Becoming a Water Garden Expert by PondBuilder


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PondBuilder presents methods for pond contractors and pond retailers to become experts in the water garden industry while delivering value to the consumer\pond owner

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  • What Your Market is RequestingHow to Present Yourself Capitalize on the Value of You and Your Assets
  • Becoming a Water Garden Expert by PondBuilder

    1. 1. Welcome & Good Day! If a typical pond customer requires 20min for every conversation. What amount of time and knowledge is required from You to become the Expert? Aaron Scarlata Business Development Manager (PondBuilder Blue Thumb) Degree in Landscape Architecture (Univ. KY) Over 13 years in Retail & Pond Construction (Waterscape Design Group- OH)
    2. 2. Back to School because yousee value in training. KNOWLEDGE IS THE POWER SALES REQUIRE• Establishing a Connection• Use and Test Knowledge• Sell the Value of You and Your Product Line
    3. 3. Establishing a Connection• What Your Market is Requesting – Demand vs. Self-Interest – Who is the Competitor or is it You? – Who is the “Local Expert”• How to Present Yourself – Are you All-In or Half-way? – Becoming Noticeable to Your Customer – Create a Buying Atmosphere
    4. 4. Establishing a Connection• Building a Road Map for Success – Express Professionalism – Join Local Community and Professional Groups – Stay in Touch with Customers Regularly • Regular Emails B to B and B to C • Send Coupons to Consumers • Host Events
    5. 5. Use and Test Knowledge• Training Yourself and Staff – Hosting Manufacturers and Certification Tests – Hold monthly meetings amongst locations – Sales & Customer Service – Who is Your Designer: Communicating and Understanding• Sharing Builds Loyalty – Understanding the customer’s needs – Are you communicating online? – What will you provide your customer to read, review and choose
    6. 6. Use and Test Knowledge• Hosting Seminars = Greater Creditability – (3-5) per Year per topic of interest (Mar May Jun Sept) – PondBuilder Can Help• Field Test – Create Display Gardens – Setup Visual Tests for Staff and Customers to view
    7. 7. Use and Test Knowledge• On-site Visits – Help a Homeowner or Contractor – See Product in Action vs. Shelf or Catalog – Gather Testimonials, Visual Aids & (OJT- On the Job Training)
    8. 8. Sell the Value of You &Product Lines You Sell• Capitalize on the Value of You – All Pond Customers Want Something, So offer… – Separate Yourself from Your Competitor – One-Stop Shopping vs. OnlineCatalog – Human Interaction “Your Attitude Almost Always Determines Your Altitude in Life”
    9. 9. Sell the Value of You &Product Lines You Sell• PondBuilder was created because customers like yourself requested a more durable, roomier, and easier to install filtration system- for the rest of the line, we just listened.• “If You Need It, We’ve Got It” Blue Thumb makes available over 50 other Manufacturer’s products- to You!
    10. 10. Value in “Because”• “I switched because…”• “I recommend because…”• “I sell this because…” Because Part of Becoming the Expert is Learning Why
    11. 11. Learning Why?PondBuilder has (3) filtration styles1. Elite2. Crystal3. Serenity
    12. 12. Elite Series • Landscape Lid • Two Matala Mats • Strong Octagonal Shape • Two Spinweld Openings • Reversible Weir • Stainless Hardware • 14”, 22”, 30”, & 40” Sizes
    13. 13. Elite Series Skimmer • Easy to hide Snout • Matala Mat Included • Strong Mesh Net • Natural Cover Lid • Plumbed Over Flow • Autofill Spinweld Option • Two Discharge Options • UniSeal Discharge • 8”, 10”, & 15” Sizes
    14. 14. The Difference is in Design
    15. 15. Crystal falls pond kits • Available in two sizes • 8x11 and 11x16 • Four Color Packaging • Selling Points: Includes PVC Flex hose, check valve assembly, and bacteria! • Retails for $1438 - $1798
    16. 16. Serenity pond kits • Available in two sizes • 6x8 and 8x11 • Four Color Packaging • Selling Points: Includes PVC Flex hose, check valve assembly, bacti twist, and bacteria! • Retails for $949 - $996
    17. 17. Pondless vs. Cascading
    18. 18. Most Popular Type & Size
    19. 19. Pre-form vs. Components • Replace up to 90% gravel • H-Rated for use beneath parking lots! • Less labor excavating and moving boulders • Two sizes available • Water Matrix come standard in all our Cascading Falls Kits!
    20. 20. Matrix = Flexibility in Design
    21. 21. Splash Ratio 1:1
    22. 22. Homeowner looks forsuitable & affordable
    23. 23. Contractors look for suitableand PROFITABLE • Includes: • Mini Cascade Box, Mini Pump Canyon, 1800gph Pump, Discharge Assembly, Liner, Underli ner, & Small Basin Matrix. • Free Video Download available of installation! • Four Color Packaging
    24. 24. Why Design is Important
    25. 25. The Idea Starts with You
    26. 26. Protect “the heart” • Three Sizes Available • 1800, 2340, & 4200gph • Four Color Packaging • Only 17 of first 3600 pumps sold were returned defective! • 18 month warranty!
    27. 27. Cheap Insurance • Installs into any of our Elite Skimmers & Elite Pump Canyons. • Connects to any ½” line or garden hose.
    28. 28. Tools of the Trade
    29. 29. ListeningBecoming the expert requires several skill sets, but the most influential is your ability to listen to what is needed.Pond Contractors- Guidance, Products & SupportHome Owners- Options, Direction & Care
    30. 30. Thank You VERY MUCHQUESTIONS &FEEDBACK ~Aaron Scarlata