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This is Blue Latitude - strategic marketing consultancy
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This is Blue Latitude - strategic marketing consultancy


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We are a strategic marketing consultancy specialising in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. …

We are a strategic marketing consultancy specialising in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
As the architects in the marketing process, our consultants bring intelligence, insight and imagination to the task of developing your strategy, engaging your customers, and achieving your objectives.

Call 0203 328 1840 to find out how we could help you.

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  • 1. Strategic Marketing ConsultancyIntelligenceInsightImagination
  • 2. More than 30 expertsin customer engagement • Passionate about digital • Strategists, planners and analysts • User experience specialists • Analytics gurus • Qualitative and quantitative
  • 3. We do 3 things very well1 2 3We help clients We transform We give themplan and develop the multichannel confidence in thepowerful strategies experiences they delivery and ongoingdirectly linked to deliver to their performance of theirbusiness objectives customers
  • 4. What we do at a glanceMaking sustainable customer connectionsDelivering enduring business success Client Need Example Services Situation Analysis Brand Plan & Strategy Review How and where do we Strategy & Customer Research engage with our customers? Planning Multi-Channel Capability Planning Building Analytics Service Innovation Prototyping What does great customer Customer experience look like? Experience UX Testing Interaction Design Programme Performance Management Reviews How can I optimally deliver Delivery & and maximise performance? Optimisation Analytics Set-up Performance & Management
  • 5. What’s our secret?Well, we have five:• We put customer research and insight at the heart of everything we do• We apply user and customer experience thinking to your strategic objectives and goals• We use just the right amount of innovation tailored to your needs and supported by evidence• We offer a totally transparent service uncompromised by vested interest• We continuously track performance and suggest
  • 6. Some of our
  • 7. A closer look atStrategy and Planning
  • 8. A top 20 pharmaceutical company asked us:How can we take advantage of new multichannelapproaches to sales and communication?OverviewThe client wanted to giveits regional brand teamsthe confidence andknowledge to deliver a What we did What this achievedsuperior customerexperience by embracing We developed content and training to • 17% increase in self-the new multichannel help build capability: reported channelHCP environment. understanding A. 6 keynote presentations over 2 events covering Multichannel • 61% net promoter score marketing & key channels. for the events B. 30 client sharing and strategy • All brand teams built multi- presentations & videos produced channel knowledge into C. 5 group working exercises their planning covering channel/brand prioritization and planning • 100% of attendees would D. Surveys before & after both events like to attend future E. Produced creative and branding sessions
  • 9. A closer look atCustomer Experience
  • 10. A major US pharmaceutical company asked us:How can we differentiate a key ‘7th in market’brand with new value-added services?OverviewThe client wanted toinvestigate serviceconcepts that would beappealing to both HCPs What we did What this achievedand patients, in a bid to The project kicked off with a  The final prototype wasadd more value to its customer-focused innovation not a winning concept, butcurrent Statin brand workshop with key stakeholders, the best features fromoffering. then: each amalgamated into a single viable and A. 3 prototypes were put through validated solution that ‘survival of the fittest’ testing tested really positively B. The winning concept was the most powerful at changing negative  Winning concept was behaviours implemented in the US, and launched in Q4 2012 C. The findings from each round were used to evolve the prototype, and will run through 2013. exclude demotivating elements dig deeper into successful elements
  • 11. A closer look atDelivery and Optimisation
  • 12. A leading pharmaceutical company asked us:How can we optimise the performance of aEuropean portal for healthcare professionals?OverviewOptimise theperformance ofEuropean HCP portal’s What we did What this achievedfocussed on Diabetes,Oncology & CNS using A. Created a bespoke measurement • Cost-per-registrationdata from over 60,000 dashboard decreased by 38% andHCP interactions per B. Advanced analytics set up: cost-per-visit by 34%year identified which elements were • Incremental improvement underperforming over the last 2 years in C. Ongoing measurement and efficiency and analysis effectiveness D. Performance optimisation: working with the client to implement • Recommendations a series of recommendations for implemented have resulted how the campaign could perform in improved Net Promoter better Score for customer E. Customer satisfaction surveys satisfaction through this
  • 13. A global pharmaceutical company asked us:How can we improve the performance of our £20m+pan-European disease awareness campaignOverviewThe client was eager totransition from a localagency level to aninternational level, to What we did What this achievedensure the delivery ofconsistent measuring A. Created a bespoke measurement • The cost of bringing users toand reporting, in addition dashboard the website dramaticallyto cost efficiencies. B. Campaign analytics tracking: reduced identified which elements were underperforming • Users found information far C. Monthly site and media performance more efficiently reporting • Bounces reduced by 24% and conversions increased by
  • 14. Blue Latitude Network2-6 Northburgh Street2nd FloorLondonEC1V 0AYUnited KingdomT: +44 (0)203 328 1840E: