08. ICV sastanak (Microsoft) Nikola Šoškić OFFICE 2013
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08. ICV sastanak (Microsoft) Nikola Šoškić OFFICE 2013



Nikola, IT menadžer Microsofta, nam je držao predavanje o novostima u Office 2013, sa posebnim osvrtom na KONTROLU podataka. Ukoliko neko nije instalirao novi Office 2013 – neka to obavezno ...

Nikola, IT menadžer Microsofta, nam je držao predavanje o novostima u Office 2013, sa posebnim osvrtom na KONTROLU podataka. Ukoliko neko nije instalirao novi Office 2013 – neka to obavezno uradi. Zaista vredi!



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08. ICV sastanak (Microsoft) Nikola Šoškić OFFICE 2013 Presentation Transcript

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  • 2. A PolicyTip notifies you of apolicy violation whilecomposing an email
  • 3. 45/23/2013High Business Impact (HBI)Disclosure would immediately and directly cause considerable material loss.Examples:• All data belonging to customer or about the customer• Authentication/authorization credentials - username/password pairs, PINs, and hardware or software tokens.• Sensitive PII - government-provisioned identification numbers (tax number, driver’s license), financial transactionauthorization information (e.g. credit card information).Moderate Business Impact (MBI)Disclosure may indirectly cause limited material lossExamples:• PII such as name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address (note that some elements of PII areconsidered Sensitive PII and must be classified HBI).• Assets labeled Microsoft Confidential• Business plans, trade secrets, or financial results.• Internal employee directory, purchase order data, unreleased product schedules, information on internal websites orfile shares.Low Business Impact (LBI)Assets not falling into either HBI or MBI are classified as Low Business Impact, and have no formal classification orprotection requirements.
  • 4. 55/23/2013Content Sensitivity Sent within the corporate network Sent outside the corporate network(HBI)High Business ImpactS/MIME encryption is recommended and IRM isacceptable.S/MIME encryption is required and IRM is acceptable.(MBI)Moderate Business ImpactIRM is recommended whenever you are concerned thatthe content may be inappropriately shared.S/MIME encryption is required and IRM isrecommended.(LBI)Low Business ImpactNo content protection or encryption is required. No content protection or encryption is required.Overview of When to Use IRM and S/MIME- S/MIME /Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions/- IRM /Information Rights Management/
  • 5. Policy details transparentlydisplayed to end userRight click to assign policy to anitem, folder or to all your email
  • 6. Get instantstatisticsUse proximity searches tounderstand contextQuery results acrossExchange & SharePointLaser focused refiners to helpfind the data you needFine tunecomplex queries
  • 7. New Office Telemetry to centrallymanage client health, maintainperformance, and aid migrationsGranular configuration managementsupport with Active Directory GroupPolicyCentral management of mobile devicesettings – PIN, password policies andremote wipeFull control over client software updatingwith Office 365 ProPlusMulti-language supportoverall health and Office deploymentacross the organizationView and managecustomizations
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  • 9. Team alias keepscommunications trackedSingle folder to accessEmail & documentsDocuments stored in SharePointAssociates an Exchangemailbox with a SharePointsiteEnables users to accessSharePoint and Exchangecontent from Outlook