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Look Before You Link by Annie Cushing
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Look Before You Link by Annie Cushing


Published on

BlueGlass Florida presentation by Annie Cushing, Director of Search Services at BlueGlass

BlueGlass Florida presentation by Annie Cushing, Director of Search Services at BlueGlass

Published in: Business
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  • I’m not commenting on the efficacies of buying or eschewing paid links. I’m not their priest, just their SEO. BUT if they’ve bought links, you need to be a little more vigilant in your backlink portfolio research.
  • This is where I rely on OSE (although Majestic also offers this metric).I’ve found that Majestic over-reports; OSE under-reports. The truth is somewhere in the middle.
  • I
  • Transcript

    • 1. Look Before You Leap Link
    • 2. How to Build Links Without Blowing Yourself Up
    • 3. My Well-Worn Path to Pre-Link Building Strategy
    • 4. Check Out Your Site’s Backlink Portfolio First
    • 5. How to Rock the OSE
      • You can run your site solo or compare with your top competitor to compare vis-à-vis.
      • 6. You need to be a PRO member.
      • 7. For newer sites I use Majestic.
    • Jumping Into the Deep End of the SEO Pool
      • I go right for the Anchor Text Distribution.
      • 8. I semi-randomly picked Beyond Blossoms, but there’s an SEO opp ripe for the pickin’. :)
    • History of Link Building?
      • Is the site an SEO virgin?
      • 9. If it hasn’t, chances are better everything will be organic.
    • Have They Bought Links?
      • Not a value judgment.
      • 10. You will just need to be more vigilant in research.
    • 11. Get Access to List of Paid Links
      • This isn’t always possible but worth asking.
      • 12. Have someone go through that list and check for sitewide links.
      • 13. They bloat your links/unique domains ratio
    • Check for Link Acquisition Velocity
      • I use Majestic SEO for this.
      • 14. This report measures how fast your site has acquired links compared to your competitors.
    • Breaking the Link Velocity Speed Limit
      • Here we have a blatant and indiscriminate use of sitewide links.
    • Check Anchor Text Distribution
      • If your site (or your client’s) doesn’t have a history of link building, jump to this step.
      • 15. Watch for unbalanced distributions.
    • Red Flag That Begs Further Research
      • This isn’t enough data to go make conclusions.
      • 16. Next step: Export to Excel.
    • Not the Sexiest Aspect of SEO But …
      • Before you touch the data, get your spreadsheet organized.
      • 17. I love AutoFilter for that reason.
    • Setting Up Your Filters
    • 18. Setting Up Your Filters
      • I wanted to see anchor text that contains the words beyond and blossoms.
      • 19. But it needed to also catch anchors like
    • Do Optimized Anchors Outnumber Branded?
      • If your site (or your client’s) doesn’t have a history of link building, jump to this step.
      • 20. Watch for unbalanced distributions.
    • Beyond Blossoms’ Branded Links
      • What you see here is you have 868 branded links from 413 linking domains.
    • Beyond Blossoms’ send flowers Links
      • Ouch! 1530/80 compared to 868/413.
    • Check for Filtering
    • 21. Beyond Blossoms’ send flowers Links
      • The result? SEMRush had the site listed #7 for send flowers. When I checked on Saturday, they were #25.
      • 22. However, it’s #8 for buy flowers.
      • 23. Conclusion: It’s most likely being filtered for the term it’s over-optimized for but is fine with other keywords they haven’t targeted as aggressively.
    • Find the Low-Hanging Fruit
    • 24. Find the Low-Hanging Fruit with SEMRush
      • Tells you the keywords your site is ranking on the first two pages of Google for.
      • 25. Click on the Full Report link or export to Excel.
    • Clean Up, Interpret. Rinse and Repeat.
    • 26. Explain Without Geek Speak
    • 27. Triangulate the Data with GWT and Analytics
      • From GWT you’ll get impressions and clicks for keywords your site is showing up for.
      • 28. From analytics you’ll get actual visits for each of these keywords.
    • Bringing It Home
      • One more advantage to arming yourself with data is oftentimes decision makers have their sacred cows.