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ITS424 iheretv consult presentation
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ITS424 iheretv consult presentation


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ITS424 Ecommerce …

ITS424 Ecommerce consult presentation
Submitted to Dr. Saprangsit Mruetusatorn

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Compliance Project Presentation 
  • 2. CONSULTING TEAM Marketing Analysis Strategy Analysis Project Manager IT Management Complier Mr. Chattanon Mr. Tanakom Mr. Chayut Mr.Thesis Mr. Jinnawat Saekow Muangsakul Bhamornsuwan Denchartphan Pinchai•  SIIT TU •  SIIT TU •  SIIT TU •  SIIT TU •  SIIT TU•  Saint Thomas •  THAICOM •  PTTICT •  THAICOM •  Suankurab Colledge Trainee Trainee Trainee •  Apache (CRM) (Information Security) (CRM) Junction •  Suansunandha •  Yothinburana •  Suansunandha Highschool School School School
  • 3. CONTENT 1)  Background of 2)  Business planning and analysis 3)  Strategic Planning – To indicated the direction of strategy 4) Strategic Organization - A strategy is important, but the process of developing strategy is even more important.
  • 4. BACKGROUND of IHERE.TV is online media broadcasting along with socialnetwork that created and distributed the differentiation contentfor new generation •  Pure play Business •  Advertising business revenue model •  B2B and B2C Business types. •  Mainly Differentiation Strategy. •  Born on Net •  First mover in Thailand **Advertising business model is work well in the high viewer field.
  • 5. Business analysis and planning Comparison Web statistic with other company Analysis of Questionnaire
  • 6. WEB STATISTIC UIP: 12,429, USS: 17,783 PV: 54,774 (26/08/11) Average Visitor Time: 00:10:10 Enter from search engine to 3,614 times 38% SEX Female 62% Male 0% 50% 100% Education Age > bachelors degree 4% 36 to 55 2% bachelors degree 18% 24 to 35 16% > Junior high school to Pre 36% 18 to 23 33%Primary School to Junior High 43% 12 to 17 41% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  • 7. IHERE.TV’s STAT The statistic of unique IP, unique session and page views. (08/2010 to 07/2011)Source: By
  • 8. Comparison with other company What is VOICE TV ? VOICE TV is one of the biggest online media broadcasting of Thailand •  It creates and distributes contents, which inform, enrich, and inspire the new generation. •  Contains different kind of contents e.g.. News, Politic, Entertainment, lifestyle and music.Why VOICE TV?Ans They are precede us in many different ways so that is benefit for us to analyze the vulnerability.
  • 9. IHERE.TV Vs. VOICE.TV’s STAT  UIP: 12,429, USS: 17,783 PV: 54,774 (26/08/11) Average Visitor Time: 00:10:10 Enter from search engine to 3,614 times UIP: 34,988 USS: 53,071 PV: 92,113 Average Visitor Time: 00:07:19 Enter from search engine to 28,802 times
  • 10. IHERE.TV Vs. VOICE.TV’s STATTraffic Rating = 6 - 7.5 is means approximately views 10,000 - 100,000 per day.Popularity Rating = 5 - 7.5 is means UIP (Unique IP) more than 1000 per day.Content Rating = 5 – 8 is means the content of website is quite good (Measuring from Average Visit Time).Traffic Rating = 6 - 7.5 is means approximately views 10,000 - 100,000 per day.Popularity Rating = 7.5 - 10 is means UIP (Unique IP) more than 10,000/day.Content Rating =3-5 is means the content of website is quite good (Measuring from Average Visit Time). Better than Ihere Lower than Ihere
  • 11. IHERE.TV Vs. VOICE.TV’s STAT The comparison of monthly unique IP and page views (08/2010 to 07/2011). Using the Monthly  Source :By
  • 12. ANALYSIS OF IHERE.TVTo complied the in formation and its strategic Market segmentation Target Marketing Market position SWOT analysis Business opportunities Trend Analysis PEST Analysis Marketing Plan
  • 13. MARKET SEGMENTATIONGeographic: As we see that today Internet speed is support to the social mediacontent such as hi-speed Internet and 3G. Our target is people who live inhi-speed Internet area and also use smartphone.Demographic: Age: Ihere TV content match with teenager within approximately15-35 years old.Psychographic •  Lifestyle: - Love to spend more time in an online world. - Have an opinion that the traditional TV is out date. •  Social class: Middle class.(can spend for hi-speed internet or 3G)BehavioralPeople who always need new differentiation especially the entertainmentmedia consumed. So more fresh of contents or never have before will makemore interesting.
  • 14. TARGET MARKETING•  Teenager and worker who need different variety media channels such as mimic politic in different opinion but still have the benefit.•  Suitable for people who need information but do not want too much serious.•  Provide animation and design match with target group lifestyle such as animation.
