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brought to you by Michael Smith Richard Schiller

brought to you by Michael Smith Richard Schiller

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Who We Are:Richard Schiller- With previous skills in managing aservice industry business comes his expertise in givingthe customer what they want.Michael Smith- With great creative abilities from hisprevious photography skills and fashion industrybackground, Michael Smith gives anartistic approach on how to do business and keep itfashionable.
  • 2. Behind and Mobile Application specializing in a localized marketplaceUsers can buy/sell/offer products, services, coupons, discounts through us.All listings are only on for an allotted time no more then 12 hours.Listings can be plainly offered to consumers (ex. 10% off at Joe’s Jeans on 23rd Street)Listings can be offered at a certain list price (ex. $100 for Justin Bieber at MSG)Listings can be auctioned off to highest bidderOr buyers can offer products/services based upon consumer want map.We offer payment processing, and delivery services (both same day, and regular)
  • 3. MAIN SCREENCustomer Log-InCustomer Registation
  • 4. AUCTION NOW PAGE:• Allows Users toSearch for aparticularproduct/service• Shows Location ofSeller• Shows Pick-up ordelivery optionsAuctions:• 8 hour maximum• Local buying only• Pick-up or Courier Delivery
  • 5. WANTED MAP• Sellers can search aparticularproduct/servicepeople areinterested in• Sellers can see alive map withlocations of thesepotential buyers• Displayed on map:Buyers Location,their want, and theirprice• Sellers can thenselect a buyer andoffer them theoption to buy.
  • 6. Offers 2nite• Users can comehere to find localdeals/offers/coupons frombusinesses• Offers are valid fortonight only• New deals postedeach day
  • 7. Competitive AdvantageCraigslist= Same Localized Concept, with the additionalsecurity measures, and auction style listings too.eBay= Same auction style/buy-it-now style with a morelocalized and unique feel and transactions done in 1 day,not several days.Groupon= Offers section gives same kind of offers withoutthe annoying Groupon junk e-mails and junk deals
  • 8. Start-Up Costs:Domain Registration- $30/yearBranding/Logo Design- $1500Hosting- $50/monthWebsite & ApplicationDesign/Development- $30,000Maintenance Website Maintenance:$1000/monthPayment Processing Setup- $179Payment Processing- $40/monthHardware/Equipment- $2,000LLC fee- $600LLC/yearly- $300Initial Start-Up Cost= $34,309Monthly Expenses= $1,090Yearly Expenses: $330Start-Up Costs (initial+monthlyfees+yearly fees)= $47,719Marketing Budget= $20,000Salaries: $30,000Total 1st Year Expected Costs:$97,719
  • 9. Planned RolloutYear 1 NYC- full launchYear 2 Tri-State NY-NJ-CT full launchYear 3 All Major U.S. Cities3+ Years Full U.S. – possible internationalintro
  • 10. How Do We Monetize?Personal loan for $100,000 to cover start-up and 1st year.Our revenues will come from:• Transaction Fees• Delivery Commission• Localized Advertising
  • 11. How Do We Market OurBrand?Community sponsorships & eventsHave a marketing team out at big events, and busy areasin NYC to hand out flyers/pens/t-shirts to get our name outthere.Offer incentives to use our services like no transactionfees when you first sign up.Use social media and search engine marketing campaign
  • 12. Customer SegmentsNEW YORK CITY RESIDENTSEnjoys dealsHas disposable incomeEnjoys online-biddingLast minute sellers/buyers
  • 13. Value PropositionGREAT LOCAL DEALS, RECEIVED SAME DAY!Safe & Secure for CustomersIntuitive DesignConstant Updating and MaintenanceAvailable for Customer wants/needsBringing buyers and sellers in local communitiestogether
  • 14. Reached by e-mailReached by relevant Google searchReached by social mediaLaunch marketing campaign in NYCAfterwards e-mail updates, satisfaction anddeals.Reach all smartphone app platformsChannels
  • 15. Customer RelationshipTRUSTWORTHY & RELIABLESafe & SecureQuick & EasyConsistent MarketplaceEntertainingMoney-Saving or Money-Making
  • 16. Revenue StreamsTRANSACTION FEES5% on auction style final price5% on quick sale priceDelivery Courier FeesAdvertising
  • 17. Key ResourcesKey ResourcesOnline SiteSecurity for the SitePayment ProcessingNetwork with Local Businesses
  • 18. Key ActivitiesWe have to keep up with website innovation andmaintenanceKeep up with securityHave a widespread customer base in order to providesufficient deals each dayKeep our Courier Service Busy to receive discountsOffer incentives for people to use
  • 19. Key PartnershipsTHE COMMUNITYReliable 24/7 Courier ServiceLocal BusinessesPayment ProcessorLaw FirmWeb Designers
  • 20. Cost StructuresWebsite Creation/MaintenanceBusiness Creation/SecurityPayment ProcessorMarketingSalaries