Ideas for mario kart 3ds


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My ideas in that should be in the second Mario Kart 3ds

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Ideas for mario kart 3ds

  1. 1. Robert Frisco
  2. 2.           Mario- Color Red- Medium Size Luigi- Color Green- Medium Size Peach- Color Pink- Medium Size Toad- Color Light Blue- Small Size Bowser- Color Orange- Large Size Yoshi- Color (Depends on Yoshi)- Medium Size Donkey Kong- Brown- Large Size Wario- Yellow- Large Size Baby Mario- Dark Red- Small Size Waluigi- Purple- Large Size
  3. 3.              Our 11 Characters that you could Unlock, there are two way each Daisy- Color Yellow- Medium Size Koopa Troopa- Light Green- Small Size Toadette- Pink- Small Size Rosalina and White Luma- White- Large Size Bowser Jr- Orange- Small Size King Boo- Black- Large Size Baby Luigi- Green- Small Size Lubba- Purple- Large Size Elvin Gadd- Grey- Small Size Geno- Dark Blue- Medium Size Pianta- Tan- Medium Size Your Mii- Choose your favorite color, depends on size
  4. 4. Ways on How to unlock characters  2 ways each             Daisy- Beat the 50 CC Leaf cup or Race 500 X’s Koopa Troopa- At least A Ranking on all 50 CC or Race 550 X’s Toadette- Get 5 Expert staff ghosts in time trial or Race 575 X’s Rosalina- Get 32 expert staff ghosts, win 500 WFC Races or race 2500 X’s. Bowser Jr.- At least A Ranking on all 100 CC or race 1100 X’s King Boo- Time Trails on 20 courses or race 900 X’s Baby Luigi- Beat the 100 CC Mushroom cup or race 450 X’s Elvin Gadd- 16 expert staff ghosts and win 150 Online time trials or race 1000 X’s Lubba- Get A Ranking in all mirror cup or race 1850 X’s Geno- 10 expert staff ghosts, win 100 Online races , or Race 3000 X’s Pianta- Get A Ranking in all 150 CC races or race 1550 X’s Your Mii- Win 150 cc special cup or race 1290 X’s
  5. 5. Other Non- Playable Characters  The In-game characters who are around, but NOT Playable  Goombas  Blooper and Boos Thwomps and Whomps  Monte Moles  Wigglers and Pokeys  Dry Bones and Shy Guys  Other Lumas(around starship)  Swoopers  Piranha Plants  Cheep Cheep  Whittles Lakitu (Same Role)
  6. 6.  These two cup tournaments you start out with, these tracks appear in previous MK Games      Shell Cup 1.SNES Mario Circuit 4 2. Wii Mushroom Gorge 3. GBA Riverside Park 4. DS Bowser Castle      Banana Cup 1. GCN Dry Dry Desert 2. GBA Boo Lake 3. N64 Koopa Troopa Beach 4. Wii Coconut Mall
  7. 7. Cups that have been played before, continued Leaf Cup 1. Wii Toad Factory 2. N64 Moo Moo Farm 3. DS Airship Fortress 4. GCN Daisy Cruiser Lightning Cup 1. DS Waluigi Stadium 2. GCN Mushroom City 3. N64 Yoshi Valley 4. SNES Vanilla Lake 1 
  8. 8.  New Tracks that are encountered in MK3ds Mushroom Cup 1. 2. 3. 4. 3DS Peach Entrance Honey Climb Raceway –(Based on Level in SMG) Underwater Freeway 3ds Mario Circuit 1. 2. 3. 4. Flower Cup Wuhu Island DK Mountainside Baby Mario Cave Whittle Forest 
  9. 9. New Races Part 2  Here Again, some New tracks  Star Cup  Luigi’s Mansion  Wario City  Toadette Sweet Track  Elvin Gadd Lab  Special Cup  Gearmo Chopworks  Bowser Lava Castle  Clockwork Ruins  Rosalina Rainbow Road
  10. 10. Battle and races Arenas rules For Battle- you play single and Multiplayer with Balloon Battle, Collect the Coins and a new one, Luma Rescue  Luma rescue is that Lumas hidden in the stage and the first one to find 5 colored lumas win(Only available in New stages) Ten Arenas- 5 old, 5 new- single player For Multiplayer there are twelve(one old and one new)Races- Play in different modes trying to get the best place Race in Grand prix, time trial, vs. and Knockout Knockout is new, go to one track and whoever is in last at the point is knocked out, race from 10-20 racers there. Race on your own or online(Later slide)
