Insurance for hotels


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Insurance for hotels

  1. 1. Insurance for HotelsHotels are the perfect place to spend nights to rest up while on vacation or spend the night after along day on the road. Like nearly every other business, hotels need protection to cover the costsof any damages they may cause, especially since hotels exist to serve people and want toconstantly have their rooms filled. Hotel insurance is a special type of insurance for businessesspecifically created for hotels that gives needed financial protection for the property andemployees.Hotel insurance, like many other business insurance policies, is very adaptable to a variety ofproperties. Hotels can range from very simple properties geared toward travelers who choose todrive their long distances to large, luxurious resorts with employees to handle nearly any requestguests can come up with. Hotel insurance policies have two major coverage sections: propertyhotel insurance coverage and liability hotel insurance coverage.Property hotel insurance coverage for hotels most likely has the most day-to-day use. Propertyhotel insurance coverage protects both hotel property and guest property, sometimes alsoreferred to as contents. The hotel property includes both the building and grounds the hotel sitson as well as everything in the hotel rooms, from the hand towels to the TV and air conditioner.Property hotel insurance coverage also extends to the property of the guests in the event of aloss covered by the hotel insurance policy.Liability hotel insurance coverage is just as important as property hotel insurance coverage.Liability hotel insurance coverage protects from the costs of lawsuits or other claims by a thirdparty. Liability hotel insurance coverage can cover the cost of claims from both guests andemployees from claims as simple as slipping on a wet spot in the floor to large, multi-claimantlawsuits where several different parties claimed the same mistakes were made with the sameresults.
  2. 2. There are other riders that can be attached to hotel insurance policies. They can include loss ofmoney coverage, business interruption coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage. Each ofthese coverages that can be added to hotel insurance policies are helpful in their own way.These riders also make hotel insurance very adaptable to a variety of unique situations, ensuringa hotel insurance policy can be created for nearly any hotel property.To find the best hotel insurance, hotel managers and owners can contact an independentinsurance agency. Independent insurance agencies can shop for their customers at the manyinsurance providers they are affiliated with to come up with competitive hotel insurancepolicies at the best prices. Independent insurance agents can then take competitive businessinsurance quotes back to the hotels so the best hotel insurance policy can be selected.About Boardwalk Insurance: Boardwalk Insurance Group is licensed to write hotel insurancepolicies in over half the United States and has many other insurance solutions available throughits affiliated insurance providers. For More Details visit