New World of Customer Expectations


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Customer Service is a new corporate battleground. Companies need to provide state of the art customer service in order to compete and in this new market. This white paper discusses the business value and best practices of integrating your companies phone system with a strong central CRM.

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New World of Customer Expectations

  1. 1. New World ofCustomer ExpectationsMichael Sirohi, Bluewolf Practice Director: Customer CareKen Osborn, Five9 Vice President of Marketing The Agile Enterprise
  2. 2. The Agile EnterpriseJerry Gregoire, the CIO of Dell Computers, telephony & crm: Increased Importancesaid it best “Customer Service is the next a cloud-based match in the Social Eracompetitive battleground.” We have entered Customers today are expanding More revenue, higher quality, greaterthe era of the customer. Today, providing their use of social networks as a speed—all are watchwords in today’scustomers with outstanding customer service means of communication, and customer-facing contact center industry,is essential to building loyal customers and self-service is emerging as a along with tougher service level agreements primary mode for resolving issues.a long lasting brand. Social media, and other and steadily increasing customer expectations. This trend has only strengthenedcutting edge communications, have a place Contact centers and other customer-facing the importance of a strong andin any company’s customer strategy, but central CRM. The wide use of organizations are seeking answers to thesethe front-line of every company’s service online knowledge repositories and challenges from technology. Customerorganization remains the telephone, and the customer portals have enabled Relationship Management (CRM) solutionscustomer service agent. It also remains one of customers to resolve many low are providing more insight into customer level customer interactionsthe largest operational cost areas. behavior and guidance for specific interactions. themselves. This means that theIn this new battleground, companies need to Telephony solutions are allowing more support interactions managed sophisticated routing and control of through telephony are now theprovide customer service that surpasses the most complex since customerscompetition. They need to realign their culture customer interactions. have exhausted efforts atand technology in order to drive the maximum resolving their issue themselves. The old world of on-premise legacyvalue out of their investments (making technologies —CRM, call distributors,employees more productive, and extending autodialers, Computer Telephony Integrationcurrent capital expenditures to capture the (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systemshighest value). and more—have grown far too complex andIn this paper we discuss: unmanageable, making it impossible to achieve the level of transparency and responsiveness The business benefits of migrating and demanded by today’s customers. integrating your telephony and CRM solutions in the cloud Organizations, of every size and across every How cloud technologies have enabled the industry, are reducing their dependence on seamless integration between telephony premise-based solutions such as Siebel’s and CRM CRM and SFA solutions and shifting in huge Highlight key considerations when moving numbers to cloud-based counterparts such your service operations to the cloud as They are also moving their Provide real-world examples of customers telephony functions out of premise-based, achieving results licensed software solutions and costly private data centers into SaaS solutions designed for and living in the cloud. 2 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159
  3. 3. The advantages? Lower costs, improved agility, the cloud difference: distinctgreater reliability, and flexibility – or the ability business advantagesto scale rapidly. Each of these are critical The financial and operational benefits ofin an industry where shifting markets and moving to the cloud are extensive.opportunities demand rapid change. Hardware and software investments are minimal if needed at all. No up-frontwhy the dependency between capital investment is required—for serverstelephony and crm or other equipment (telecom switches,The internal discussion happening in leading handsets)— and ongoing monthly expensesorganizations today is changing - from are much easier to forecast.measuring the “costs to cover” customers, Flexibility is built in. It’s much easier toto a new discussion around the “cost of add or subtract seat licenses rather thanservicing” customers. Improving customer change the capacity of premise-basedsatisfaction and the quality of every interaction hardware and software, so costs canis seen as a critical driver for growth. Cloud- be kept to a minimum as businessbased technologies offer advantages and needs fluctuate.opportunities toward developing more Speed of innovation. By eliminatingsophisticated and responsive business the delays associated with internallyprocesses aimed at improving revenue managed systems, contact centers canand customer satisfaction. But critical to cost-effectively add functionality, boostthe success of these initiatives is the tight capacity, change processes, and tap newintegration between telephony and CRM. or changed data sources precisely when they need to.CRM systems such as Salesforce are providing Speed of deployment. Cloud-based CTIa great deal of information and guidance to lets a business deploy agents or evenmake every customer interaction successful. establish new contact centers withBut this information is not fully realized, unprecedented speed.if the person leveraging the information is Flexible agents, located anywhere. VOIPnot capable of applying this guidance to technology means agents can be locatedthe customer interaction. IVR, VRU, and CTI anywhere in the world—domestically,capabilities ensure that the customer is routed offshore, or even in their homes creatingto the correct queue or person to manage the an “on-demand” workforce.interaction. The right business process alongwith telephony and CRM integration, ensuresthe right employee, at the right time, equippedwith the right information, can make eachcustomer interaction a success. 3 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159
