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9-23-2012 9-23-2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Pentagon predicts Israel will drag US into war with IranSecret US simulation assumes Tehran would retaliate against ships if nuclear sites bombedWednesday 21 March 2012Classified war games conducted by the Pentagon have sketched a scenario in which an attack by Israel on Irans suspected nuclear facilities would lead to Tehranlaunching a counter-strike against a US ship in the Gulf. That in turn would drag a reluctant US into a fresh war in the Middle East.The results of the simulation, meant primarily to test co-ordination and communications between the various arms of the US military in the event of a flare-upwith Iran, were reported by The New York Times.The revelations came as Irans supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned yesterday that Tehran would attack any enemy "on the same level" as it attacksIran. He named both Israel and the US as enemies, in remarks on state television.The war games were completed earlier this month under a long-standing programme called Internal Look to test the readiness of the Pentagon, CentralCommand in Florida and military resources in the Middle East to respond to any fallout from an Israeli strike.That fallout, the simulation showed, might include the Iranian leadership reasoning that any Israeli incursion would have come with an American stamp ofapproval and would justify a counter-strike against a US target. Under that scenario, Tehran would hit a US Navy vessel in the Gulf with the loss of 200 or moreAmerican lives. At that point, the US would feel bound to retaliate. The top military commander in the Gulf, the Middle East and Southwest Asia, General JamesMattis, is reportedly using these results to underscore his belief that any attempt by Israel to take out Irans nuclear facilities could lead to a potentially disastrousconflagration.Yesterday, President Barack Obama sent a message to Iranians celebrating New Year, or Nowruz, saying he hoped to bridge divides with their country. "Americaseeks a dialogue to hear your views and understand your aspirations," he said, calling on the regime in Tehran to respect human rights. During a visit toWashington last week by David Cameron, the President conceded that the US military was engaged in contingency planning with regard to Iran. But heunderscored that the Pentagon has a responsibility to prepare for any eventuality and it did not follow that the US expected war with Iran.Mr Obama has said repeatedly that the "military option" is on the table if diplomatic efforts to resolve the nuclear stand-off with Iran fail. Recently Iran agreed toresume talks with the permanent five UN Security Council members, plus Germany, to try to resolve the dispute.Washington has no appetite for a new war in the region and would prefer to rein in Iran through tougher sanctions and at the negotiating table. But Mr Obamamay find himself hostage to the intentions of Israel, which believes more strongly than the US that the window for sanctions to work is narrowing quickly. Anydaylight between Mr Obama and Israel could be costly for him in an election year.According to The New York Times, the exercise lasted two weeks. It suggested an Israeli strike on Iran would delay it achieving a nuclear weapon by one year, butsubsequent – and presumably more intense – US attacks would set the program back by only two more years.
  • Government Calculates Devastation of Nuclear Attack in D.C.Study simulating downtown bomb releasedFriday, Mar 16, 2012NBCConcerns about people jamming evacuation routes instead of sheltering in place in the event of a terrorist attack in D.C. may notreally matter.A government study found that if a terrorist planted a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb near the White House in the heart of downtown D.C.,the devastation would be drastic and far-reaching, Gizmodo reported.The “National Capital Region: Key Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism” study conducted late last yearsimulates such an attack.The first half-mile radius would have a low survival likelihood and most buildings destroyed, and that means the federal government’sphysical presence. The next half mile would get significant damage to buildings, downed poles, overturned vehicles, fires and manyserious injuries but hopefully a greater survival rate with quick medical assistance. From 1 to 3 miles out, there would be survivableminor injuries and broken windows.And then there’s the fallout, which would be devastating and which, if the attack was in April, would hit Bethesda hard. For most ofthe rest of the year, D.C. and northern Virginia would get the brunt of the fallout.
