Introducing: Advanced Water Monitoring & Control Innovation for Industrial, Municipal and Residential Markets


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Blue I Water Technologies offers water quality monitoring and control systems that are always one step ahead.
• Online & always connected
• Global distribution network
• Municipal and industrial applications
• HYDROGUARD - TurbiPlus Technology
• HYDROGUARD – Amperometric Technology
• Smart LEA – Self-Powered Data-Driven Network Technology
• Prizma – Electro-Optic Technology

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Introducing: Advanced Water Monitoring & Control Innovation for Industrial, Municipal and Residential Markets

  1. 1. Advanced Monitoring & Control Innovation for Municipal, Industrial and Residential Markets October 2014
  2. 2. Overview In the Forefront of Water Quality Analysis The following slides introduce you to Blue I Water Technologies Blue I at a Glance Core Technologies Online & Always Connected Global Network Smart City Water Networks Smart Communication Systems Industrial Applications HYDROGUARD - TurbiPlus Technology HYDROGUARD – Amperometric Technology Smart LEA – Self-Powered Data-Driven Network Technology Prizma – Electro-Optic Technology ONCA: Open-Loop Non-Linear Algorithm for livestock drinking water systems
  3. 3. At a Glance Applications & Markets Global Provider of Smart Water Quality Analyzers and Controllers Swimming pools •Commercial •Residential & spas Municipal / Water Utilities •Potable water •Water tanks for residential & commercial buildings •Remote area potable water •Wastewater effluent (tertiary) Industrial •Food and beverage •Cooling towers •Livestock •Oil & gas off-shore drilling environments
  4. 4. At a Glance Product Strategy Multi-parameter & simultaneous measurement Free and/or total chlorine, turbidity, pH, redox, conductivity, pressure, flow, temperature Robust Protection ONLINE Reliable Energy efficiency Customized
  5. 5. Online & Always Connected Real-time communications keep you up-to-date 24/7 Regular alerts to provide fast and responsive customer service, while managing resources more efficiently Graphs and reports provide comprehensive problem-solving support on your smartphone or PC
  6. 6. HYDROGUARD HG-702 TurbiPlus Bringing Lab Accuracy to Real-Time Online Measurement Turbidity Measurement Applications • Water reservoirs • Water source • Municipal water treatment • Municipal water distribution networks • Cooling towers • Power plants • Food and beverage • Desalination plants
  7. 7. Hi-Tech Water Monitoring TurbiPlus Sensor performing chlorine and turbidity measurements simultaneously Three superbly accurate measurements in one photometric cell NEW Turbidity meter measures 0.001–200 NTU  Free Chlorine  Total Chlorine Optical cell CL sensor Turbidity sensor Blue I’s Patented Piston • Self-cleaning • Automatic bubble remover • Reagent mixer
  8. 8. HG-702 & TurbiPlus Value Proposition Superior Performance • Turbidity and chlorine measurement on the same water sample • Free chlorine and/or total chlorine measurement on the same water sample • Reagent mixing, sample de-bubbling and cell cleaning all performed in one unit • High precision, consistent readings - tested vs. lab equipment • Enables “0” chlorine reading • Accurate online measurement with automatic cleaning of the photo cell and zero calibration after each measurement • Flexible measurement interval (configurable 2–10 min) Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) • Minimal maintenance (once a year, minimal part replacements) • Low reagents consumption and longer reagent life (60 days) reduce consumable maintenance (fast exchange) • Self cleaning and calibration save labor time
  9. 9. HYDROGUARD 602 Family Multi-Parameter Amperometric Analyzers A modular analyzer that can be used to customize water quality analyzers for a range of applications
  10. 10. Solution for Smart Water Network Low-energy analyzer for all locations in the Smart Water Network Completely independent electricity for power supply (self-powered) 2-year battery life Gathering and transmitting water quality data – consistently and continuously Multi-parameter measurements (Beta)
  11. 11. Superior Technology Software & Electronics Support Smart Energy Management Smart LEATM is an intelligent multi-tasking system that optimizes timed operations to minimize power consumption. This is a new version of Blue I’s original and patented Low Energy Analyzer (LEA), initially developed and installed for Barcelona’s water distribution network.