  • 16. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength • is such a good place for people to stay update and online. It can give you a convenient way to access the news via networking. •  Low cost for producing contents. • is on the right track of doing this kind of business as the trend of people gather in online world is increasing. •  Have different kind of contents for customer to selectWeakness •  Amount of capital of is not much like another big Free TV channel in traditional world.Opportunities •  Easy for today life. •  Customer can access the contents anytime they like. •  The rising of Internet user that bring more interesting for advertising of another company on our site.Threats •  The competition from other website can effect directly to the income of •  The online media broadcast channel like is illegal in some countries.
  • 17. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Customer•  Trends: is catching up in nowadays trend that is an online society trend. People spend more time in an online world.•  Market: Online is become powerful and vast market in nowadays.•  Reaching: Easy to reach to the customer and can reach directly to target group across the online society e.g. social network.Competition•  We are leader in market share.•  First mover and product leader.•  We have customer loyalty that causes the competition hard to follow.
  • 18. TREND ANALYSIS Growing Of 3G or Hi-speed Internet and Mobile Device. From the growing up of 3G and mobile device in Thailand, thiscase will offer to be in the next step of Online TV broadcaster. Aswe can see that there are too many of company are introducing newgeneration of communication and portable device like Smartphone andTablet. This situation is changing the world in to another face becausepeople can get access to Internet easier. So, we have to catch the world ifwe want to be the leader by gives the user more comfortable. We maybuild mobile site that will let the user has more comfortable experiencewhile watching our contents.
  • 19. PEST ANALYSIS 1. Political •  From getting stronger of Thai Cyber laws, the concentrate of contents will be the problems if we produce the contents that may harmful for social in the meaning of laws. •  In other hand, stronger of cyber law will protect our site from being hacked by anonymous guys.2. Economic •  Growing of business has direct effect on our income. The number of organizer will increase or decrease is up to the situation of economic. We will in touch with it to maintain our revenue.3. Social •  Globalization world is the main topic that why we have to develop our site to be in the trend. •  The contents that we are going to present must be acceptable by the social. Because our point is to be the leader of online broadcaster4.Technology •  Technology will help our customer to access our site easier. So, we have to in touch with it to implement and applied it in the right way to our site.
  • 20. MARKETING PLAN Marketing plan 4Ps•  Product: The video clip use popular people or star so it easy to be widespread in social. And quality of video clip is good. Interface of website is easy to use and more colorful so that is attractive the people to view website. And the name is ambiguous word so that easy to remember and more attractive the people. The content is about mimic politic, new style cooking, men lifestyle or making up for women.•  Price: expects to maintain or lower price of their advertising service.•  Place: First, is place at social network (YouTube) then they established their own website and also provide for mobile but less focus on.•  Promotion: always provide low cost for their advertising service and give high effective.Marketing StrategyDifferentiation Strategies: maintain different product and always adjusted oradditional design by their own style for sustainable and not easy to match.This will build brand loyalty.
  • 21. CONCLUSION of QUESTIONNAREHow do you know ?Objective - is use as advertising indicatorResult - peoples are mostly know from Social NetworkConclusion - we will share advertising assets on other channel like TV or RadioDo you satisfy ?Objective - is use as contents quality indicatorResult - peoples are have positive thinking to our contentsConclusion - The result is telling us to keep the good quality and improveHow about design of interface ?Objective - is use as indicator of how satisfy of user to the user interfaceResult - peoples are not good with today interfaceConclusion - we have to pay more attention about easy using interfaceWhat about the Quality of video ?Objective - is help us to know what peoples think about video qualityResult - the result is being in quite badConclusion - Because greater group of peoples, we have to improve the quality of video
  • 22. CONSLUSIOB of QUESTIONNARE Which way do you want to watch ?Objective - is use as indicator to know the way that people is comfortable to subscribe usResult - peoples are mostly want to watch on internetConclusion – we will focus on internetWhat do you think about to pay monthly for sms ?Objective - is use as predictor to guess the attention of people for smsResult - peoples are have quite positive to pay for monthly .Conclusion – Monthly SMS is a good way to gained more revenue but still has risky pointWhat do you think about to pay for some souvenir ?Objective - is use as predictor to guess the attention of people for souvenirResult - peoples are have quite positive to pay for souvenir but some are not willing forConclusion – Souvenir is a good way to gained more revenue but still has risky point
  • 23. Strategic PlanningTo indicated the direction of strategyProblem&Solution Porter’s Five Strategic analysis Force Organization
  • 24. Problem-Incoming concern Solution -Selling of souvenirs and also the subscription of SMS-Difficult to bring attraction to new customers from -Focus on word of mouth marketing which is based on-Customers hardly find suitable programs to watch social network channel -Develop AI that can help to suggest particular video to-Found that customers mostly would like to view the member from the website and also on the mobile -Implement more technology into electronic devicesdevices such as Ipad, Iphone, PC Tablet. It’s reachable to online-People don’t trust to do theirs personal network.transaction likes blogging -The certificate of trust from government should be-Member users don’t know what the program will be implement into website to make more secureshown next from website -Programs schedule will be made up-Quality of broadcast streaming video and voice isn’t atthe good standard level -Many quality of broadcast streaming are available-Unhappy members can switch his/her attention to depend on the user’s internet connectionother new-comers broadcaster channel -Arranging of special event, playing game are ought to be considerable to maintain customer relationship.