  • Internet accounts for 4.7% of U.S. economyCNNMoneyMarch 19, 2012: 4:00 PM ETNEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Internet contributes more to the American economy than the entire federalgovernment, according to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group.The Internet accounted for $684 billion, or 4.7% of all U.S. economic activity in 2010, Boston Consulting Groupfound. By way of comparison, the federal government, contributed $625 billion, or 4.3%, to the nationsoutput.If it was considered its own separate industry, the Internet would also be larger than Americas education,construction or agricultural sectors.
  • Occidentals Irani, Gileads Martin join $50-million clubUSA TODAYThe $50 million-plus compensation club has swelled by a couple more top executives.Occidental Petroleums Ray Irani — no stranger to the club — received compensation valued at $80.4 million, while JohnMartin, CEO of biopharmacutical giant Gilead Sciences, pulled in about $54.5 million, according to annual proxy statementsfiled Tuesday.Iranis gains include $48.7 million in previously awarded shares that vested in 2011, a $26 million payout from a previouslyawarded grant and a $19 million incentive award.Irani, 77, stepped aside as CEO last May, but remains executive chairman. His compensation actually dropped from 2010s$87.3 million, which included $76.1 million in salary, bonus, stock, incentive pay and perks.Martins $54.5 million includes a stock grant worth $5.5 million and stock options valued at $5.8 million. Martin, 60, alsoexercised previously awarded options valued at $36 million and received vested shares worth $2.9 million.Martins 2010 compensation was valued at about $53.2 million, including $35.7 million from exercising stock options.Thanks to rebounding stock prices and improving corporate profits, 2011 is shaping up to be a banner year for CEO pay.But the number of executives running publicly held companies who are posting compensation gains of $50 million ormore appears unprecedented.
  • Are We Running Out of Water?March 14, 2012National GeographicEarly in 2001, the Rio Grande River failed to reach the Gulf of Mexico for the first time.With that nefarious event the Rio Grande joined a growing list of once-mighty rivers that are running dry from overuse: the Colorado River in the U.S., the Yaqui inMexico, the Indus in Pakistan, the Ganges in Bangladesh, the Yellow and Tarim in China, and the Murray in Australia, along with many other rivers large and small.Not surprisingly, fisheries in these once-bountiful rivers have crashed. After all, fish do need water.We’ve tapped underground water sources pretty heavily as well. The water level in the Ogallala Aquifer in the Midwestern U.S. has dropped more than 150 feet insome places, leaving many farmers’ wells bone dry.As water is sucked out of aquifers, the overlying soil and rock can compact or collapse into the dewatered void, causing tall buildings to teeter in MexicoCity, automobiles to tumble into sinkholes in Florida, or swallowing tourists on the fringes of the shriveling Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan.With so many rivers, lakes and aquifers going dry, we have to ask: Are we running out of water?The glass-half-full answer is no……. at least not at the planetary level. Today there is just as much water on the planet as there was when the first signs of lifeappeared.Every year, about 110,000 billion cubic meters of water falls on the land surface of our planet as rain or snow. That annual endowment of water would cover all landto nearly a meter deep if it was spread evenly.More than half of all of that water evaporates quickly or gets taken up by trees, shrubs, and grass.More than a third flows out to the coasts, where it helps to maintain the delicate salt- and freshwater balance of estuaries, without which much of our seafoodindustry would collapse.Of all the water falling on land, we’re consuming less than 10% to grow our crops, supply our homes, keep our industries running, and generate electricity.Every bit of the water that falls on land or in the ocean or is used for human endeavors is eventually evaporated back up into the sky as water vapor, replenishing ourplanet’s never-ending freshwater cycle. No water is actually ‘lost’ in that global cycle.So what’s the problem? Surely we can’t be in trouble if we’re depleting less than 10% of the Earth’s naturally renewable water, and the water cycle keeps bringingthat water back year after year?Here’s the catch: the water that falls from the sky isn’t evenly distributed around the globe, and our needs for that water aren’t the same everywhere.