  12. 12. Superior Technology Software & Electronics Support Smart Energy Management Every feature of the Smart LEATM has been designed to be energy-efficient, from electronics panel and sensor management to valve operation and choice of hardware. Multi-parametric measurements Free chlorine pH Turbidity Conductivity Flow Temperature Redox (ORP) Water pressure
  13. 13. Off-Grid Monitoring with the SMART LEATM Low Energy, Self-Powered Analyzer for Municipal Smart Water Distribution Networks Real Time Reporting, Alarm Monitoring on Google Alarms, History Maps GSM ,GPRS Smart LEA server
  14. 14. Blue I’s PRIZMA has automated the test strip technology, improved resolution, accuracy and repeatability. • Probeless sampling and monitoring • Real time web-based alerts on water quality issues • Accurate values and history charts for trend analysis • Reduces cost of manual sampling water • Test strip dispenser designed for low and simple maintenance • Wi-Fi-enabled for direct and networked control PRIZMA® Automated Electro-Optic Test-Strip Technology Initially implemented for residential swimming pool water quality analysis and control US Market Potential: 10,000,000 residential pools across US
  15. 15. Potential Applications for PRIZMA® An Example Secondary water network Water tanks on residential and high buildings • Click here to understand the problem in New York • Prizma can monitor and alert Hotels, business office centers Cooling Towers Combined installation: Prizma along with HG-702 Army camps and remote areas • No need for professional operators or technical knowledge • Water tanks and wells • Leisure Food services Every restaurant in the US must measure sanitation by measuring CL and pH • Today this is performed manually • Potential market – a sample from the US market: MacDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut market size is = (14K+8K+6K)=28K * USD 1,500 = $42 Million
  16. 16. Open-Loop Non-Linear Chlorination Algorithm (ONCA) (Beta) Blue I’s HG-108 pH & Cl analyzer for poultry and livestock drinking water systems HG-108 • Automated measurement and control for optimal pH and Cl balance • Open-loop control for pH and ORP • pH: 4.5-6.5 • ORP (Redox): 200-650 mV • Temperature measurement: 0-50°C (32-122°F) • Flow rate and speed measurement The ONCA (Open-Loop Non-Linear Chlorination Algorithm) for the HG-108 analyzer enables accurate dosing for animal drinking water. In this application the water flow is non-linear, changing throughout the day due to consumption patterns and increasing over time as the livestock/poultry grow. The system can detect variations in water flow as they occur and adjust dosing in the open-loop system accordingly.
  17. 17. Our Core Technologies IP Automated Test Pad Analysis Colorimetric Measuring Cell Chlorine Sensor Sleep Mode Turbidity, Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine on One Water Sample
  18. 18. Smart City Water Networks From Water Source to Tap Blue I AppControl HydroGuardOL Cloud services
  19. 19. Water Quality in Cooling Towers
  20. 20. Water Quality in Beverage Production Line
  21. 21. Smart Communication Systems • Modbus for SCADA systems • WaterGuard - Blue I’s Cloud services • AppControl Blue I mobile applications Blue I’s communication features are constantly evolving to be compatible with current digital communications technologies.
  22. 22. Proven Success Worldwide Worldwide Proven Success – Seeking To Expand Our Global Accounts Ready To Expand Our Global Accounts Global; France; Germany; Switzerland; Belgium; Denmark; Spain; Portugal; Greece; USA; Canada; Australia; South Africa; Israel; Chile – Peru - Bolivia - Colombia; Brazil; India; China A well-known brand in China Beijing water group, Tianjin Water group, Shenzhen water, Hong Kong water authority, Veolia, Dongguan Water Authority Bureau, Guangzhou water, Beijing Olympic swimming pools; Lonza China; Sanitation Bureau Beijing and many more Industrial Municipal & Potable Water Swimming Pools & Spa Food & Beverage Cooling Towers Dialysis Equipment
  23. 23. Distributors At Blue I Water Technologies we believe in identifying, building and nurturing long-term distributor partnerships. We seek well connected, established distribution partners that have extensive experience in the water treatment industry. Customers Our customers worldwide use Blue I‘s leading technologies to optimize water-based processes and analysis in a variety of applications, industries and environments. Contact us to find your local distributor and to find out which of our products will suit your water quality needs. Contact us Click here to send us a message
  24. 24. Thank You PRODUCTS