What Causes Insomnia


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"What Causes Insomnia? Learn what it is that's keeping you up all night and what you can do to get more quality sleep.

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What Causes Insomnia

  1. 1. What Causes Insomnia?Most people at some point in their life will suffer from and then wonderwhat causes insomnia. Insomnia has many causes including medical orpsychiatric factors, situational factors, or other sleep problems. Today,many people associate insomnia with stress and anxiety. Sometimes,however, taking prescription medications can interrupt your normalsleeping habits and cause bouts of insomnia. If you are taking any type ofprescription medicine, its always best to consult your doctor to find out ifthat could be the cause of your sleepless nights.Two common causes of insomnia are caffeine and smoking. Too muchcaffeine is bad for your health and disrupts sleep. Nicotine also causeswakefulness and even quitting can lead to short-term insomnia. One of thecommon causes of insomnia is a persons reaction to change or stress,which could sometimes be the result of traumatic experiences. Examples ofthis could be the loss of a loved one, serious injury or surgery, or the loss ofa job.Some people develop temporaryinsomnia before or after a schoolexam, when they have trouble at work,after long periods of travel, or aftersurviving disasters. If this is the case,the mental affect of these situationsmust be dealt with first in order to getback to normality - in day-to-day lifeand in sleeping habits.According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services survey, agreater number of women are affected by insomnia than men.
  2. 2. So what causes insomnia to be higher in women?Hormones play a major role as one of thecommon causes of insomnia in women. Related ArticlesAlthough most insomnia cases aretemporary, they can certainly be devastating Why We Sleepto someone suffering from it. During the first What is Insomnia?and last three months of pregnancy, levels of What is Sleep Apnea?progesterone plunge which leads to What is Narcolepsy?insomnia. It can be the same experience Looping Dreamswhen women go through menstruation eachmonth.Pain and discomfort from an injury, illness or disability can also causeinsomnia. Most of the time, people with injuries and illnesses are givenmedications to relieve swelling and pain. Unfortunately, some of thesemedicines can cause insomnia. Other contributors of insomnia are highlevels of stress and the imbalance of other hormones inside the body. Evenhormonal changes that occur through the normal process of aging cancause insomnia.Now that you know what causes insomnia, read about theavailable insomnia treatments. Not being able to get to sleep at night can be a horrible experience - at night as well as throughout the following day. But it doesnt have to be that way - sometimes all it takes is a few lifestyle adjustments. Learn what you need to know to instantly fall asleep each night in the sleep ebook, Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee Your ZZZs.