Resmed Masks for Sleep Apnea Suffers


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Resmed masks are CPAP masks made by the company Resmed Inc. Although they can't be bought online through the Resmed website, you can find information here about how to find a dealer in your area as well as a description of various masks they offer.

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Resmed Masks for Sleep Apnea Suffers

  1. 1. Resmed MasksResmed masks are devices that are used for the treatment of obstructivesleep apnea. Resmed Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of sleepdisordered breathing devices. Resmed is a maker of the ContinuousPositive Airway Pressure masks or CPAP masks, are fitted with an airflowgenerator which opens up the passageway and provides a positive anduninterrupted flow of air.Resmed masks come in a variety of kinds and sizes. Typical CPAP devicescome in full size masks, called full face masks, nasal masks or what arecalled nasal pillows or nasal. Full face CPAP masks cover the users noseand mouth, creating a seal around the mask. Nasal mask cover just thenose and nasal pillows have a protrusion that is placed in the users nostrils,eliminating the need for a sealed, full face mask. Users of nasal masks andnasal pillow systems report an increase in comfort as well as increasedmaneuverability - even allowing them to sleep on their sides. Resmedcreates masks and nasal pillows that are specifically designed for men,woman and children.Swift FXThe Swift FX mask is a minimalist nasal pillow mask that allows users tofocus on sleep and forget about their mask. It is soft and flexible, fits thecontours of a users face and can be hooked up and fitted almost instantly.Since men and women have different facial structures, Resmed offers theregular Swift FX for men as well as the Swift FX for her - designedspecifically to fit womens facial contours.
  2. 2. Swift LTAnother nasal pillow mask with increased comfort andwhisper quiet operation. Due to its unique design, theSwift LT allows users the option of sleeping on theirback or side. Its touted as the quietest nasal pillowsystem on the market and weighs in at a mere 2.3 oz(67 grams).Mirage FXThe Mirage FX is a nasal mask that is very light andcomfortable. It contains only 4 pieces so that its easyto put together and take with you on trips away fromhome. Its form fitting, contoured headgear edges arekind on the face without leaving abrasions or marks.Mirage ActivaFor people that move around a lot during sleep, theMirage Activa is the ideal nasal mask. It containsinnovative Activecell technology allowing the maskframe to move independently of the cushion whichmeans fewer air leaks and more mobility. All effects ofmovements are nullified by the elastic and inflatablechamber. The mask is easy to clean due to the easilyremovable cushion clips and a single snap elbow.Mirage KidstaSpecifically designed for children, the Mirage Kidsta Isa nasal mask fitted with user friendly headgear andclickable parts. This Resmed mask offers clear visionwith a dual-wall cushion to ensure minimal pressure
  3. 3. on the nose. Not being able to get to sleep at night can be a horrible experience - at night as well as throughout the following day. But it doesnt have to be that way - sometimes all it takes is a few lifestyle adjustments. Learn what you need to know to instantly fall asleep each night in the sleep ebook, Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee Your ZZZs.The above are only a sampling of the variety of sizes that Resmed offers forits masks. If youd like to see more, you can visit Resmed directly atResmed.comPlease note, however, that patients cannotpurchase directly from their website. You Related Articlesshould contact your insurance provideron the number listed on your insurance What is Sleep Apnea?card. Ask if you must go to a contracted Sleep Apnea Remediesdealer for home medical equipment. If Sleep Apnea Machinesthey answer yes, as for a list of dealers Sleep Apnea Pillowand contact them asking if they carry What is Snoring?Resmed products.If the answer is no, you can contact Resmed directly here and ask for a listof dealers in your area.