  • 25. PORTER’s FIVE FORCE- The threat of the entry of new competitors Because of this is low cost investment and good profit. There is manyof new comer is going to challenge us-Bargaining power of buyers Because of the rising up number of competitors, The buyers willhave more chance to select the seller that most matching to their need- Bargaining power of Supplier The supplier is the source contents in our video and cause us thegood result in selling advertisement-Rivalry Between Established Firm There are many of other competitor that have same target group asus. So, we have to analyze and improve our contents to lead them-Threat of substitute product The new comer that has analyze our business and fix our problem isthe most dangerous substitute because of better product
  • 26. Strategic Organization A strategy is important, but the process of developing strategy is even more important. Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Initiation Formulation Implementation Assessment
  • 27. VISION & MISSIONVision statement The is produced the non-stop differentiation of mediato protected and enhance its characters of the leader in funny onlinemedia channel and to locked in all Thai’s teenager for our brand loyalty. Mission statement To serve Thai’s teenager viewer the best quality ofdifferentiation relax media with the up-to-date situation. Traditionalperspective will not occur in
  • 28. SCROPE OF STRATEGY To enhancing business effectiveness in many possible aspects based onour competency and value proposition for effectiveness such as •  Expanding its business opportunities based on trend.•  Creating more profits from alternative revenue model•  Wider range of product.•  Increasing the quality of product and service while production costs increase slightly.•  Enhancing productivities of business process management.•  Develop the human factor to use technology more efficient and worthy.By means of applying Information Technology and E-Commerce Technology As First mover Make first impression to customer and establish strong brand to lock-in customer and partner. But have to aware of second wave of competitor willeliminate though innovation
  • 30. CORPORATE STRATEGYA comprehensive strategy and indicates the overall strategy. And direction of theorganization that Organization will develop into a particular direction. And toallocate resources to each unit of the organization. BCG Model Portfolio Map
  • 31. BUSINESS STRATEGYAccording to our business, the differentiation is our value position, mission andvision. So The “Differentiation Strategies” is suitable to to protect thecharacter and brand loyalty.Differentiation StrategyObjective: Incorporate differentiating features that cause buyers to prefer firm’s product or service to brands of rivals.Key to Success: Find way to differentiation that creates value for buyer are not easily matched or cheaply copied by rivals.Benefit: A product with unique. Appealing attributes allows a firm to 1) Command a premium price. 2) Increase unit sale. 3) Build brand loyalty.Approach: 1) Rise the performance a buyer gets out of product. 2) Enhance buyer satisfaction in non-economic or intangible ways. 3) Compete on the basis of superior capability.
  • 32. FUNCTION STRATEGYThe functional strategy of a company is customized to a specific industryand is used to back up other corporate and business strategies. •  Apply alternative business model •  Apply member the artificial intelligent or robot. •  Apply the advertising strategy •  Apply Mobile commerce •  Create the certainly on air schedule •  Services Strategy (SS) •  Special events •  Apply PPT concept for business model •  Apply Information Security and get the verify certificate
  • 33. •  Apply alternative business model Subscription Model: Subscribe monthly for the SMS and MMS relax or comedy news (from the part of video’s content) and also content update recommend. Merchant Model: Revenue can be based on the sale of souvenir products andservices as also Apply electronic commerce payment system The benefit •  Several ways of income.
  • 34. •  Apply member the artificial intelligent or robot. Develop the AI that helps tosuggest the match video to memberaccording to the video that memberhave been viewed.The benefit•  To increase Time to live of viewer.•  To increase customer satisfaction.
  • 35. •  Apply the advertising strategyFrom the statistic•  Enter from search engine to is 3,614 times that is low when compare with•  Enter from search engine to Voicetv: 28,802 times. According to our poll, we focus advertise on the social network.
  • 36. •  Apply Mobile commerce According to the trend analysis, to catch up the growing of Mobiletrend such as 3G-technology and tablet pc.3.1) SMS relax news This plan is use for people who want to get update for news butdon’t want to be serious. They have to register and pay for specialcontents3.2) Mobile device support site We will make the site that comfortable with mobile device. Peoplewill get access to our site easier.3.3) Create Mobile application that compatible with the tablet pc.For example Ipad, Galexytab and Blackberry playbook.
