Gamify my health - Coaching


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The presentation describes how coaching can provide effective and efficient support for a comparatively low cost by building online coaching communities supported by the special processes built into CoachMaster software.

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Gamify my health - Coaching

  1. 1. Building Support Communities for Health Issues Using E-Coaching Or People Learning to HelpEach Other with Skill and Grace CoachMaster™ (UK) Ltd 7 Dovedale Studios, 465 Battersea Park Rd, London, SW11 4LR Tel +44 207 787 8599 Bob Griffiths Associates M: +44 7931 851033 10/15/12 1
  2. 2. Bob Griffiths Designer of CoachMaster • Coaching for 25 years. • Specialises in developing a coaching culture • Author of “Grow your own Carrot” – the definitive guide to the GROW process • Trained in brief therapy, gestalt psychology, inner game theory and NLP • Public speaker, author, broadcasterCoachMaster (UK) Lrd. 10/15/12 2
  3. 3. A Quick Review  A crisis is about to hit the country and the whole of the developed world with thousands of people needing support in the areas of mental health, weight loss and fitness and addiction  If no support is offered then the consequences will be severe in terms of mental and physical misery and cost to society.  Most people struggling with these issues would benefit from the attention of fully trained professionals but here are not enough resources to provide this support to everyone  Techniques like CBT have proved the value of ‘mindful’ approaches to problems  Coaching, like CBT, can be applied to help people to develop new life habits and improve mental health.Bob Griffiths Associates 10/15/12 3
  4. 4. One SolutionBuild Coaching Communities supported by E-Coaching Train a cohort of volunteers who are able and willing to learn basic coaching skills Provide them with coaching software to bolster their skills Provide a means of connecting them to clients Use the in-built recording facility in the software to provide support and supervision on their coaching skills Use gamification to encourage participation and learning Train a cohort to be trainers, have them train others and cascade the process to others
  5. 5. The Development of E-Coaching Put E-coaching into Google - get up to 68 million results Sheffield Hallam University commissioned a Weight Loss module in CoachMaster for their Government Funded ‘Small Changes’ initiative Currently developing an ‘Recovery from Addictions’ module for a leading charity When I offered an E-coaching session on weight loss and fitness to a mail list of 500 ‘normal’ individuals I received over 70 requests.
  6. 6. Coaches View
  7. 7. How to get involved Join the CoachMaster™ network – Work with us to develop evidence based content for your area of expertise Build up your coaching skills by using the software Suggest projects where the ‘Community Coaching Approach’ and would add value and we can evaluate the results Talk to us about individuals or organisations we can partner with Suggest ways of making coaching more addictive through games or rewards or social tools and ways to monetise it Come up with new ideas we have not thought of! Get in touch Landline is 0207 787 8599, mobile 07931 851 033 or Skype bobcoach.
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  9. 9. Advantages of E-Coaching Sessions can be run at the most mutually agreeable time Sessions can be stopped and restarted Only the coach requires internet access and he/she can handle all the IT Coach and client do not have to be located in the same city or even country Sessions can be conducted fully virtually or by video or phone Can be used on or off lineCoachMaster (UK) Lrd. 10/15/12
  10. 10. Advantages of E-Coaching – contd. Each coach can receive personalised feedback from sessions and resources for future development Supervision and support can easily be provided to the coaches as there is a record of the timings of each session and the content (confidentiality issues!) Specialist databases can be built to support coaches in coaching clients through challenging situations: weight loss, stopping smoking, recovery from addiction, light depression The process is held centrally and can be easily updated when improvements are identifiedCoachMaster (UK) Lrd. 10/15/12
  11. 11. Advantages of E-Coaching – contd. The outcome of each session is clearly recorded and can be directly emailed to the client The coaching model (GROW) is easy to understand and apply You can build coaches confidence quickly by them observing real coaching sessions online and using webinars and short videos Some people feel more comfortable working on personal issues at a distance or virtually Combines the benefit of e-training with the value of working with a real personCoachMaster (UK) Lrd. 10/15/12
  12. 12. What is in it for the Volunteers? By using the system and learning coaching they are developing a very useful and marketable skill The process could use gamification with awards and rewards for those conducting the most number/most effective sessions The natural response of satisfaction from helping others As some become more effective and receive more training they could be rewarded for training/supervising othersCoachMaster (UK) Lrd. 10/15/12
  13. 13. Client’s View
  14. 14. Problem -Lack of Trained Coaches! • Takes many years to train a coach effectively • Many people who want to help are daunted by the time commitment and cost of training • Trained coaches generally will not offer their services at the sort of rates that the general population can afford • There is a limit of geographical spread and reach of coaches working face to face • There is no way to connect the people who need help with those willing to provide it.CoachMaster (UK) Lrd. 10/15/12