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Latina Vote BodenPR

  1. 1. The Latina VotePresented by @natalieboden Follow us @bodenpr
  2. 2. The LATINA PLATFORM Latinas today have a powerful platform from which to jump from; and its not about whether or not they are going to jump, its about HOW HIGH. Who is going to help get them where they want to go?
  3. 3. Who is She?GROWING FORCE + PURCHASING POWERTodays Latina (age 18 to 54) has emerged as a more powerful force than ever before. Leading $1.4 Responsible for Leading Hispanic Over $67 billion 25 million trillion in 80% of household Population in sales women in the consumer buying Growth of 18-49 generated from U.S identify spending Latina owned themselves as businesses Hispanic Many organizations fail to fully recognize and reach this market, not distinguishing her multi-pronged identity .
  4. 4. Among Female Hispanic Voters 77% Voted in the Last Presidential Election 55% Are Employed Full or Part Time 38% Would Like to Start Their Own Business 37% Are Mothers With One or More Children Would Be in a Civil Protest If They Felt Strongly 33% About An Issue The number of female Hispanic registered voters grew 21% from 4 years ago Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2008 and 2012; Base: Hispanic Women A18+ and Registered to Vote
  5. 5. The Future is Now in CriticalMarkets 18% of the U.S. Female 18-49 Population Is Hispanic Chicago New YorkSan Francisco 21% 25% 25% Denver 21% Phoenix 29% Dallas 27% Miami 51% Los Angeles 47% Houston 37% Source: The Nielsen Company, 2012 TV Universe Estimates. HW18-49
  6. 6. MEET the Latina MOM More Likely to Have Young Children of Hispanic moms have64% children 2-11 in the household (vs.62% of Non-Hispanics) Have Larger Households Average number of people 4.8 in the household (vs.4.2 for Non-Hispanics) 5.8 Million Hispanic Moms 18-49 Source: Courtesy of Univision - Simmons NCS/NHCS, Spring 2011 FY – Pop. Based on Women 18-49 who are parent guardians of a child with one or more children in household
  7. 7. Meet the ENTREPRENEUR  788,000 Latinas now run their own businesses.  34.4% of minority-women-owned firms were owned by Latinas.  Latinas represent over 70% of those employed within key industries such as Education, Retail, Hospitality.Source: Labor Force Characteristics by Race and Ethnicity, 2011
  8. 8. Meet the Latina MILLENNIAL Hispanics who are 18-34 8
  9. 9. Hispanic Millennials are  22% of total U.S. millennials or 15 million strong  Uber connected to their Latin culture --passing on traditions, Latin food and holiday customs to their kids.  Just as likely as older Hispanics to speak Spanish at home  More likely than older Hispanics to share information about brands via social media, and research a product online after watching a TV commercial  Lead in the technology curve -- even more likely than non-Hispanic millennials to own a tablet or Smartphone and to watch video on their mobile device Sources: U.S. Census Bureau 2011 Population Estimates Released May 17, 20`2. U.S. Census Bureau Interim Projections by single year, age, sex, and Hispanic origin. Released August 2008. 2010 American Community Survey. 1 year Estimates. Simmons Fall 2011; 2012 Univision’s Cultural Connection Study, conducted 9 in collaboration with Burke.
  10. 10. What messages resonate with all of them?
  11. 11. Career Forward LatinasLatina Women want to Progress % Growth in the number of women who agree (2007 – 2011) “I want to get to the top of my career.” +13% (vs. +6% NH Women) SOURCE: SIMMONS NCS/NHCS: Spring 2007 and 2011 ADULT FULL YEAR POP BASE: W18+
  12. 12. Education Is Also ImportantFor Her What do you like to during your leisure time? “Improve myself” ( taking an education course or such as learning a new language) 29% Hispanic agree vs. Non-Hispanic 16% Source: 2010 Yankelovich Monitor Multicultural Marketing Study Base: Female And Parent 12
  13. 13. She Wants Her Kids To HaveAn Education And A Future “Planning for my child’s “Being seen as a role model is education causes a important.” great deal of stress” 63% Hispanic agree 48% Hispanic agree vs. Non-Hispanic 30% vs. Non-Hispanic 47% Source: 2010 Yankelovich Monitor Multicultural Marketing Study Base: Female And Parent 13
  14. 14. She Values Helping Others InTheir Daily Lives It’s very important to my personal life to… Volunteer time to charities Donate to charities45% Of Hispanic W18+ agree Vs. 37% of Non-Hispanic White W18+ 41% Of Hispanic W18+ agree Vs. 35% of Non-Hispanic White W18+ Source: 2010 Yankelovich Multicultural Market Monitor. Base: W18+. Based on Top 2 Box on 7 point scale, where 7 is extremely important. 14 14
  15. 15. She Cares About Social Issues IndexAmongWomenA18+WhoStronglyAgree“If I feel strongly about “I am willing to volunteer an issue, I will my time for a good participate in protest.” cause.” 105 Hispanic 118 Hispanic vs. Non-Hispanic 99 vs. Non-Hispanic 97. Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS, Spring 2011 FY – Pop. Based on Women 18+; Statements based on strongly agree 15
  16. 16. Understanding Her HispanicValues Latino Interdependence American Interdependence Family first Me first Family helps family Helping self helps family Faith in God Faith in self and God Stability What’s new? What’s next? Sacrifice Pay your dues Humility Self-expression Respect authority Challenge authority Modesty Toot your horn Work hard Work smart I accept life’s problems I solve life’s problems Small success is good Big success is better Whatever God wants What I want! I hope to achieve I will achieve 16
  17. 17. Economic vs. Social Contract
  18. 18. Who does she Trust? From Consumer to Producer of her own ideas, her own mindset, her own relationship with brands, the New Latina trusts the Media, Bloggers, Brands, Organizations and Political Parties that are reflecting her power, identity and influence.
  19. 19. Who does she Trust?
  20. 20. In Closing The Latina living in the U.S. is as multifaceted as the media she follows. She is highly informed and highly influential. The campaign that courts the Latina vote will have to target the diversity of the Latina identity. As Dee Dee Blasé, founder of the National Tequila Party Movement (a female-led political movement), has said, “In order to get the Latina vote, it’s not about putting a vice presidential candidate with a Hispanic name on the ballot, but about the record, and what you stand for.”
  21. 21. Thank You BodenPR is a boutique U.S Hispanic PR firm. Specializing in targeting the Hispanic female, BodenPR has developed campaigns for brands such as Delta Dental, FedEx and Equifax. At BodenPR we believe that the opportunity to nurture, grow and empower Latinas is critical to economic and social development. It benefits them, the community, the economy and the organization that invests in them.
  22. 22. BodenPR 7791 NW 46th Street, Ste. 304 Miami,FL 33166 T: 305.639.6770 natalie@bodenpr.comStay Connected Follow us @BodenPR
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