  4. 4. MEASURABLE BENEFITS: Cloud migration results in direct benefits, customer satisfaction and cost of support. ABERDEEN INSIGHTS: TECHNOLOGY ROI on Cloud Migration The following figure shows that cloud migration eventually results in better performance across the broader (and more significant) business metrics: customer satisfaction and cost of support. Enhancements and upgrades occur and configured, strengthening both solutions. seamlessly. New software releases With customer, call and contact information are simply pushed to the cloud-based flowing freely both directions, calls are more production environment with no easily routed to the right agent, while agents business disruption whatsoever—and can provide better-informed service with more usually no involvement from an customer information at hand. enterprise’s own IT unit. Agility as a key for success. The benefits ofThe result? Maximum agent productivity, making this move to the cloud are compelling,lower costs, and greater ability to seize but the target platform must be selectedmarket opportunities. with an eye toward ongoing agility. Even the move itself must be done in lockstep with changes in the business. This requires an agileintegrating cti with implementation approach designed to leverageyour crm system technology implementation best practices andAnother distinct advantage is the ease solve your business problems incrementally.of integrating cloud-based CTI and CRM The result? Tangible results with minimalsolutions. Links between the two platforms project risk. By addressing business challengesare provided out of the gate (i.e. Salesforce) or at the outcome of the project, cloud transitioncan usually be quickly and easily customized teams can minimize time-to-value. 4 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159
  5. 5. Graphical User Interface for Building IVR and ACD Scripts Speed of deployment is driven by the Five9 platform’s configuration interfaces. The Five9 visual call routing designer enables call center administrators to design their call flows via an intuitive configuration tool. In addition, out-of-the-box integrations to CRM platforms such as Salesforce accelerate the deployment process. Other Sales IF Service ELSE Other Sales Support Service Support Collect’s Collect’s No Match No Match IF ELSEsuccess story: national health need to be configurable to manage data accessinsurance company on a role and individual basis.Rapid Deployment With Salesforce The SolutionIntegration Fuels Successful Launch Early on, the team identified Salesforce as aOf New B2C Telesales Team key technology component, for managing bothThe Challenge lead and collected healthcare information.When a large, nationwide health insurance Given the need for customized integrationfirm began preparing to launch a new product among contact center technology, Salesforce,line—one in which health insurance would be and three other back-end applications, themarketed directly to consumers—it planned a team engaged with Bluewolf to help select andnew telesales team to reach out to prospects. assemble all the components. Their marchingAgents would: orders: move quickly. Help consumers complete a lengthy The solution needed to combine call data healthcare application via phone—a from IVR and other telephony applications process that could take as long as with lead information for Salesforce to create two hours customized prompting screens (known as Capture and retrieve detailed healthcare screen pops). These screens would guide information while also tracking information agents through the long, complex calls. All the about the call itself information collected would need to feed back Field support calls from healthcare plan into Salesforce. applicants (included Inbound agents— blended agents, and eventually off-hours For the contact center functionality, the team agents handed off to outsourced contact chose to implement the cloud-based, virtual center service providers) contact center solution from Five9, for a number of reasons:Data security is a key issue in the healthcare Cost of Ownership: Total cost of ownership,space due to HIPAA and other regulatory including hardware, software, support andrequirements. All solution components would 5 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159
  6. 6. other factors—would be lower than with The Results premise-based solutions. As a result of the deployment, the insurance Time to Market: Five9’s built-in, easily firm was able to roll out its solution very configured SFDC integration would limit quickly, and establish a consistent, scalable complexity, enabling the solution to be solution, thanks to dedicated integration work in place much sooner than premise- by Bluewolf, and easy-to-implement Five9 based technology. contact center software. Ease of Integration: Other integrations Starting with a small telesales team, the could be readily achieved with Five9’s open, solution quickly ramped to more than 260 standards-based APIs. agents, with an additional 40-60 agents at Flexibility: Later, when outsourced outsourced service providers. providers took on after-hours and overload Lead generation and conversion rate blended support, Five9’s agent-anywhere both improved —boosting the return on capability and easily configured security investment and helping the new product smoothed the way. line enjoy dramatic success.The combined Five9 and Bluewolf team also Productivity & ease of use: The new solutionidentified an additional component deemed reduced the number of agent applicationsideal for generating and maintaining the long, from nine different systems down to acomplex scripts needed by the agents: a single application and desktop.graphical scripting solution called Informavores And finally, this organization had been routing(since