started yellingobscenities at driver Robert Middleton, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report.After threatening to strike other children on the bus, the girl jumped off the bus (but not before spitting on Middleton). She thenallegedly started throwing pieces of asphalt at the bus.When a sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene and ordered the child to stop throwing the asphalt, she replied, “Fuck you! Fuck you!” Thechild added, “Shut the fuck up. I will fuckin kill you.”After warning that she would hurt him, the child “picked up an aluminum patio chair and threw it at me,” reported a deputy. Afterblocking the chair with his arm, the cop restrained the child, who then “attempted to bite my arm and said, ‘I am going to kill you, getoff of me!”The pint-sized terror was charged with battery on a public school employee, resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcementofficer, and throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle.The girl, pictured in the above mug shot, was released into her parentss custody last night and placed on home detention for 21 days.
  • 21. October 31, 2011 4:34 PMMan accused of breaking into daycare center wearingchilds bikini arrestedCBS-INDIANAPOLIS, In. - Authorities have arrested a man for allegedly breaking into a day care clad in a pink girls swimsuit.Robert Brenneman, 43, was brought into custody today after telling police he was the man seen in a surveillance video breakinginto Kidscape Day Care Center wearing a childs pink swimsuit, reports CBS affiliate WISH.Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officials say that Brenneman claimed he owned the bikini and had changed into itafter unlawfully entering the day care.Earlier Monday, police reported that Brenneman ran from authorities, sprinting from his apartment into St. Peter and PaulCathedral, where he was then arrested. The officers had received several tips after seeing the surveillance tape playing on thenews.The bikini enthusiast faces charges of criminal trespass and resisting law enforcement. He was also found to be violating hisparole, which will add to charges.IMPD officials referred to Brenneman as an "obviously dangerous" man who needed help.
  • 22. Bonita Springs man accused of beating girlfriend after she wakes him with sex toyPosted October 31, 2011 at 2 p.m.napelsnews.comA Bonita Springs man is accused of beating his girlfriend after she woke him playing with a sex "toy" in bed.Jeffrey L. Bowers, 53, of the 27500 block of Playa Del-Rey, was arrested Monday by Lee deputies Monday at his home and is facingbattery charges.According to reports, when deputies arrived the victim was standing in the front yard with bruises on both arms and a swollen eye.She told them Bowers dragged her through the home, kicked her in the face, and then pushed her out of the house. She had beenbanging on the doors and windows because he still had all of her belongings, reports said.Bowers told deputies he picked up his girlfriend earlier to come over and make him dinner. According to reports, they went to bedand he became angry when he woke up and she was playing with the sex toy. He told her to stop and let him sleep. He then told herto get the cigarettes off the back porch. When she opened the door he picked her up and pushed her out, reports said.
  • 23. Woman offers undercover officer sex for $17October 30, 2011 5:06 AMStaff reportDaily NewsFORT WALTON BEACH — A woman who flagged down an undercover officer and then offered oral sex was arrested.The officer was driving down Lovejoy Road around 8 p.m. when the 45-year-old woman motioned for the officer to stop, accordingto the Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrest report.Once the officer had stopped, the Janet F. Overdurf said she would provide oral sex for $25.The two then negotiated the price down to $17 before the officer arrested Overdurf for prostitution.When searching Overdurf before placing her in the patrol car, the officer found a crack pipe in Overdurf’s “crotch area.”Overdurf, who has at least two prior arrests for prostitution, said she used the pipe daily to smoke crack cocaine.She was subsequently charged for possession of drug paraphernalia in addition to prostitution.