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Media's Influence
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Media's Influence


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • 1. How does the media’s perception of mental and physical health morph teens’ outlook on themselves? And how do students at IA avoid these pitfalls?
  • 2. The Media What exactly does the media do?
    • Exposure to media
    • “ Perfect Person” video
      • Dove - Evolution Commercial
  • 3. Women
    • How does the media portray women?
    • Common stereotypes
    • Some strides have been made in how the media portrays women
  • 4. Women Beauty and Body Image
    • Unattainable Beauty
    • The Culture of Thinness
  • 5. Women
    • Self Improvement or Self Destruction ?
  • 6. Men How are men portrayed?
    • Stereotypes
  • 7. Men Sports
  • 8. Men When/How are boys influenced?
    • Highlights
    • Vulnerability and Emotions
    • Violence and Anger
    • Work vs. Domestic
    • Race
    • TV vs. Reality
  • 9. Solutions How does this affect IA students?
  • 10. Solutions Resisting Stereotypes 
    • “ Staying True” video
      • Slip of the Tongue
  • 11. Solutions
    • Boost your ego
    • Feel Better About Your Body
    • Take the initiative
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