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Analysis of Super Heroes costumes. This is for my A2 Media subject.

Analysis of Super Heroes costumes. This is for my A2 Media subject.

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  • 1. Super Heroes A guide to Super Heroes Costumes. By Bobbie Brown
  • 2. Superman Classic Cape S for Superman. Logo makes him stand out Red Boots Belt and underpants. Belt is golden Sleek black hair Blue, Red and Gold colours
  • 3. Batman Classic Cape Spiked Gloves Black boots Golden Utility Belts. Black Underpants. Recognizable Logo on front of shirt. Mask to hide identity. Grey, Black and Gold colours.
  • 4. Spider Man Red Boots Red and blue Chequered costume Mask to hide identity Bug shaped eyes, reinforces superhero name Blue Tights Spider Logo on front of shirt
  • 5. Captain America Mask to hide identity Red Gloves Black Boots A on forehead stands for America. Logo on shirt Patriotic Red, Blue, White colours for Americas Flag. Weapon of choice -Bulletproof shield and gun
  • 6. Cat woman Cat ears reinforce heroine name. Mask to hide identity Gloves with cat claws. Reinforces name Weapon of choice - Whip Cat clawed jeans reinforces name Little clothing for sex appeal
  • 7. Super Woman Weapon of choice -Lasso of Truth W and W stand for Wonder Women. Logo on costume. Tiara Indestructible Bracelets Patriotic colours of Blue, Red and white. Not much clothing for sex appeal.
  • 8. Analysis
    • Most super heroes wear logos on the front of their costume which reinforces or reminds the audience who they are.
    • 9. Red and Blue are popular costume colours. Colour schemes normally stay within 3 colours, e.g. Superman – Red, Blue and Gold suit.
    • 10. Female Superheroes costumes are designed for sex appeal. Male super heroes are covered up but wear tight clothing to exaggerate muscle size.
    • 11. Weapons vary but each have their own uniqueness about them e.g. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth
    • 12. Capes are popular and adds to the empowering image of the Super hero.
    • 13. Identity is a super heroes main weakness. It must be covered up to prevent villains tracing them and their families.
    • 14. Belts are great accessories for Super heroes. Especially Batman who doesn’t have powers and relies on his Utility Belt.
  • 15.