acquired by This any overflow calls during the day to theirtool would integrate with the contact outsourcers. Because of the increased agentcenter technology. productivity, the company was able to manage all call volumes during work hours, resulting in significant monthly savings. Choosing a Cloud-based CTI Solution: Key Considerations Cloud-based CTI solutions can deliver on their promise of lower costs and increased agility when they offer certain attributes. When deliberating solutions consider the importance of some of these factors into your decision process: Comprehensive Functionality/Flexibility: Consider the need for components that manage both inbound and outbound calling. Blending agent workload and the ability to quickly scale a team can be a key component. Extensibility and APIs/Integration: Speed and ease of integration with a strong central CRM is critical, but there are also many other applications that may benefit from integration. Consider the overall platform, and the ability to extend and customize through open APIs. Reporting and Visibility: Reporting and analytics are also critical. A solid platform will sport a full library of pre-configured reports. Consider the ability to facilitate bringing CTI data into external reporting or analysis applications, and the ability for your organization to optimize performance through improved visibility. 6 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159
  7. 7. success story: media Now, when a client calls the help desk, the IVR-Salesforce integration—quicklyVirtual Contact Center And and easily customized by Bluewolf—Record-Breaking Blizzard Trigger establishes or identifies a case, retrievesAt-Home Agent Model For News relevant case information from the system,Industry Help Desk and presents the agent with combined callThe Challenge and case information.A centralized, inbound help desk team wascharged with assisting thousands of individuals The Resultsin the creation and use of key news assets. Thanks to easy, less costly integration of theThey were struggling with their current system Five9 and platforms—togetherdue to key limitations, including: with Bluewolf’s expertise in working with and customizing Salesforce-based solutions— Agents were unable to take advantage of the help desk delivers faster, more at-home agent coverage, due to limitations effective service. of the premise-based call center platform. The team wanted to boost customer Another key benefit—the ability for agents service by enhancing self-service (IVR) to work remotely- surfaced just two days functionality and enabling agents to after the solution was implemented when a retrieve relevant information more quickly significant snowstorm shut down the help and completely. desk’s home city. Agents could not get to the call center, but because they had implementedThough key information was managed by and the cloud-based contact center software, theystored within Salesforce, linking the premise- could use the complete new solution frombased call center technology with Salesforce their homes.promised to be a long, difficult, and expensiveproposition. The company selected Bluewolf Lower costs: Costly premise-basedto help them engage and transition to a contact center software and the resourcesnew platform. to support it were both eliminated. Flexibility: Ability for agents to workThe Solution anytime, anywhere. Since launch, theBluewolf identified the cloud-based, virtual customer has transitioned to a morecontact center platform from Five9 as an effective and less costly at-home staffinganswer to both company challenges. model for off-hours work.Five9’s powerful, pre-built, and highly Most importantly, the organization hasconfigurable integration with Salesforce meant gained all the advantages of cloud-baseddramatically improved control over Salesforce- contact center software—lower costs, regular,held information, and much faster, more cost- effortless upgrades, and easier integration—effective integration between Salesforce and while still enjoying the benefits of customizedthe cloud-based IVR solution. software where needed. 7 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159
  8. 8. choosing the right partner about five9Companies looking to leverage cloud based Five9 is the leading global provider of cloud-solutions to reap the benefits discussed in based call center software for Sales, Marketingthis paper should understand that success and Support. The award-winning Five9rests upon not only selecting the right Virtual Call Center and Predictive Dialer servetechnology, but also right partner to help customers of all sizes on five continents.transform your organization. Business process Customers profit from Five9’s reliable, robustexpertise and technical competence play a functionality that provides the best technology,important role, but of equal importance is improves agent productivity, and deliversthe cultural fit with an organization. When business flexibility.selecting a consulting partner be sure thatpartner has a proven process to help you about bluewolfestablish your implementation requirements,time-lines, and cost upfront. Also, look We make enterprises agile, and unite IT and thefor a proactive approach that identifies business under one mission - Innovation. Asbehavioral and organizational factors that a global agile consultancy, Bluewolf providesmay impact adoption. In the end, a true services across the customer life cycle, ITpartner will listen carefully and have the resourcing, managed services and training.expertise to build a solution that maps to your Trusted by businesses across diverse industries,unique organizational challenges and that Bluewolf is translating today’s uniqueemployees will actually use. Only then will your business environment into opportunities fororganization have the foundation to provide the growth. With Bluewolf, businesses are able tolevel of customer service needed deliver results that benefit the customer, theto compete, and win, in this new customer workforce, and the bottom line.driven era. 8 join the agile enterprise 1-866-455-WOLF ∞ 1-800-553-8159