Roll up your pant legs
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Roll up your pant legs






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Roll up your pant legs Roll up your pant legs Document Transcript

  • Management has a message for you. If you have not already received it, yousoon will. Suddenly, they are very concerned with your welfare. They will tellyou they plan to make changes and advise you to vote against the Union. Theirconcerns are sooooo touching and unselfish — it’s for your own good.RIGHT!!! Here’s what they will tell you….“The Union can’t do anything for you…”Then why is company so desperate to keep it out? They know that the IAMmeans higher wages, better work rules and benefits, justice and dignity on thejob. It means you are no longer an “at will” employee.“All the Union wants is your dues money…”The IAM does charge nominal dues but, why are they worried about it? Higherunion wages will repay your dues many times over. You pay to support yourchurches and schools. It stands to reason that no organization can representyou without finances.“ The Union will force you out on strike…”Nobody can force you to go on strike. There will never be a strike atUnited Airlines with the IAM unless YOU vote for it. 66% of the IAM members atUnited Airlines would need to vote to support a strike. When two-thirds of anygroup support something as drastic as a strike, you know there are someserious issues involved.“We have an open-door policy here…”Yes they do, and they mean the front door going out. Anyone who doesn’t likeit without the IAM is always free to leave. That’s what they really mean. Youhave had years without a Union and they have not resolved your complaints.With the IAM the company would have to negotiate on your grievances andcomplaints. That’s why they don’t want you to vote for the IAM.