  • Aspirin a day may keep cancer awayNew York TimesMarch 20, 2012 - 8:08 PMTwo new studies find significant reductions.Taking aspirin every day may significantly reduce the risk of many cancers and prevent tumors from spreading, according to two new studiespublished Tuesday.The findings add to a body of evidence suggesting that cheap and widely available aspirin may be a powerful if overlooked weapon in the battleagainst cancer. But the research also poses difficult questions for doctors and public health officials, as regular doses of aspirin can causegastrointestinal bleeding and other side effects. Past studies have suggested that the drawbacks of daily use may outweigh the benefits, particularlyin healthy patients.One of the new studies examined patient data from dozens of large, long-term randomized controlled trials involving tens of thousands of men andwomen. Researchers at the University of Oxford found that after three years of daily aspirin use, the risk of developing cancer was reduced byalmost 25 percent when compared with a control group not taking aspirin. After five years, the risk of dying of cancer was reduced by 37 percentamong those taking aspirin.A second paper that analyzed five large randomized, controlled studies in Britain found that over 6 1/2 years on average, daily aspirin use reducedthe risk of metastatic cancer by 36 percent and the risk of adenocarcinomas -- common solid cancers, including colon, lung and prostate cancer -- by46 percent.The studies, led by Dr. Peter M. Rothwell, a professor of clinical neurology at the University of Oxford, were published in the medical journal theLancet. A third paper by Rothwell and his colleagues, published in the Lancet Oncology, compared the findings of observational studies andrandomized trials of aspirin.There is an urgent need for clinical trials of treatment regimens incorporating aspirin, Rothwell said. "What really jumps out at you in terms ofprevention is the striking 75 percent reduction in esophageal cancer and a 40 to 50 percent reduction in colorectal cancer, which is the mostcommon cancer right now," he said. "In terms of prevention, anyone with a family history would be sensible to take aspirin.“"I think hes on to something. I just want to be cautious, and I dont want to exaggerate," said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the AmericanCancer Society.
  • Incredible Close-Up of the Sun03/19/12—In“Photographer Alan Friedman captured the ‘parting shots’ of a group of sunspots which has blasted spectacular ‘X class’ solar flares out of thesun’s surface – and caused northern lights around the world last week. Active Region 1929 has now died down, and rotated away from theside of the sun that faces Earth. The Buffalo, New York astrophotographer’s picture – pink because it was taken at a wavelength whichcaptures hydrogen – caught the ‘last hurrah’ of its recent violent activity. Solar active region 1429 has been popping of X-class flares likenobody’s business,’ says Friedman, who captured the shot from his back yard… The blasts from 1429 were the most powerful solar activity ofthe year so far and released highly charged particles into space, but because the active region 1429 was off to the ‘side’ of the sun, causedlittle damage on Earth bar increased aurora or northern lights.” w/ photos
  • Glitter and grace: One-armed pole dancerimpresses judges at world championshipsAt the International Pole Championship in HongKong, Deborah Roach slide and swung past competitorsto win first place in the disabled division20 March 2012One false move in a pole dancing competition and youcan land in a heap on the floor, but one competitormanaged to keep her cool and impress a judging panelwith her pole prowess- even though she could only useone arm.At the International Pole Championship in HongKong, Australias Deborah Roach slide and swung pasther competitors to win first place in the disabled division.Ms Roach, said she had always enjoyed dancing and ithelped her when she felt she did not fit in with society.
