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Falmouth - Me & Geronimo Pres
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Falmouth - Me & Geronimo Pres


Published on

Brief history of me and my career, introduction to Geronimo ethos and 4 case studies

Brief history of me and my career, introduction to Geronimo ethos and 4 case studies

Published in: Education, Travel, Business

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  • 1. Hello
  • 2. So who am I?
    • Becky McOwen-Wilson
    • 3. Creative Director
    • 4. Geronimo
  • A quick bit about me then on to show and tell
  • 5. Foundation: Middlesex Uni
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. Hello !
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. Hello!
  • 17. • Marketing Drive
    • Silver bullet
    • Dialogue
    • Big Green Door
    Joined as their first Art Director (there were 14 people in the company)
    • Won Puma• and Addidas!• Agencies First TVC
    Left as Creative Group head– 98 people then, are now 200 – biggest creative department in London
  • 18. 45 people:
    - 3 concept teams
    - 5 design
    - 7 digital
  • 19. Geronimo ethos
  • 20.
  • 21. Geronimo ethos
    • ‘One team’Benefit of a small agency, single profit centre. Flexible and nimble enough to create working groups to exactly suit the client/work
    • ‘We know what matters’Being brave enough to say we’ll focus on the import stuff and not be distracted
  • 22. Produce great work, that works
  • 23. Silver ISP
    IDM Award
    3 x ISPs
    Bronze DMA
  • 24. Who for?
  • 25. Show and tell
    • 4 case studies
    • 26. Different clients (and sectors)
    • 27. All channels so varied responses but similar approach
  • Case study 1: Not the same-olsame-o
    Business challenge
    • Reinforce Radox family positioning
    • 28. Drive acquisition (new customers)
    • 29. and retention (increased frequency of purchase from existing customers)
  • Initial Client brief was for Press, poster and on-packBUTwe questioned this and decided in order to achieve the business objectives a different strategy was needed
    • Turned it on it’s head – to really engage the core audience from an insight ,to assist their lives as more than just bathing products
    • 30. Focussing insight: Families are spending less quality time together
  • What?
    • Interactive family site - with search engine facility where families can discover what’s going on in and around their local area, that they can enjoy together
  • Primarily a Search facility
    • But supported by other elements to help attract and drive traffic
  • Instant win
  • 31. Collector reward – to encourage uplift in volume
  • 32. Supported and driven byinstore presence
  • 33. And online ‘buzz’
    Emails to ‘warms’
    Articles and tips
    Weekly blog (from a mum)
    All SEO optimised and so all driving back to website
  • 34.
    • Familytime site (search facility)
    • 35. Instant Win - “Win Familytime” on-pack and online
    • 36. Extra Special Time – rewards for loyals
    • 37. Creating dialogue – Emails, Articles, Blog
    So a little larger than just a press and on-pack campaign!
    The Campaign
  • 38. Business challenge
    • Support our latest product (Van insurance)• Break the ‘Broker’ model to increase acquisition and awareness of DL in the business environment
    Case study 2: Taking the direct approach
  • 39. Take the B2B model into consumer channel:
  • 40. Then go ‘direct’
  • 41. Result!
    Delivered a 37% improvement on target Cost per Acquisition – the ultimate measure of ROI
    March-April van quotes are up 147% year-on-year
    Client testimonial
    The integrated Van insurance campaign has been a huge success for Direct Line, and very exciting to work on. Led by the ‘Job Done’ TV creative it’s an excellent case study of the agency delivering to deadline and within budget on a challenging brief. No other company had ever attempted to make TV advertising work efficiently on such a scale for Van insurance.
    The beautifully simple and clear approach to the creative, plus the use of Tommy Walsh has really resonated with the target audience. As such we have over-performed against all the targets we set ourselves.
    For me it’s an excellent example of a ‘one team’ approach and really sets the benchmark for any future advertising we do under the commercial lines brand.
    Chris Bottle – Head of Marketing, Direct Line for Business
  • 42. What was the thinking?
