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My session from TYPO3camp Mallorca covering the extension Arxia Mobiles for TYPO3 which allows the generation of mobile applications using the PhoneGap API

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Mobile Apps from TYPO3

  1. 1. Mobile Apps from TYPO3TYPO3camp Mallorca14-16 September 2012 By : Zsolt Molnár and László Bodor
  2. 2. László Bodor➔ TYPO3 since 2007➔ Certified TYPO3 Integrator at Arxia➔ M.Sc. in GIS (Geographical Information Systems)➔➔ Living and working in Cluj Napoca / Romania➔ Travel & Aviation Who we are ?
  3. 3. Zsolt Molnár➔ TYPO3 developer at Arxia➔ Living and working in Cluj Napoca / Romania➔ Aquarist➔ In love with Asia and snorkeling Who we are ?
  4. 4. Why ?TYPO3camp Mallorca14-16 September 2012 By : Zsolt Molnár and László Bodor
  5. 5. Why ? Image source: 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage
  6. 6. Mobiles cant be ignored! Image source: 4 billion mobiles 1.08 billion are smartphones
  7. 7. From a customers perspective➔ Desktop site➔ Mobile site➔ Native Application Building separate application for each platform is difficult and expensive
  8. 8. From a TYPO3 developersperspective➔ The customer➔ Limited development options➔ Cost➔ Available solutions on TYPO3 repository: ➔ Iphone CMS (lp_iphone) ➔ Mobile App Factory (mobileappfactory) ➔ Several mobile detection plugins It shouldnt be this hard
  9. 9. PhoneGap➔ Open source framework➔ Recently bought by Adobe➔ Cross platform mobile apps➔ HTML5, Javascript, CSS➔ The solution
  10. 10. PhoneGap feature matrix
  11. 11. How PhoneGap works ➔ Mobile website ➔ PhoneGap API ➔ HTML5, JS, CSS ➔ ➔ Existing knowledge ➔ Hydration Phonegap compiles HTML&JS&CSS into native mobile applications
  12. 12. PhoneGap + TYPO3 Arxia Mobiles Use PhoneGap from within TYPO3
  13. 13. Arxia Mobiles➔ Beta➔ Extbase➔ TT News➔ Extended with JSON feed➔ Can accommodate other content types TYPO3 extension (arx_mobiles)
  14. 14. What does it do ?➔ Define application➔ Customize settings➔ Customize UI➔ TT News Data feed➔ Build Application TYPO3 extension (arx_mobiles)
  15. 15. Setup Typoscript Setup
  16. 16. PhoneGap needs a configuration file – config.xml
  17. 17. Domain model Application Config Platform Jqm Preference Icon Feature Splash Author
  18. 18. ➔ General settings ➔ News categories & fields ➔ Relations ➔ User InterfaceCreate application
  19. 19. Admin module
  20. 20. The build can take a while ...
  21. 21. Two birds with one stone ... Mobile website with Ripple emulator
  22. 22. You can try it ... QR Code of the mobile website generated
  23. 23. Mobile applications➔ Android➔ IOS (key needed)➔ Blackberry➔ Winphone➔ Symbian➔ WebOS Apps can be offered for download to website users
  24. 24. To App or not to App➔ Does my website need a native application ?➔ You could stay in the browser➔ Browser vs Device capabilities Not every website needs an app!
  25. 25. Whats next➔ Endless possibilities➔ Adapt the service to TYPO3 pages and content➔ Local information Sky is the limit!
  26. 26. DemoTYPO3camp Mallorca14-16 September 2012 By : Zsolt Molnár and László Bodor
  27. 27. Questions ?TYPO3camp Mallorca14-16 September 2012 By : Zsolt Molnár and László Bodor
  28. 28. Thank you!TYPO3camp Mallorca14-16 September 2012 By : Zsolt Molnár and László Bodor