Disasters: There’s an App for That!


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When disaster strikes, people nearly always evacuate and return home with their smartphones. Learn how NDSU Ag Communication staff worked with an NDSU-student-led company to develop two
smartphone apps for Android and iOS. The Disaster Recovery Log lets users record damage with photos, text and audio and download the entries, and provides clean-up information. The Winter Survival Kit
helps stranded motorists monitor their fuel level, alerts them to clear the exhaust pipe to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, pinpoints their location, notifies selected contacts and provides safety information.
Agricultural communication staff will share how they brainstormed how to take advantage of the phone’s interactive features, worked with the student developers and publicized the apps.

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  • Becky: Original proposal--•Create 10 YouTube videos on priority topics determined by the EDEN Information Clearinghouse committee•Create EDEN’s Ready Business and Family Preparedness courses in Moodle, eXtension’s learning management system that allows people to learn independently online and receive a certificate of completion•Conduct six live train-the-trainer webinar sessions to help Extension educators and others be able to teach Ready Business and Family Preparedness in their communities and record the sessions for educators who can’t participate liveHowever, into the grant year, we saw the need for smartphone apps related to disaster preparedness and recovery, so we requested permission from Dennis Kopp to change from developing Moodle courses to developing a disaster recovery smartphone app. Family Preparedness available as narrated PPT; hope to get it interactive in Moodle.
  • 490 downloads as of Sept. 30
  • 490 downloads as of Sept. 30
  • Disasters: There’s an App for That!

    1. 1. Disasters:There’s an App for That! Becky Koch and Bob Bertsch NDSU Agriculture Communication
    2. 2. North Dakota flooding, The National Guard, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license ND National GuardFlood Response, Dave Haasser, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license
    3. 3. Download H2O - Helping to http://www.myriaddevices.com Organize for Android
    4. 4. Pictured: Texting, Joi Ito, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license“Just because people may be able to view your PC Website with a mobile device... doesn’t mean it is a pleasant or fulfilling experience.” - MobileThinking.com
    5. 5. (Pictured: "Please Pay Here 3-14-09 19", StevenDepolo, available under a Creative CommonsAttribution 2.0 license)
    6. 6. Special Needs Grant• Create 10 YouTube videos• Conduct six Ready Business and Family Preparedness train-the-trainer webinars• Create EDEN’s Ready Business and Family Preparedness courses in Moodle• Instead of Moodle courses, disaster recovery smartphone app
    7. 7. Disaster Recovery Log• Helps people record information about damages to home and property using text, images and audio• Download from Android market• www.ag.ndsu.edu/ extension/apps
    8. 8. Add Disaster• Title: June 24, 2011, Souris River Flood• Description: House had 6 feet water on main floor, back to ground level July 20, basement drained Aug. 8-12
    9. 9. Details• First Things First• Safety
    10. 10. Details• Type in description or record audio (Add Voice)• Pull down for educational info• Take photo
    11. 11. Resource Information• Appliances/Electronics• Carpets/Floors• Clothing/Fabrics• Food• Furniture• Gardens/Landscapes• Home (Structural)• Household Items
    12. 12. Photos• Take a photo• Pull a photo from your file (gallery)
    13. 13. Export• Download info for records, FEMA, insurance, etc.
    14. 14. Winter Survival Kit• Helps people help you find their current location, call 911 and notify your friends and family.• Download from Google Play & Apple App Store• www.ag.ndsu.edu/ extension/apps
    15. 15. Stranded• Get your location• Call 911• Tell your family & friends• Alerts keep you awake and aware of risk of CO poisoning
    16. 16. Promotion• NDSU Extension Apps web site• News releases• Social media• EDEN
    17. 17. Results• Local press & media• National press & media• Online news sites & blogs• Live shot on Weather Channel• Top 12 educational app in App Store
    18. 18. ResultsTotal installs – 1,973Total installs – 58,000
    19. 19. Bob Bertsch Becky Kochrobert.bertsch@ndsu.edu becky.koch@ndsu.eduTwitter - @ndbob Facebook – Becky KochFacebook – Bob BertschGoogle + - Bob Bertsch