    B2B marketing on a B2C modelTaking a traditional approach (TV) but for a new (possibly not so traditional) audience
    Recogition that the key audience for this product are people first, then employers
    Use of suitable spoke-person to front campaign (research)…… then sweat the asset!
  • 43. The business challenge
    • Pet owners expect more than just a ‘good deal’ when it comes to Pet Insurance – they want a caring brand
    • Direct Line is seen as a big, cold, faceless insurer
    • Provide pet owners with an additional reason to choose or stay with Direct Line and support the core proposition of ‘a good deal better’
    Case study 3 – Make people love us!
  • 44. • There are a huge volume of people out there looking for help and info on training and caring for their pets
    • We know that pet owners have a strong emotional attachment to their pooch but it’s harder than people think to have a really happy, healthy, well-trained pet
    So we created…
    Letting pet owners know that Direct Line have joined forces with Victoria Stilwell and bringing them a selection of top tips and adviceHelping them have a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog!
    What did we do?
    What does it look like?
  • 45. Providing expert advice to pet owners – we entered an emotional territory that allowed Direct Line to engage with pet owners in a manner other insurers wouldn’t be accepted. Arenas such as…
  • 46. Podcasts –a first (at the time) for insurance
  • 47. Supported with an extensive online campaign including emails, banner ads, SEO and offline with inserts and press.
  • 48. And it’s evolved…
  • 49. Result!
    In the first year
    11,423 visits to the site
    7325 of them are unique visits
    And 4940 subscribers
    • Out performed the straight Direct Line Pet emails – 3x as successful on open rates, click through and conversion
    Evolution to VS blog allowed more flexible format whilst keeping DL presence as caring, knowlegable insurer
    This is a first for insurance and provides real added value to consumers by providing a pet destination site vs. an insurance site
  • 50. Background
    • The Leon Cupra was a highly anticipated launch - the racing car now available on the road. Appealing to male 20-40 years old petrol-heads who judge a cars performance by its specs. They love to drive and to experience the feeling of power behind the wheel.
    The business challenge
    • Build anticipation to the launch date and maximise every enquiry opportunity to talk with this media savvy audience and ‘shift metal’
    Case study 4 – Talking grunt
  • 51. Know your client, know your market
    SEAT’s are all about the drive
    all of the passion and engineering coming together to create driving perfection
    the Cupra as the top of the range should be this in spades
    SEATs are not very well known (less than 3.5% market share) – so whatever we did had to stand out from the more well known (and bigger spending) marques
  • 52. Engage the fanbase… online
    Joining the conversations online
    Seeding ‘leaked’ footage
  • 53. … and at home
  • 54.
    • Art direction and tone began as a modern take on old-fashioned poetry books to bring ‘Poetry in motion’ strap line to life
    • 55. Bold move away from straight car shots for the launch of SEAT’s top model – it’s a high performance car, we to echo the dichotomy of the car (grunt v’s sleekness) and convey the thrill and excitement
  • Interactive CD-ROM in each pack added a sense of value
  • 56. And a unique code unlocked exclusive content online:‘Experience’ the car including a gallery, 360◦ tour of the car, videos, revtones and wallpapers
    (Giving them stuff to boast with)
  • 57. A rewarding destination
    This is not a restrained, sophisticated car, this is in your face performance
    We conveyed this not only in print but as motion on the DVD, website, mobile phone and PC screen-savers
  • 58. A huge success with models selling out
    94% of those mailed interacted with SEAT, by visiting the microsite
    Emails received a 23% open rate (3-4 times industry average)
    Digital was a key channel for this audience, so the campaign centred on this
  • 59. Similarities?
    • Think beyond the brief – see the brief as a symptom
    • People first –the are no ‘consumers’
    • There is no line… no on-line v’s offline
    We live one life encompassing all media – need bigger joined up thinking across channels to really stand out