B2C Visual Branding PICNIC


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Bohemia Amsterdam developed the total branding of PICNIC06, 07 and 08.

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B2C Visual Branding PICNIC

  1. 1. B2B Visual Branding Case PICNIC Bring a Blanket Client Personnel: Bohemia Personnel: Guido van Nispen Marco de Boer Melissa Agostino Henry Tyminski
  2. 2. Situation The first PICNIC was held in 2006. By the original name Cross Media Week. This was the first internationally orientated online and media event where innovation, creativity and technology came together.
  3. 3. Target • The first year had to be smashing. PICNIC wanted to be on the map as the best, most exciting and inspiring event of the year. • Recruit 1,500 visitors. Target group • Innovation managers • Media specialists • Creative community • IT professionals • Corporate companies
  4. 4. Strategy Since a goal is to get creative and business people we changed the name to PICNIC; where things happen on a more equal level. Next move was to develop a striking theme. To launch a strong visible concept you need to stay close to the idea. Nobody connects a picnic to a business and innovation fair by itself.
  5. 5. Concept At a picnic everyone is equal; visitors and speakers meet. There’s no hierarchy. Everyone shares his inspiration and ideas and brings something of his own. So why not a blanket? Bringing a blanket implies you have to do something to add to the success of PICNIC. Feel free, bring a blanket and make it a party. Media
 Advertisements, billboards, online, newsletter, POS material.
  6. 6. Visuals PICNIC06 Bring a Blanket PICNIC07 Uncork your Brain
  7. 7. Corporate ID PICNIC06 carved into a tree suggests handmade and personal commitment to the place and moment
  8. 8. Billboards PICNIC06 Bring a blanket.
  9. 9. Banners PICNIC06 Online marketing
  10. 10. Event PICNIC06 Westergasfabriek
  11. 11. Corporate ID PICNIC07 made of fur suggests the warm and approachable atmosphere.
  12. 12. Billboards PICNIC07 Uncork Your Brain!
  13. 13. Billboards PICNIC07 Uncork Your Brain!
  14. 14. Event PICNIC07 Westergasfabriek
  15. 15. Results 
 More than 500 attendees and 1,700 visitors went to the public events in the very first edition. It was the buzz of the season. With the second edition of 2007 the number of attendees and visitors climbed to a ground breaking 1,100 and 2,800.
  16. 16. Results Further Years Following the huge success of the initial branding we were invited to continue the theme for the following years. 
 Currently PICNIC still use the last logo we developed... Kerching!
  17. 17. Make a Mark. For more information: Hugo Kalf hugo@bohemiaamsterdam.com Bohemia Amsterdam Generaal Vetterstraat 72-a 1059BW Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 [0]20 42 33 555 bohemiaamsterdam.com