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Presntation on working the American Red Cross Blood Drive

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American red cross

  1. 1. American Red Cross Robert Frisco
  2. 2. Information about the American Red Cross Located Headquarters in Washington DC. Main Focuses is to help solve the countries disasters Was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton
  3. 3. CLARA BARTON SOCIETY. • significant symbol for Compassion of America • There is a society of the American Red Cross named after her called the Clara Barton Society. • The Society mainly helps to save lives and has training in live saving and it also help to serve military members and their families as well and humanitarian care • How Much it could benefit • Friends $1,000-$5,000 • Sponsors $5-10 Thousand • Pace Setters $10-25 Thousand • Champion $25-50 Thousand • Benefactor $50-100 Thousand • The more someone helps with the American Red Cross, the more of a contribution you could make.
  4. 4. Disaster Relief Helps with 70000 Disasters per year. It helps in several types of disasters like tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes They even have surveys on the survey monkey website to tell how much they have helped the community for example they have surveys on how they help the hurricane Isaac For instance, they ask how they were helpful, how the family was kindly treated, or food and how they received it. Whether the food was helpful for their health or if the received enough.
  5. 5. Blood Donation • “It offers classes in life saving skills and health emergencies as well as first responders and life guarding. • People could be trained online, through classes like these, just like college classes on training. • It is the nation’s largest blood donator supply 40% of the people that donate blood. • Each year they collect 6.5 million blood units from 4 million people.
  6. 6. American Red Cross with Service Club/Genetti’s Manor-April 21st 2012 uploaded by Maria Fanning’s Facebook Page
  7. 7. Comparing American Red Cross with Save the Children and Samaritan’s Purse
  8. 8. History Facts about Clara Barton • She Visited Europe after the Civil War and first heard of the Red Cross’s Network. • “In 1882 she went back to the United States to claim the Red Cross”. • She led the organization for 23 years and she helped in overseas disasters and military efforts. • “She has helped overseas and made the ARC popular in 1917 the total number of chapters from 107-3864 from 1917 to 1918 and it increases even more since then.
  9. 9. People in Charge • Bonnie Hunter- Chairman Gail McGovern-President
  10. 10. Lifeguarding- the best fit • Must be at least 15 years old • First Aid Certifications • Life Guard Certifications- 2 Year Course • 24-31 hours long in course length • Main Topics: • First Aid • Rescue Skills • CPR Care for injuries Emergencies Victim assesments.
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