B2C Strategy of Library of Lelystad


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How can you get more people to visit the public library, have them stay longer and borrow more books? Make it a Supermall. People Love Shopping!

For the Library of Lelystad we used all rules of the perfect mall to get people engaged. See the results.

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B2C Strategy of Library of Lelystad

  1. 1. B2C Strategy + Design CasePublic Library ofLelystadThe Knowledge Supermall Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Client Personnel: Marianne ZuidveldBohemia Personnel: Marco de Boer Paul Oram
  2. 2. SituationIf you’re Dutch, you can not imagine how excited we were. Wewere asked to position and give identity to the newlybuilt public library of Lelystad. Lelystad built a whole newlibrary, but how do they ensure that they are getting a wideraudience than the traditional library member who’s soon to beextinct? Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011
  3. 3. GoalsAlready 10,000 Lelystad residents are library members. Yetwhere is the youth? Objective is to achieve 25% more members.This could only be reached by dusting the rusty character of arepository like a public library.Target group Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011• Residents of Lelystad who aren’t members, preferably a younger audience.• Residents who once were members of Library Lelystad.
  4. 4. StrategyIn collaboration with interior architect Aat Vos, a concept isdeveloped whereby the library has fewer barriers in bothits interior and communications. Core is that people are averseto libraries but they love shopping. Why is that? Simply becausein shopping, marketing techniques are used to please theshopper and have him / her stay longer while buying things. Webought the guide to shopping, ‘Why We Buy’, and distilled a fewbasic rules as a blueprint to the new library. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011
  5. 5. ConceptLelystad Library is transformed into a department store likeHEMA, Walmart and Carrefour, but where only knowledge can beconsumed in the form of books, magazine, CDs, DVDs and such.New to libraries are:• the shopping lane (speed track for finding popular books)• the conveyor belt (drop-off and pick-up rotating belt for books)• the shop-in-shop system (themed blocks) Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011• the ‘ballenbak’ (complete kids’ area in age sections)• the digital signage (flexible routing signs on screen)• the shopping baskets
  6. 6. VisualsThe Knowledge Supermall Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011
  7. 7. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Window ShopThe outside decoration was setup to look like an H&M.
  8. 8. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Shopping Basketsstimulate shopping.
  9. 9. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011RoutingAll isles and paths have aminimum width to ease theshoppers.
  10. 10. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Digital SignageAll signs where screens to makethe collection flexible.
  11. 11. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Happy MannequinsSeasonal promotions withdressed up mannequins.
  12. 12. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Conveyer BeltTo promote quick in-out aconveyer belt was introduced.
  13. 13. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Conveyer BeltThe belt automatically scans thebooks coming in.
  14. 14. Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011Overall set upThe Library of Lelystad isturned into a KnowledgeSupermall including food court,shopping isles and ballenbak.
  15. 15. ResultsThe number of new members has increased by more than 35%;the target is therefore amply met.The Library has really become a center where members not onlyget their books, but also direct on-site consumption of differentmedia. This makes it become a vibrant library.The new library of Lelystad was chosen number 4 of the most- Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011inspiring public libraries of the Netherlands within a month after its opening.
  16. 16. Make a Mark.For more information:Hugo Kalf hugo@bohemiaamsterdam.comKyra Roest kyra@bohemiaamsterdam.comBohemia AmsterdamSint Pieterspoortsteeg 23a1012HM Amsterdam, Netherlands Bohemia Amsterdam | 10-11-2011+31 [0]20 42 33 555bohemiaamsterdam.com