  • Officer Vader suit for your riot-control needsWednesday, Mar 14If youre feeling alone and vulnerable in a big, troubled world,Amazon has this "Damascus FX1 FlexForce Modular Hard ShellFull Body Crowd Control System," which will provide you withthe physical protection and the emotional distance necessaryto beat, gas, and detain your fellow human beings. All for amere $545.95!The FX-1 FlexForce Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control Systemis the ultimate high-threat level riot control, domesticdisturbance, and cell extraction suit. The FlexForce designprovides substantial protection from blunt force traumawithout sacrificing the fit or comfort. The suit is lightweight and ranks highest in easy to put on ortake off in a moments notice. The front and back hard shellpanels have a modular flex design allowing for all shapes andsizes to fit comfortably with out sacrificing much neededmobility.The forearm guard offers a much more comfortable elbowportion of the pad, which allows more flexibility. Theknee/shin guard has a non-slip surface, which keeps youplanted in position. The FX-1 is a considerably improved fitting system comparedto competitor models and is worn by forces worldwide.UpperBody and Shoulder Protection.Hard shell front and back panelsfeature a unique Damascus 3-panel flex design for optimummovement, fit and comfort.
  • What Happens When You Eject Out Of A Jet At 800 MPHMar 16, 2012PlanelopnikIn a training exercise gone wrong back in 1989, Capt. Brian Udell had to eject at from his F-15 travelling atsupersonic speeds. The force of the air on his body was so strong that it nearly killed him. Here is Udell explainingwhat happened.The wind tore his helmet off, broke every blood vessel in his head and face, dislocated his left elbow so that it waspointed backwards and snapped both of his legs in half. His lips were so swollen that they "fit into the first threefingers of [his] hand.“His weapons officer had ejected with him, but only Udell survived what remains the highest speed ejection from aU.S. fighter aircraft.
  • Magic Mushroom House Built Under the Influence of Hallucinogenic DrugsMarch 15, 2012The Magic Mushroom House in Aspen, Colorado is a beautiful multi-level home designed by Andre Ulrych in the 1970′s who was said to be under theinfluence of the hallucinogens: “magic” mushrooms and LSD. CNNMoney recently spoke with the current co-owner, Patty Findlay, about the nearly 6,000square foot home and its psychedelic history. She says the curving walls of the house have no corners (inspired by nautilus shells.)
  • Burn It To The Ground!: Globe Fire PitOH MY GOD — FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE! Just kidding, y’all. This isthe Third Rock fire pit.It’s meant to look like the Earth is going up in flames, butin a way less scary, completely contained kind of way. Butthis thing’s $1,679!Which, according to my calculations, is far moreexpensive than just lighting a match, setting someexplosives on fire, and watching the world burn. Soundsrelaxing, doesn’t it? I mean, if you can forget all thechaos and riots that will inevitably ensue.So yeah, without all the people shrieking inhorror, throwing bricks through windows and looting, wecan finally kick back, relax, and just breath, ya know?I mean… at least you’ll be able to breath until the earth isengulfed in flames. After that I guess all that’ll be left todo is to accept your fate. I’m coming Lord! $1679 Source
  • World’s First Plug-In Hybrid SupercarMarch 19, 2012 |NARDO, Italy – There’s a digital clock mounted above the door of Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser’s office counting down the days until the launchof Porsche 918 Spyder. It’s a constant reminder of what Walliser and his team have been tasked with. They’re reinventing the supercar for the21st century.The original concept debuted two years ago at the Geneva Motor Expo and stole the show. Within months the Porsche board approved theproject for production and engineers have been working overtime ever since.Nine Fast Facts About the Porsche 918 Spyder- $800,000 price (appox.), $200k deposit- More than 50 CPUs- Electrical system alone took 9 months to develop- Every single light is an LED, from the headlamps to the interior- The passenger sits 20mm further forward than the driver for optimum weight distribution- The transmission was pulled from the new 911 and flipped upside down to fit the 918- Every body panel is carbon fiber, save the bumpers- There’s a “Manufactured in Flacht” sticker on the back as a reminder that Porsche Motorsport is the main developer- If you leave the two carbon fiber targa panels at home and it starts to rain, you’re out of luck. Porsche doesn’t offer a soft top option.
