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Email Marketing Secrets by Adam Franklin at the Bluewire Media event on Tues 28th Sept 2010.

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  • Whitepaper in work book + 101 Tips
  • Have you ever received one like this? 99% of the time, you’re better off sending nothing at all.
  • Stick to your word. Or you’ll erode trust & lose readers.
  • Make it interesting for the user… or they’ll lose interest. Not engaged. Eg. “I raised $1000 in recent fundraiser by asking all my clients to support me” VS “you helped raise $1000 in a recent fundraiser – thanks for your support”
  • You can’t read it when you can’t see it! MOST COMMON ‘SHORTCUT’ is images not HTML. RULE is – don’t have any crtitical info trapped inside an image. Must make sense with NO images.
  • Hotmail is the biggest culprit..
  • 80% only see subject line. Give it attention it needs. Get the message across for the 80% who don’t open. You know from Twitter there is plenty you can say in 140 characters.
  • BLANK OUT SCREEN. Many of you received our 1 st EDM. Toby & I in business 12 months & we wrote to everyone we knew. Written in, double, triple, quadruple checked the spelling, HIT SEND. Sit back, breath a sign of relief & wait for the email to arrive in Inbox --- DEAR ADAM. To all 700 people. Good for the 3 Adams but terrible for everyone else! Mistakes – Dear Adam, WIIFM, Prizes, In This Issue
  • Send it around the office to check rendering, copy etc
  • KEY IS ENGAGING CONTENT --- but what is that? 3.7m viewers, highest rating show of year. More than Underbelly, AFL final, State of Origin, AFL final… REAL PEOPLE
  • Great way to deliver content in an interesting way
  • MOST POPULAR link ever 50%+
  • Sydney business consultant… loved her dog & had it on the footer of her monthly newsletter. After a while, she got an email reply saying I’m sick of seeing your dog, why don’t you feature mine? Now each month. LESSON don’t have to take everything too seriously.
  • Car wash in Brisbane. Update Profile competition  Lambo day!
  • Great tool for listening
  • ask
  • Simplest participation is CLICK THRUS. BONUS of allowing you to observe popular content.
  • Most overlooked – PARTICIPATION – Replying! All marketers are keen for these 1-on-1 convos.
  • Promote what you know – write ebooks, reports, blog posts. If you can add value, people are more likely top fwd it on & more likely to know, like & trust you! Then of course they buy.
  • Born from testing
  • Born from testing
  • Thought unsubscribes would increase, but reminder is appreciated!
  • Email is about communication.. So is social – PERFECT MATCH..!
  • People like to interact with you in different ways. Plus unsubscribes…. We even survey people when they unsubscribe.
  • Plus unsubscribes…. We even survey people when they unsubscribe
  • Save your questions….
  • Whitepaper in work book + 101 Tips
  • Email Marketing Secrets

    1. 1. “ Email Marketing Secrets”
    2. 2. @ Franklin_Adam
    3. 4. Fibbing
    4. 5. ‘ Me’ copy
    5. 6. Image only
    6. 7. Broken
    7. 8. Neglected Subject
    8. 9.
    9. 10. Test, test, test…!
    10. 11. 1. People
    11. 12. Interviews
    12. 13. Photos
    13. 14. 2. Participation
    14. 15. Pet of the week
    15. 17. Listen
    16. 18. Surveys
    17. 19. Reports
    18. 20. Reply to emails Always!
    19. 21. 3. Promotion
    20. 23. 4. Killer Subjects & From Name
    21. 25. 1 week later…
    22. 26. Secret...?
    23. 34. + People + Participation + Promotion + Killer Subject & From X Social Media ____________________________ = Email Marketing Secrets!
    24. 36. Evan Fortune @Vision6 David Smerdon @DavidSmerdon Toby Jenkins @Toby_Jenkins Adam Franklin @Franklin_Adam #bluewire
    25. 37.
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