Polar Bear Lithium Battery


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A presentation about lightweight Lithium battery for electric-powered applications.

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Polar Bear Lithium Battery

  1. 1. Dong Guan Guang Cheng Electronic Co. Ltd. www.gce-polarbear.com
  2. 2. Mission At GCE, we have one simple goal and one simple technology: To build a 100%-green battery that is able to replace fossil fuel –powered engine and environmentally hazardous lead-acid battery. To build a high performance, light-weight battery with robust charging and discharging systems in order to truly deliver the advantages of a multiple-cell phosphate battery pack.
  3. 3. Why LiFePO4 Battery? [The Advantages of LiFePO4 Battery] Safety and Eco-Friendly Li-Phosphate material has much better thermo-resistance capability; does not explode under extreme conditions. It has complete Eco-Friendly chemistry vs. poisonous Lead- Acid and Ni-MH. Performance and Stability Much higher instantaneous power output than conventional batteries. Capacity of a multi-cell 48V battery (with 32 10Ah cells) tested showed more than 90% remains after 300+ life-cycles. Estimated capacity after 1000 life-cycles is 70%. These battery life-cycles are about 5 years in normal operation for a 48V electric motorcycle. Cost-Effective Much cost-effective comparing with conventional battery in terms of costs of expensive controller system and professional maintenance tasks.
  4. 4. Features and Chemistry Comparison Battery Type Lead-Acid Lithium Cobalt Lithium Manganese Lithium Phosphate Cell Voltage 2 3.7 3.7 3.2 Watts/kg Ratio 30-45 110-150 110-150 140-190 Watts/Dimension 50-100 350-450 250-350 100-150 Life-Cycles 300-500 500-1000 500-1000 1000-2000 Self-Discharge/Month 4-5% <5% <5% <3% Memory Effect High None None None Protections Required Required Optional Over-Charge/Discharge Not Required (Must installed for (Must installed for (Better life-cycle Over-Current, Safety) Safety) and performance) Short Circuit (S.C.) Fast Charging & No Acceptable Acceptable Good Discharging Operation <0℃ >55℃ or <-20℃ >50℃ -20℃-60℃ Temperature No or Low Output No or Low Output No or Very Low Output Normal Output Good Worst Bad Best Safety S.C.- Explosive @ Fire/Explosion @ Fire/Explosion @ No Explosion High Temp. High Temp. High Temp. No Fire Ecological High Pollution No Pollution No Pollution No Pollution Lead / Sulfate Acid Economical Good Better Good Good going to Best
  5. 5. Applications Polar Bear’s Focus ● Electric Motorcycles ● Electric Gardening Tools ● Light Farming Machines [Business Focus] [Product Attributes: Safety & Mobility] General Applications • EV – E-Bike, Electric Motorcycle, Electric Scooter, Electric Car, Hybrid Car, Golf Cart, Electric Boat, Mobile Aides • Gardening – Electric Tiller, Lawn Mower, Electric Chain Saw, Trimmer. • Utilities – Forklift, Snow Remover • Renewable Energy Storage - Solar, Wind
  6. 6. Current Product Line 12V: 5Ah, 7.5Ah and 10Ah 24V: 5Ah, 7.5Ah and 10Ah 36V: 7.5Ah, 10Ah and 20Ah 48V: 7.5Ah, 20Ah and 40Ah Polar Bear Power Batteries feature robust safety designs with built-in BMS providing protections against: a. Over-Charging b. Over-Discharging c. Over-Current d. Short-Circuit The advanced built-in BMS with ICMS(Individual Cell Monitoring System) uses individual control IC to accurately monitor charging and discharging voltage at each cell in order to keep the best of capacity balance for all cells, which greatly optimize the performance of a multi-cell LiFePO4 battery pack.
  7. 7. Polar Bear Technologies Technology for Efficient Cell Balance The essential of Cell Balance Management is the capability in keeping high capacity and performance of a battery after long-term operation. Our BMS starts at the beginning of battery cell testing and matching, not after the assembly of a battery. Technology for Real-World Performance With the advanced built-in BMS featuring ICMS(Individual Cell Monitoring System) design, robust protections are assured at any operation condition. Discharging is promptly activated at right time with right amount of power needed at operation. • Nano-Grade Processed Cells No energy is wasted. • 98% +/- 2% at first 130 Life-Cycles • <15% Cap. Decreasing aft 800 LCs Technology for Cost-Effectiveness Instead of using expensive components on • Built-in Auto Cell Monitoring BMS complicate circuit boards, we invested in Cell Testing • Longer Operational Discharging and Matching Process to optimize the balance • Complete Cell Protections system. Simplicity is the idea to design a logical BMS for practical and cost-effective application.