  • Monocasco Concept BikeThe Monocasco Concept Bike is a tribute to the original OSSA Monocasso that famed Spanish racer SantiagoHerrero rode in the 70s. Herrero, who died in track related crash in the 1970 Isle of Mann TT. The bike is anelectric version, designed by ART-TIC Team.
  • Medical LocketBy Ben on Sat Mar 17 2012Designed by Emily Rothschild."Medical Locket has a caduceus on the front and a Red Cross on the 2GB USB flash drive.Enables the user to easily store and maintain a complete and up to date medical history, as well as contact information of loved ones.Medical records are kept safe and private inside the locket and information can be accessed easily by plugging in the detachable USB.The drive itself can be engraved with the users most essential information, readily available to medical professionals or GoodSamaritans in an emergency.24k satin gold-plated brass and silver-plated USB; gold-plated chain; lobster clasp.Locket dimensions: 1.25" x 0.5" x 0.75"."
  • Panda Dung Tea: Chinese Entrepreneur Uses Bear Excrement For $200-A-Cup Organic Beverage03/19/2012YAAN, China, March 19 (Reuters) - Chinas national treasure, the giant panda, will become even more precious if onebusinessman succeeds in using their dung to grow organic green tea he intends to sell for over $200 a cup.An Yanshi, an entrepreneur in southwest China, grows the tea in mountainous Yaan in Sichuan province using tonnesof excrement from panda bears living at nearby breeding centres.The first batch of panda dung tea will be sold in lots of 50 grams that will cost some 22,000 yuan ($3,500) each, aprice An said makes it the worlds most expensive tea. Most people use about 3 grams of tea per cup.An defended the steep price, saying he would channel profits from the initial batches into an environmental fund.Future batches would be cheaper, he added.After brewing the first pickings, An described the tea as fragrant and smooth. Some of his guests, however, were notimpressed."Its sold at such a sky-high price, perhaps this is just hype," said 49-year-old Li Ximing. ($1 = 6.3227 Chinese yuan)
  • Breastie, Your Phone’s Breast FriendRemember T & A iPhone covers? Those were PERVY. The Breastie iPhone cover? Also pervy. But these only come in theshape of a single breast (opposed to the complete set) and don’t even offer a butt option. Totally ashame, too, because it’d totally work with the company’s tag line “Breastie, Your Phone’s Breast Friend.” Except it’d be“Buttie, Your Phone’s Best Buttie.” See? Man, I’m good. The goal of the Breastie is to raise $100,000 for Breast CancerResearch and other related organizations through revenue of the titty phone. No word on whether or not the Breastieactually feels like the real deal, but if you’re actually wondering then you have more problems than I originally thought.And that’s really saying something.$20
  • Boobie Baby BeanieLet’s face it: everyone can appreciate a good set of dem teeties. Even babies! They loooove mammaries. Enter theBoobie Beanie. With sizes ranging from the tiniest nursing babies all the way up to grown ups who never quite grew upand want to wear a dang titty on their head. The knitter of ta-ta hats, Jill Welk, donates 50% of sales to Run for theCure, a breast cancer foundation. So, win-win. First win: contributing to a cause everyone can get behind. Second win:well, duh — boobie hats!Check it out
  • One Tiny HandOne Tiny Hand by Zach Vitale who has replaced one tiny hand onto images offamous people.….."one tiny step for hands, one giant leap for mankind."
