Blyk India GTM Strategy


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The Go to Market Strategy for Blyk India Launch

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Blyk India GTM Strategy

  1. 1. Blyk on Aircel LaunchMobile Marketing – The cornerstone of theoverall marketing mix
  2. 2. Objective: To launch Blyk asIndia’s first mobile magazine foryoung people on the Aircelnetwork.Target Audience: 18-29 yr olds
  3. 3. Modus Operandi - Mobile^ Mobile marketing was a part of the overall marketing mix as the key driver for customer acquisitions.^ The target audience chosen were Pocket Internet users. The profile of the target audience was mostly students who buy unlimited internet packs of short duration from the operator.^ The marketing campaign was designed to opt-in the audience & subscribe them to the FREE magazine. Let them experience the service in all its entirety. Eventually incentivize people for the Member Get Member scheme to drive organic growth.
  4. 4. The Opt-In Campaign
  5. 5. The Logic behind offering the service for FREE^ The best way to understand what Blyk on Aircel offers its customers is to experience the magazine on your mobile. By being a subscriber.^ To create ambassadors for the brand, we needed people who would sample the magazine and be advocates for it.^ These people would then be responsible for advocation & form the basis for the Member get Member scheme & its organic growth pattern.
  6. 6. Opt-In for Magazine Subscriptions Get a FREE subscription to India’s first youth mobile Pocket Internetmagazine. Reply with Y to get Subscribers updates onmovies, music, events & more.Its FREE to receive & reply to Mostly students who Blyk messages. ^YES buy unlimited, inexpensive, short term internet packs.
  7. 7. User’s who answer positively are subscribed to theBlyk Magazine for FREE. Blyk Subscriber s
  8. 8. Blyk Messaging Plan Should Dhoni be allowed to play in the semi-finals? ^ Y/N Salman Khan To Judge Zara Nachle? Celebrities Fashion Sports Gadgets Here’s what’s Blyk asks: What Tech Support:: happening in your kind of TV shows "What type of town. 1) Biryani & would you like to computer do you Beer 2) Mafia Night get updates on? have?" 3) Live classic rock 1)Family dramas Customer:: "A 4) 3 new movies 2)Reality shows white one." What do you want to 3)Music videos do this weekend? 4)Soaps ^1/2/3/4 ^1/2/3/4 Jokes/PJs/Qu For the otes/Trivia TV & film weekend Blyk asks
  9. 9. Subscribers are exposed to the Blyk MessagingCalendar (Magazine) for two weeks. YES Blyk Subscriber s Responders
  10. 10. Profiling Advocates…. YES Blyk Subscriber s
  11. 11. Giving Advocates incentive to Invite Friends – Memberget Member Scheme 98XXXXXXX Blyk 5445500 Subscriber s
  12. 12. Member Get Member Scheme^ When a user sent a friend’s number to 5445500, the invitation to Blyk was sent across to them.^ Once a member clicked on the invite & joined, 300 SMSs were allocated to the invitee with a thank you message.^ Made them feel like a RockStar!
  13. 13. The Complete Picture
  14. 14. In addition to the mobile marketing plan the wholepicture consisted of:^ Outdoor Advertising: Posters & Hoardings about Blyk on Aircel were splashed across all of the circles where Blyk was available.^ Retail: The Blyk on Aircel plan was available near most youth hangouts & colleges^ Print Ads: Print ads in most youth dailies & periodicals.^ TV & Radio Ads: The TV & Radio ads were scheduled in Youth slots across all youth programming.
  15. 15. Outdoor Sample:
  16. 16. Retailer Collateral Sample:
  17. 17. Retailer Collateral Sample:
  18. 18. Retailer Collateral Sample:
  19. 19. Print Ads:
  20. 20. TV Spot:
  21. 21. Result Comparison between both strategies 3000000 2500000 2000000 Total Members 1500000 Opt-in Program Referrals 1000000 Retail (affected by adertising) 500000 0
  22. 22. Today Blyk on Aircel reaches 2,505,562young urban people in India daily with targeted content and advertising messages delivered to their inbox. The strategy is 100% mobile & 100% opt