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Overview of Local Lodge Officers Duties
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Overview of Local Lodge Officers Duties


A quick overview of the officers and their duties that make up an IAM local lodge.

A quick overview of the officers and their duties that make up an IAM local lodge.

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  • 1. A Quick Overview of Local Lodge Officers Duties 
    Bob Kraves
    former IAM educator
  • 2. Good leadership in the IAM takes a great amount of teamwork and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the various duties and functions of Local Lodge officers and grievance handlers.
    Local Lodge Officers Duties
  • 3. It is the President’s responsibility to give leadership in the activities of the Local Lodge. The duties of the President includes chairing Lodge meetings, signing vouchers and checks, appointing committees, administering the obligation to new members and enforcing the Bylaws and Constitution of the IAM and the Local Lodge.
  • 4. The Vice President assists the President and is expected to be an active member of the officer group. The duties of the Vice President include the chairing of meetings in the absence of the President and to help keep order at the Lodge meetings.
    Vice President
  • 5. The Recording Secretary receives and conducts official correspondence of the Local Lodge. The duties of the Recording Secretary include the keeping of minutes and the presentation of communications and bills at the Lodge meetings. In addition, the Recording Secretary prepares and signs vouchers and all credentials of delegates and is the keeper of the seal of the Local Lodge.
    Recording Secretary
  • 6. The Secretary Treasurer administers the funds of and for the Local Lodge. These duties include keeping an account of all receipts and disbursements and making a report of such at the Local Lodge meetings. Additionally, the Secretary Treasurer keeps records of dues payments of all members and sends the per capita tax payment to both the District and the Grand Lodges.
    Secretary Treasurer
  • 7. The Sentinel - Conductor of the Lodge guards the door and is in charge of the attendance book. Further duties include admitting those entitled to attend and is the official escort for visitors and guests in and out of the Lodge meeting.
    Sentinel - Conductor
  • 8. The Trustees are in charge of all property belonging to the Lodge. The Trustees also assist the Auditing Committee in auditing the financial books and sign the audit reports of the Lodge.
  • 9. Duties include contract administration and enforcement and the handling of first and second step grievances. In addition, the grievance committee members play an integral roll as a member advocate when management accuses or charges a co-worker with some type of misconduct.
    Grievance Committee Members
  • 10. Every Local Officer has a particular job and area of expertise. Good union leadership comes from those who know their roles, responsibilities and duties. Experienced union leaders recognize they do not need to have all the answers or have their fingers in everything going on. Highly effective union leaders rely and trust other officers or grievance handlers who may have a better understanding of a situation.
    Keep in Mind…