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We Aim for Accessible

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Presentation from the 2013 ULD conference in Brno summing up what has done, is doing and is working on in the accessibility field.

Presentation from the 2013 ULD conference in Brno summing up what has done, is doing and is working on in the accessibility field.

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  • 1. We Aim for AccessibleSeznam.czIrena Zatloukalová, Spokesperson,
  • 2. offer news, entertainment, e-mail and other useful services… @izatlouk
  • 3. Innovation is one of our company values. Thus we also aim to bring innovations to make the use of the Internet easier for @izatlouk
  • 4. The Past
  • 5. The very beginnings…2000 starts cooperation receives the Blind Tereza Centre (now called ELSA)Friendly Certificate for the = the very beginnings of theHomepage and news s attempts forportal @izatlouk
  • 6. Where were we back thenAccessibility• had no big priority• was not neglected thanks to the professional work of our webmasters but it lacked coordination, control and further cooperation among other colleaguesWhat could we have done?• Leave it that way• Use the dogmatic accessibility rules• Chose our own @izatlouk
  • 7. Our OwnSolution forAccessibilityIf the current ways you have are notgood for you, make your own one!
  • 8. The grounds for our accessibilityOur aim:• Raise the level of accessibility among the highest number of services we provide (where it makes sense)Cooperation was needed: OUR SOLUTION:• Quite a big number of To prepare set of employees accessibility rules tailored• Many partners (e.g.. news directly for our needs: redactors) • Easy accessibility rulesEach of them with different level of • Easily sharableawareness of what @izatlouk
  • 9. The Rules of Accessible @izatlouk
  • 10. Check mechanisms• Webmasters: responsible for technical parameters• Product managers: responsible for the content• Our partners help us as well (SONS, ELSA) @izatlouk
  • 11. What doesSeznam.czhavenowadays
  • 12. Accessible Full Text SearchSpecial format of full text search so it is more accessible andreadable by Screen @izatlouk
  • 13. Keyboard abbreviations standardIn unique cooperation with competing web portals we preparedunified set of keyboard abbreviations.Abbreviations are the same among pages, thus memorable andusable.See: @izatlouk
  • 14. CAPTCHA APICompletely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computersand Humans Apart was enriched by audio output for the blind.See: @izatlouk
  • 15. The Future
  • 16. Haptic mapsWith ELSA Centrum we are working on a special layer for Mapy.czthat will be able to generate automatically map data optimized forthe print of haptic maps! @izatlouk
  • 17. Automatic subtitlesIn cooperation with the University in Liberec we are working onautomatic subtitling for our videos at @izatlouk
  • 18. WCAG 2.0In we are planing to replace our own Rulesfor Accessible Seznam with the international WebContent Accessibility Guidelines 2.0Less rules more principlesAnd thus we do recommend it to others as well ;) @izatlouk
  • 19. We do acknowledge that our work on more accessible never ends. Lukáš Marvan, the Manager of UI designers, (in still responsible for its accessibility) @izatlouk
  • 20. Thank youIrena Zatloukalová, spokesperson, irena.zatloukalová@firma.seznam.czWith any questions please contact Lukáš Bob Marvan (@BobMarvan),who is the real author of these @izatlouk