  • Are Women Having Orgasms At The Gym?03/22/12—“Women may not need a guy, a vibrator, orany other direct sexual stimulation to have anorgasm, finds a new study on exercise-induced orgasms and sexual pleasure.The findings add qualitative and quantitativedata to a field that has been largelyunstudied, according to researcher DebbyHerbenick, co-director of the Center forSexual Health Promotion at IndianaUniversity.For instance, Alfred Kinsey and his colleaguesfirst reported the phenomenon in1953, saying that about 5 percent of womenthey had interviewed mentioned orgasmlinked to physical exercise. However, theycouldn’t know the actual prevalence becausemost of these women volunteered theinformation without being directly asked.” w/photos
  • Menacing-looking artificial vaginas now sold at WalgreensMarch 21, 2012​Theyre a great catch-all place for those random things that make errands lists. Things like toothpaste, shampoo or artificial vaginas. Yes, Walgreens is now appealing to the man who wants anonymity in his sex toy purchases, and thus, available only on its website, is the Tenga Flip Hole for Male Masturbation. For only $77.99 ($12 off!) you can own a fake vagina "designed to be the best male masturbator," "deliberately not a simple artificial vagina" and featuring an "astonishing complex inside shape." Shipping is free, so beat a path to the site soon.
  • Bird Crap SeasoningBird Crap Seasoning is for spicing up yoursteak, shrimp, burgers, or chicken. It’sone of those products that makes me golike this :/ I mean, yes, I’ll eat anything.Truth. But dammit if they’re not trying todissuade me by putting the image of thebird doo-doo on a windshield in my mindriiiiight before I take a bite out of aburger on a bun.Besides, everyone knows that when itcomes to eating excrement, I draw theline at unicorn poop. $6
  • Mantyhose: Pantyhose For DudesLet’s face it: the mens have been jelly of our fashionable patterned tights for all of 2012! Which is why Emilo Cavallini’sboutique is now offering mantyhose. While the fashion house refers to them as unisex hosiery, the terms he-tards,hose for bros, brosiery, guylons & beau-hose have all been used to describe the new man-tights. Regardless of whatthey’re called, Peter Pan is THRILLED. He’s been teased for years by the Captain Hook, Smee, the Indians, even Tink &the Lost Boy poke fun of his green nylons. Now he’s sitting in a tree, staring at the stars, saying to himself “See? You’vebeen right all along. You’re fashion forward. Always been ahead of your time. Lookin’ bangarang as all f***!” $27Source
  • Kimberly McCarthy, 18-year-old Tampa girl, gets three DUIs in less than three weeks, police sayPolice say 18-year-old Kimberly McCarthy now has on her record three mug shots in 17 days for the same crime: DUI.3-16-2012abcactionnewsTAMPA, Fla. -- A teen was charged with her third DUI in three weeks, and police say that two of her arrests happened within two days.Its a distinction nobody would want to have, but police say 18-year-old Kimberly McCarthy now has on her record: Three mug shots in 17 days forthe same crime.McCarthy was charged with three separate DUIs between February 24th and March 11th. Arrest reports show two of those arrests happened withintwo days."Her last one culminated with her crashing in to the back of a brand new car that had only been on the road a couple of weeks," said Tampa PoliceSergeant Ray Fernandez.The arrests have caught the attention of members of Hillsborough Countys Mothers Against Drunk Driving."This apparently is one teenager who doesnt get it," said Linda Unfried of M.A.D.D. "She should not be driving, she should be someplace whereshes getting serious help.“According to arrest reports, alcohol only played a role in one of McCarthys three arrests.
  • Coach accused of having sexual relationship with studentKATU NewsMar 14, 2012VANCOUVER, Wash. - A former coach and librarian at the King’s Way Christian School in Vancouver, Wash. Appeared in court Wednesday on felony charges she repeatedly had sexual contact with a female minor while working for theschool.Kyley Allworth, 29, is charged with three counts of felony first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor. Theincidents took place at the King’s Way school and First Church of God, which is affiliated with the school,according to court documents.Previous to working at King’s Way, Allworth worked with an organization that discourages young people ages 12to 18 years old from having sex before marriage, according to an email from the program’s director.Allworth worked at King’s Way for two years and was also a lunch room and recess monitor, assistant librarian,and an assistant basketball coach for the high school and sixth-grade teams, according to court documents.Investigators said Allworth had sexual contact with a student eight times between February 24 and March 8.Allworth resigned from her job at King’s Way on March 9.
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