  11. 11. Battle Arenas Selected  These are old and new battle arenas that are encountered  Retro Tracks  SNES Battle Course 1  N64 Big Donut  GCN Tilt-a-kart  DS Tart Top  Wii Thwomp Desert  (Multiplayer Only) GBA Battle Course 4  New Tracks Comet Observatory Starship Mario Space 3ds Noki Beach Nature’s course (Multiplayer Only) On Top of the Moon
  12. 12. DA Old Items  You cant just race without hit, there are several items used against opponents.  Mushroom(4 or less selected)  Mega mushroom  Golden Mushroom  Green shell(up to 4)  Red shell(up to 4)  Blue Winged shell- hit 1st place opponent  Banana(Quadruple)  Fake Item Box  Bob-omb  Blooper  Bullet Bill Pow Box Super Invincibility Star Thunderbolt
  13. 13.  Some new items introduced in MK3DS  Fire Flower- Like Mario in double dash, shooting fireballs with this flower  Super Leaf- Only for light characters- make you float for limited time.  Blue Unspiked shell for medium characters- freezes opponents for 4 seconds- Super Star, mega mushrooms and bullets dodge this Hammer- For large characters throw hammers and has same effect as a shell 
  14. 14. Cars                 These are the car selected for each size. There are four cars size(12 cars), since this is a 3ds game its shorter Small Cars Standard Mini Beast Cheep Charger Unlockable: Get 2 expert ghosts in Time Trail or Race 75 Blue Falcon- Win Mirror Lightning Cup Medium Cars Standard Classic Dragster Royal Racer 150 cc Star Cup Sprinter- 20 Expert staff ghosts in time Trial Large Cars Standard Offroader Jetster- Win 125 WFC Races or race 550 X’s Dragonetti- Win Mushroom Mirror Cup
  15. 15. Bikes Mario Kart 3ds               Like Mario Kart Wii there has to be bikes to- 4 Bikes per size(12 bikes) just like the cars Small Size Standard Bike Bullet Bike Magikruiser – recorded 6 Time trials and race 100 X’s Bubble Bike- Mirror Shell Cup Medium Size Standard Bon Bon Nitro cycle- One star ranking on 3 50cc cups Dolphin Dasher- One star ranking on 3 100cc Cups Large Size Standard Wario Bike  Shooting Star- 100 cc special cup  Phantom- On Star ranking on 3 150 cc
  16. 16.      There are several options of Game play to be used- not online Grand Prix-(1 player) race a cup get a trophy. 50 cc(Cars only), 100 cc(Bikes Only), 150 cc, and Mirror(track is backwards) Gold 1st, Silver 2nd, Bronze 3rd Better you are higher you rank race 10 player Time Trial-(1 Player) Race around the track to record the best time, unlock ghosts(or past time) as you go, unlock regular, fast and expert staff ghost, better you are the faster it goes. Vs. (1-4), only race one at a time, chose 4 tracks at a time for a trophy, this is multiplayer or single. Battle- choose a battle option and try to hit and get the best- three ways are Balloon, Coin or Collect the Luma- Race 1-4
  17. 17.     You could also race online with a Wi-Fi connection, that is needed to race online- Here are some Online Game play Ghost Race- Race people all around the world for their time trial, try to get the best record Tournament- Like Mario Kart Wii, every so often there is a tournament, try to get the best time in each of them Races in General- Try to pick a character for a race go World Wide,race around the globe, region wide- race you region and friends, pick your friends and race with them. Race or Battle online even, this could be 1 or 2 player, if teams are divided. Online could be more fun
  18. 18.          Acceleration- Players push A goes forward Steering- Turning Brake- stop if going to fast Drift, keep the vehicles speed in shape Advanced Controls Rocket start- drivers boost speed Mini Turbo- Slip to side and wait to fire Tricks, press Forward panel for tricks Wheelie- for bikes, driver increase speed by pushing back.
  19. 19. Hope You Enjoyed it  Mario Kart 3ds will be released late this year, those were my ideas, they may be different, get a 3ds and enjoy the real gift Nintendo has made. Final Gallery