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  • Which segment will you target for the PoC? This may be dictated to you by the customer.
  • Summit update

    1. 1. Bob Allred Right! Systems Citrix Practice Manager
    2. 2. Who we are… Right! Systems, Inc. (RSI) is a leading Technology Solution Provider in the Pacific Northwest focused on delivering successful data, voice, and video solutions to corporate and government agencies alike. Founded in 1993, RSI is a nationally recognized expert in remote access technologies, and a regional expert in such advanced technologies as Storage, network, IP telephony, security, wireless and virtual infrastructure.
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    4. 4. Follow Us! • Twitter • • Bob Allred: @boballred • Matthew Allen: @codestructure • • Right! Systems: @rightsystemsinc Roger Britten: @rpbritten LinkedIn • Most of us are out there including RSI – Just search for us!
    5. 5. Synergy 2014 • Anaheim • May 6-8
    6. 6. Outline – XenDesktop – XenMobile – Netscaler – Storefront – Monitoring – Sharefile – AppDNA – 3rd Party solutions • Nvidia • Nutanix
    7. 7. XenDesktop • Latest version: XenDesktop 7.1 • • Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG) is not supported • Database requirements – Move away from IMA - Database availability considerations • Windows 8 and Server 2012 • • Unification: Combined Products XA and XD 3D Apps, Simplicity, MCS, Desktop player for MAC XenDesktop 7.1 Platinum • • • AppDNA Enterprise added!!! Netscaler Insight XenApp 7.5/XenDesktop 7.5 release date March 2014
    8. 8. Storefront • Release 2.1 is out • STABLE! • Database is gone! • Required for XenMobile, Email based discovery and HTML 5 Integration • New installations are all Storefront • Limitations ARE being addressed (Anonymous access, Pre-Launch, • Side-by-side implementation of Storefront and Web Interface • Start getting your feet wet • Move your mobile users over • Web Interface 5.4 EOL 06/15, but XD 7.1 WILL BE SUPPORTED!
    9. 9. XenMobile On-Prem or in the Cloud PROMOTION for existing XA/XD Platinum Customers Get Citrix XenMobile® MDM edition for the price of Software Maintenance, or XenMobile Enterprise edition at a 20 percent discount off the product price. This offer expires September 30, 2014
    10. 10. XenMobile Worx WorxMail WorxWeb Secure Email, calendar and contact app Full consumer-like browser that provides access to Internet and intranet sites Worx App Gallery Over 120 Apps! App Isolation
    11. 11. XenMobile
    12. 12. XenMobile
    13. 13. XenMobile
    14. 14. XenMobile Recognized as a “Leader” by Gartner; Winner at Interop
    15. 15. Netscaler • New Sharefile Wizard • New NetScaler Gateway Wizard • Updated VPN client for Windows 8.1 and Mavericks • Multipath TCP • • Maintain connectivity while switching from one network to another Centerpiece of Access to Citrix Technologies • XenMobile • Sharefile • XenApp/XenDesktop
    16. 16. Monitoring Edgesight •EOL for XA/XD 5.x or earlier: June 2015 •EOL for XA 6.x or later: August 2016 Netscaler Insight •Web Insight: Provides visibility into web applications and allows IT administrators to monitor all web applications being served by Netscaler appliances. •HDX Insight: Provides administrators of XA/XD environments with an easy way to monitor the users and performance of the applications hosted on those products. •HDX Insight Licensing:
    17. 17. Monitoring Netscaler Insight – Features and Benefits • Monitor and help improve performance of web apps served by the Netscaler • Monitor performance of apps hosted on XA/XD • Know the top apps accessed by clients • Monitor XA/XD users • Identify problem areas • Track peak usage • Identify user experience with respect to client-side parameters • View the performance of applications in the last 5 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month
    18. 18. Sharefile Access from Any Device Store data in the cloud Manage, report, secure, audit Store data On-Prem
    19. 19. Sharefile Top 5 reasons to choose Sharefile Absolute flexibility to choose where your data is stored Cloud or On-Prem Power to mobilize existing enterprise data Leverage existing Network Shares or SharePoint sites Optimized experience on mobile devices and virtual platforms Secure easy access from any device, Create/update/share docs on the fly Security across every device and scenario Security policies, auditing, remote wipe, encryption, HIPAA compliant End-to-end mobility from a single provider
    20. 20. AppDNA The app is likely to work on the target platform as it is and is ready for (UAT) The app may fail or have impaired functionality, although remediation is possible The app is likely or certain to fail and the application may need redevelopment
    21. 21. AppDNA • Release 7: Support for Windows 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, and IE 11 • Licensing Feature XenApp Hosted / TS App-V Desktop Windows 7/8 Server Windows 2008/2012 IE/Firefox X X X X X X AppDNA Standard AppDNA Enterprise X XenDesktop Platinum X x
    22. 22. New and Interesting Framehawk The Framehawk Platform enables secure, highperformance application delivery to mobile devices. Will be merged with HDX and rolled into ALL editions! Crystal Palace Makes it simple to share information among your devices. Need to get a presentation to a co-presenter? Just open and share; they will get it straight away. Need to transfer a video you are watching from your desktop to your tablet? Just send it. Got some text on your PC that you need on your phone? Simply copy and paste.
    23. 23. 3rd Party Solutions DEMO LAB NVIDIA NVIDIA GRID vGPU enables multiple Virtual Machines (VM) to have simultaneous, direct access to a single physical GPU, using the same NVIDIA graphics drivers that are deployed on non-virtualized Operating Systems. Card Physical GPU’s GRID K1 4 GRID K2 2
    24. 24. Types of End Users 1 2 3 Tier 1: Professional users (e.g. design engineers, radiologists) •Top rendering performance •3D mouse support Tier 2: Power users •Viewing of large 3D models, basic editing Tier 3: Knowledge workers •Limited use of 3D graphics today •2D apps, Aero effects of Windows, HD videos, PowerPoint slide transitions, etc.
    25. 25. 3rd Party Solutions Nutanix •Converged architecture •Each Node in the cluster contains Without Nutanix Storage Controllers $$ Central Storage LUNS, Volumes, RAID Groups COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT Up Front Purchase • Local Flash based storage for massive iops • Hard disk drives for low cost, high capacity storage • Virtual Storage Controller • Distributed File System that aggregates local storage across all Nodes creating a local storage pool • No need for LUNs, Volumes, or RAID groups With Nutanix
    26. 26. Questions & Answers