  8. 8. Cell Testing Technology [Cell Matching and Balance System] Cell Chemistry Capacity Cell Resistance Stabilizing Sorting Measurement Module Voltage Sorting Back-Draw Assembly & Cell Matching Voltage Testing Cell Current Cell Balance Measurement Initialization
  9. 9. Technology in Production [Innovative Quality Assurance] Quality-Oriented Designs 1. Protection Boards Module Voltage Run-Card Short-Circuit 2. Production Process Measurement Recording Prevention 3. Testing Process Charging/ Full-Function Capacity Balance Discharging Test Testing & OQC Measurement Over-Current Output Current Protection Test Test
  10. 10. ODM Capability [Vertical and Virtual Integration] Power Product Supply System Analysis Chain Analysis Integration Mechanical BMS & & Electrical Power System Integration Safety, Design Functionality & Form Quality & Performance Manufacturing & Cost Battery Design Technology Effectiveness Total Efficiency Analysis
  11. 11. Product Demo 1 [ISEKI 24V10Ah Electric Tiller] Simple Just hold the start handle to operate the tiller and release to stop. Light The total weight is well under 21kg for the tiller and just 2.7kg for the battery. Quiet No loud engine noise. A neighbor- friendly advantage let you enjoy the nature more. Safe An AC 300W output supplies sufficient power for desire operation time while safety features are well designed electrically and mechanically. Healthy and Clean No air pollution. No bad smell when storing in garage or in a car for delivery.
  12. 12. Product Demo 2 [Kentfa 48V20Ah Electric Motorcycle] UL-Certified Safety Not only the body mechanism but also the battery electricity are certified by UL, passing numeric strict safety tests. Powerful Polar Bear Battery provides this bike with 650W output for up to 12 degrees of uphill ride. It’s easy to enjoy up to a 60KM of riding with a top speed at 45Km per hour. Eco-Friendly No air pollution, no gas-exhaust smell. A fine act to reduce global warming and acid-rain. You actually can save money to save the globe. Economical Low cost in long-term owner- ship, only $0.6 cent per mile in mileage cost, according to public utility charge in Taiwan. Much less cost in mechanical maintenance; and no cost in frequent oil-change services.
  13. 13. About About The Company GCE was founded in 2006 with a 7500m² facility site located in Chang-An Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province; about 40 min. of driving distance from HK. GCE had an initial capital of US$10,000,000. The annual revenue averaged US$4,000,000 in 2009 and 2010; and expected US$15,000,000 in 2010. Production Capability Current production capacity at GCE is 60K of 24V10Ah and 36K Employee Distribution of 48V20Ah Lithium Phosphate Batteries per year, totaling 48.4M Administration Staffs 16% R&D Engineers 12% watts-h per year. Production Engineers 8% Production Operators 64% Production Equipment & Technologies For quality and safety assurance of a battery, GCE itself is equipped with 2 SMT lines, 2 DIP lines for BMS PCB assembly; and vibration, temperature/humidity testing equipments. GCE’s engineers also developed many innovative equipments for cell testing and matching process. These production technologies were based on years of battery making experience from many top professionals in battery industry. These industry first-seen techniques include Automatic Cell Balance Initialization, Automatic Capacity Measurement, BMS Circuit Testing and Energy-Saving Charging System.
  14. 14. Thank You For more product information, please visit our web site at: www.gce-polarbear.com