From meeting to tweeting


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Presentation by Bob Wendover for the Meetings Industry Council, March 8, 2012 in Denver.

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From meeting to tweeting

  1. 1. Fro m Me eting to TweetingPreparing for the Conferences and Seminars of Tomorrow with Robert W. Wendover
  2. 2. #mic12meets What are you learning?
  3. 3. Mobile Multi-taskingUber-connected Goal-oriented Pressured Impatient Demanding Skeptical Manipulative Fun-loving Distracted Shallow
  4. 4. Influences Millennials Family Stories Pagers Mobisodes Schools Cell Phones Cookies Places of worship Global Positioning Technology Social Networking Sites Radio Menu-Driven Software In-text Advertising Billboards Presentation Software Blinks Newspapers Digital still photography Avatars Magazines Text Messaging Motion Capture Movies World Wide Web Microblogging Neighbors Meta-Search Engines Smart Phones Television Digital video photography Deep Packet Inspection Calculators Electronic Shopping Carts Go-Tags Portable Radios Video Phones Addressable AdsPortable Tape Recorders Global Positioning Systems Phone Bumping Cordless Phones Swipe Technology Mobile Wallets Personal Computers Downloadable Entertainment Near Field Comm.
  5. 5. Observations about Meetings and Millennials• Seek to match their money with their values• Don’t perceive a difference between on-line and off-line identities• Are natural participants seeking information to make better decisions• Use technology fluidly – “The 3 screen life”• 32% post to social media at least 3X per day• 45% have posted a photo or message to their social network while attending an event.
  6. 6. plann oers to vent ing e decision t help hnol ogy is impulsiveTec n the pital ize o sact ca tran g ister. ab ility to need re e, the ucing the e sa me tim y is red At th s instantl es busin er in adva nce. to re gist
  7. 7. Connecting with Your Customers• Ask young members to ask young members about their meeting expectations• Interactive brochures and QR codes• Focus on navigation and ease of registration• Pre-event -- audio podcasts -- video podcasts – webinars – surveys -- blog posts -- fan pages – tweets• What else?• Examples?
  8. 8. The Content – Chatter Continuum tent er on a ttC h C Where do your meetings fall? Where do you want them to fall?
  9. 9. Engaging the Audience of Today w? to kno t hem el? wa nt mt o fe y? you the ppl hat do ant u w t them to a• W t do yo an ha uw • W t do yo ha • W
  10. 10. Setting the Digital Stage• Power Point/Prezi/Keynote/Slide Rocket• Electronic gaming• Audience response systems• Tweeting• Live Web search• Live linking during presentation• Video clips• QR Codes• What else?
  11. 11. Educating Your Stakeholders• Know their agenda (spoken and unspoken).• Know their stakeholders’ agenda.• Know your numbers.• Know your metrics.• Know your pitch.
  12. 12. Content Successful Meeting Ap e nt p lica em ngag tio nE
  13. 13. Making Your Meetings Memorable “Meetings are theater.” What can you do to . . . boost the buzz before the meeting? ease the registration process? make the meeting a performance? boost participant engagement? ensure learning after the meeting? Don’t let meeting-goers cool down! Continue the conversation.
  14. 14. rned! le a uh ave ha t yo ee twTw #mic12meets
  15. 15. Fro m Me eting to TweetingPreparing for the Conferences and Seminars of Tomorrow with Robert W. Wendover