Making Your Life Easier Using Dropbox


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Cloud-based tools like Dropbox can help you access your files from anywhere and share files with collaborators anywhere in the world. Join us to discover what Dropbox is, how you can get it for free, how to use it, and how it can help you make your work-life easier and more efficient.

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  • Currently, we have data being collected in all eight regions of the state when Parenting Resource Center Coordinators and their staff offer programs.
  • Pictured here are a few of our many Parenting Resource Center Partners from across the state. All are using Dropbox to track statistics for their parenting programs.How are they doing that?
  • They are using a program statistic sheet like the one you see here.Once their statistic sheet is filled out, they enter their information into their Regional Dropbox Folder.
  • Each Region has a Dropbox quarterly Excel Spreadsheet located in their Regional Dropbox folder.
  • Their quarterly spreadsheets feed into a Yearly spreadsheet.This Data Collection system has gained the attention of our Federal Partners.
  • Making Your Life Easier Using Dropbox

    1. 1. Making Your Life Easier Using Dropbox Bob Bertsch, Web Technology SpecialistKathleen Schmaltz, Extension Parent Educator
    2. 2. Dropbox Lives in the Cloud You don’t generate your own electricity. You plug something into the wall and the electricity is there. Cloud programs & services work the same way. Instead of residing on your computer, you plug into the Internet and they are there.
    3. 3. What Does Dropbox Do?• Syncs files from your computer to your own storage space in the cloud.• Allows you to store up to 2Gb free and up to 100Gb for a fee.• Allows you to share folders with multiple people in a secure environment.• Provides access to your files from mobile devices, computers, or Web browsers.• Backs up your files with a 30 day undo history.
    4. 4. Other Cloud Storage SystemsFeature Dropbox Google Drive SkyDrive iCloudFree Storage 2GB 5GB 7GB 5GBMax. Storage 100GB 16TB 100GB 50GBSync Files Yes Yes Yes YesOffline Mode Yes Yes Yes YesFolder Sharing Yes Yes Yes NoMobile Android, Android, Windows iPhone, iPad Blackberry, iPhone, iPad Phone, iPhone, iPhone, iPad iPadEdit No Yes Yes NoSimultaneously
    5. 5. How It Works?• Go to to download and install the Dropbox desktop application• When prompted, create your Dropbox account• Choose your storage space • 2GB – Free • 50GB - $9.99/month • 100GB - $19.99/month
    6. 6. 2GB20 yardsof books 50GB 10,000 100GB 5-minute 125 songs full-length movies
    7. 7. How It Works?• After your account is created, a “My Dropbox” folder will appear on your computer (probably in your “My Documents” folder).• When setup is complete, any files you put in your “My Dropbox” folder will be synced to your Dropbox space in the cloud.• You can access those files through a web browser on any computer and on your smartphone or tablet using the Dropbox mobile app.
    8. 8. Cool Ways to Use Dropbox• Securely share a folder with co-workers and colleagues, even if they are not NDSU employees• Share files with anyone using a public folder• Print to your home computer from any computer• Automatically upload pictures taken with your smartphone to a Dropbox folder
    9. 9. Parent Educators use Dropbox for Data Collection
    10. 10. Partners Across the State
    11. 11. Statistics Collection Tool
    12. 12. Dropbox Folder for each Region
    13. 13. Dropbox Quarterly Excel Spreadsheet
    14. 14. Yearly Data from One Region
    15. 15. What Could Be in Your Dropbox?Shared office network documentsCommittee correspondenceShared county event photosRegistration databasesDistrict projects – planning Adv Camps4-H leaders to share infoProgram planningConnecting work + home computerWorking together with people for presentationsNewslettersAgendasCommittee document sharing – across different agenciesSome documents are too large to emailSend photos from 4-H events to dropbox for secretary to accessDocuments, powerpoints, inventoriesPhotosCollaborative workItems for dept. Facebook page or web pageGrant proposalsPaper trail approval formsApplications/papers which need to be shared among committeesData sheets
    16. 16. What Could Be in Your Dropbox?Forms for data collectionShare powerpoint filesShare word docsUse it to work from different computers without carrying files from one to anotherStore picturesShare music/movies (Note from Bob: Be sure to do so legally!)collecting./compiling conference presentationsBackup file for presentations (Oh no, I forgot my flash drive back at the office!)Office newsletterOffice narrativeCEDL indicators paperwork for Center for Community VitalityWork on documents from homePhotos and videosRLND Class ProjectsRLND Seminar PicturesQuarterly ReportsExtension CompetenciesShare data files so they can be worked on by several people on more than one computerShare photos and powerpoint files with others in Ext and outside NDSU
    17. 17. Photo Credits:• Outlet – by sixth lie,• Library Bookshelf – by twechy,• CD Library – by Gunnar Bothner-By,• DVDs – by JudeanPeoplesFront,