  • 37. •  Create the certainly on air schedule Most of contents of are up to the situationand have no schedule. To win the competitor, we have to cratethe certainly on air schedule to satisfy the customer .
  • 38. •  Services Strategy (SS)Increase in Quality of products and service such as •  Quality of VDO and quality of production by apply new technology.But also have the alternative for all kind of Internet •  The viewers can choose VDOs quality according to their satisfies. For example support 3G or lower quality internet.
  • 39. •  Special events We will have some special events for our fans to join. The events may be game or find the winner from video contest etc. and the prize will come from our sponsored, package of special contents, special souvenir contents. The main objective is to sustain the brand loyalty.
  • 40. •  Apply PPT concept for business model PPT is people, process and Technology. Technology connect with the People by the “Human factor” that is mean to manage the people to use the technology effectively. And technology also support the process that emergence by the people.
  • 41. •  Apply Information Security and get the verify certificate (SSL) According to the first strategy that apply new kind of business model that is merchant model, have to get the customer trust by gain some certificate such as Yes Verify by the government. And the viewers can log in to write their own blog and also make some payment so the information security is important.
  • 42. WEBSITE SCAN for SECURITY VULNERABILITY Purpose of test : Security assurance and vulnerability report.
  • 43. WEBSITE SCAN for SECURITY VULNERABILITY IMPACTPrivacy and confidentialityRECOMMENDATIONVerify the certificate validity period or regenerate the certificate.
  • 44. WEBSITE SCAN for SECURITY VULNERABILITY RECOMMENDATIONRestricting zone transfers with the use of BIND access control list The benefits of using BIND acl to secure DNS zone transfers are: 1.  Restricting zone transfer to only permitted hosts READ MORE :
  • 45. STRATEGY IMPLEMANTATION: Consist of 4 elements•  Resources Allocation Allocate people, technology and process to the strategy.•  Adapt the structure of organization to support the strategy.•  Adapt the learning and growth of human factor  Apply BMIS (Business management information sucurity) Model to our business management. To skilled and motivated people. BMIS is adapted from PPT (People,Process and Technology) by add the organization to the top of PPT. People have to adapt culture for same direction business alignment. And the organisation indicate the process and technology.  
  • 46. STRATEGY IMPLEMANTATION (cont.)•  Strategy deployment Distribute the strategy to organization. If the organization haveestablished the mission statement but have no operation, the business willbe waste. Because although the organization established the well businessplan but have no operation in some part of organization the result willwaste or not effect.
  • 47. STRATEGY ASSESSMENT Balance ScorecardBALANCE SCORECARD IS THE TOOL USE IN PROCESS ASSESSMENT AND HELPS TOCHANGE THE STRATEGY OF ORGANIZATION TO THE OPERATION PROCESS. Show the relationship in one organization by using 4 variations. We can define that good Financial Perspective will success by good vision on customer perspective and both of them must based on good internal perspective and good learning perspective.  KPI is % of viewer changed.
  • 48. Objective Measurement Target Initial -Maximize Revenue -Income and 20% Balance Scorecard Financial -Profitable Growth revenue growthPerspective rate -Manage Cost -% Of reduced cost 10% -Gaining more loyalty -% Increased of 30% -Find advertising Customer site visitor channelPerspective -Increased customer -Create special based events for customer Business Growth -Optimize revenue -% Of incoming 10% -Research on revenue Business Management -Differentiation of Core -Number of 1 Business Completed Event Customer Relation Internal -Customer Need -% from customer 50% -Customer survey Business surveyPerspective -Customer Background -% from customer 50% survey Optimize Core Business -% of reduction 10% -Research on -Cost Management cost Business Management -Problems fixing Maximum 2 hrs. -Problems Hotline -Risk Management hour -% increased of 10% per contents -Quality Control -Quality Of Product contents viewer Program -Increase teamwork skill -Attending time of 20 hrs -Team Work Training staff Program -Increase technology -Attending time 1hrs / week -Technology skill Of staff discussion program LearningPerspective -Increase presenting skill -Score from 5/10 pts -Presenting Training presenting Class Program -Increase E-Business simulation test knowledge -Score from test 5/10 pts -E-Business Training Class Program
  • 49. BUSINESS GOAL ASSESSMENT(For Effectively Efficiency Compliance Realistic Availability Provide a good return on investment of business investment Financial Manage business risk Perspective Expanding its business opportunities based on trend. Improve customer orientation and service Customer Offer competitive product and service Perspective Establish service continuity and availability Improve and maintain business process functionality Lower process costs Internal Business Manage business change Perspective Improve and maintain operational and staff productivity Manage product and business innovation Learning Perspective Acquire and maintain skilled and motivated people