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PMBC Social Media 101
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PMBC Social Media 101


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A short overview of some of the basic strategies for bands and artists to use in leveraging social media to build community. Includes reference to current bands including Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. …

A short overview of some of the basic strategies for bands and artists to use in leveraging social media to build community. Includes reference to current bands including Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Presented by Dana Myers at Pacific Music Business Camp 2013.

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  • Social Media: online social communitiesNetworking?Creating mutually beneficial business relationships with other peopleThe people in this camp are great people for you to network with!Social media provides Networking opportunities
  • What is the difference between spam and relationships / marketing?INTERACTIONSpam = posts of little interest or relevance to the target audience that do not provoke response or participation
  • Content strategy is sort of like a business plan:
  • Transcript

    • 1. MAKING THE MOST OF SOCIAL MEDIA Pacific Music Business Camp July 2013 Presented by Dana Myers
    • 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?  Webster’s Dictionary: forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.  Sort of like digital networking  Networking: Creating mutually beneficial business relationships with other people  What are some examples of social media communities that you use?
    • 3. WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA IMPERATIVE?  It creates a relationship between the fan and the artist  It allows you to target market directly to people that already “like,” “follow,” or “opt in” to you  It’s a networking platform ***Beware: Do not “spam” your followers!
    • 4. WHERE SHOULD YOU BE?  It depends on your target audience / niche  What online communities do your fans utilize? That’s where you want to be.  In one location per-community  You only need one facebook/twitter/etc. page for your band  More than one page per community is confusing, splits your fans, and requires more management on your part
    • 5. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT: WHAT SHOULD YOU INCLUDE?  What types of content have you seen bands / artists post before?  Basics: music, tour, photo(s), contact, etc.  Develop a content strategy based on your brand, your niche, and your fans.  Who is your audience?  How will your fans be most engaged?  What makes you most interesting?  How are you different from other artists of the same niche/genre?  How do other bands or your audience members engage with each other?  Your content should be cohesive and identifiable with your brand.
    • 6. HOW TO BE EFFECTIVE WITH YOUR CONTENT  Thematic  Consistency gives fans something to expect and a reason to stay engaged  Examples: Throwback Thursday  Sharable  If fans share your content, it reaches a greater audience  Interactive  Interactive media deepens the fan-to-artist connection  A close connection between the fan and artist creates a long-term consumer  Examples of interactive social media content?
    • 7. HOW TO GROW AND MAINTAIN YOUR AUDIENCE  Give fans an opportunity to participate  Examples?  Give fans shout outs when appropriate; acknowledge their opinions and presence  Create and/or contribute to the conversation in your local, genre, or fan community  Thank fans for interacting with your content  Be active, post interesting and interactive content
    • 8. EXAMPLE: MACKLEMORE& RYAN LEWIS  Communities  Facebook:  MySpace:  Twitter:  Instagram:  Tumblr:  Bandcamp:  s
    • 9. EXAMPLE: MACKLEMORE& RYAN LEWIS  Facebook  Thematic?  Sharable?  Interactive?  Twitter  Thematic?  Sharable?  Interactive?
    • 10. EXAMPLE: MACKLEMORE& RYAN LEWIS  Content  Blogs  Posts, shout outs (multiple per day)  Video blogs  Photos  Contests  #sharkfacegang #MacklemoreMonday  “Behind the scenes”  Gives fans a peek into who the musicians are as real people – easier to connect with
    • 11. ELECTRONIC PRESS KITS  Content  Contact info  Biography  Professional photos  Quotes from industry professionals / press coverage  Gig information  Links to audio, video, images, texts  Host your works on free and well-known platforms  Sound Cloud, Band Camp, Vimeo, YouTube  Some websites offer inexpensive “pro” versions to use as your website  Tumblr, Word Press, Band Camp  Make a PDF version, too!
    • 12. WRAP UP  Use social media to form and nurture relationships with fans  Be thematic, sharable, and interactive  Be interesting, and tailor your content strategy to your audience