Sleep Positions and their Individual Benefits


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There are 4 main categories of sleep positions – and each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Click to learn which is the healthiest sleep position for you.

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Sleep Positions and their Individual Benefits

  1. 1. Sleep Positions And Their Individual BenefitsThere are many sleep positions to choose from when you crawl into bedeach night. These can be narrowed down into four main categories: side,stomach, fetal, and back. Each position has its benefits, though some havemore benefits than others.Back Sleeping PositionThe back sleeping position is considered the best for the body, althoughmany would agree that it is not the most comfortable of the positions. Theonly downside to this position is that if you snore, this may not be theposition for you, as it can aggravate the condition. However, sleeping onyour back is the best way to keep your spine in a neutral position, aligningyour body and keeping it pain free. It is also good for preventing acid refluxin people who suffer from it. And a bonus for women is that it is the bestfor preventing wrinkles - as nothing pushes against your face while yousleep.Side Sleeping PositionThe side sleeping position is the nextbest sleeping position for your body. Itis great for preventing neck and backpain and reducing snoring. Also, if yousuffer from acid reflux, this is the nextbest to the back sleeping position.Though bad news, ladies, it can be badfor wrinkles pressing of the pillow
  2. 2. against the face and create a bit of breast sag due to the lack of support.Another bonus to the side sleeping position is that for the pregnantwoman, it is typically the most comfortable. If a pregnant woman lies onher left side she will optimize blood flow, helping to keep herself and herbaby the healthiest.Fetal Sleeping PositionWhile it isnt the ideal sleep position, thereare many that go to the fetal sleeping Related Articlesposition as their preferred position. Whatmay seem comfortable when you first lie Why We Sleepdown is not optimal for your body as the 5 Sleep Stagesnight wears on. You will likely wake up with What is Insomnia?neck and back pain from the contorting of What is Sleep Apnea?your body during rest. Yet again, ladies, this What is Narcolepsy?one is bad for breast sag and wrinkles too.Stomach Sleeping PositionLastly, the stomach sleeping position is the least healthiest position, as itcompounds all of the problems noted in the fetal position. While it mayease a snoring problem, it is terrible for those with acid reflux. It doescreate terrible neck and back pain and can make it very difficult to get outof bed when you wake in the morning. If you dont normally suffer fromany back and / or neck pain but do tend to snore, you may still want toconsider the stomach sleeping position for its benefits in this area.
  3. 3. Something to consider when you find your optimal sleep position is yourpillow choice. For fetal and side sleepers, a plump, firm pillow is great forkeeping the support under your head and neck. A stomach sleeper may notneed one at all, but if they do, a thin, soft one is preferred. For those whochoose to sleep on their back, pick a fluffy, soft pillow to provide supportwithout propping your head and neck at an awkward angle.The way one sleeps is very personal, and you must search for a sleepposition that is comfortable and optimal for your health. And dontunderestimate the sleeping power of the right pillow. Not being able to get to sleep at night can be a horrible experience - at night as well as throughout the following day. But it doesnt have to be that way - sometimes all it takes is a few lifestyle adjustments. Learn what you need to know to instantly fall asleep each night in the sleep ebook, Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee Your ZZZs.