How to Sleep Well at Night


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Everything from your bed, sunlight, what you eat and more all play important role in how to sleep well at night

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How to Sleep Well at Night

  1. 1. How to Sleep Well at NightFiguring out how to sleep well at night is the key to feeling refreshed in themornings. The quality of sleep youre getting is more important than thequantity. If you want to instantly fall asleep each night and wake upenergized and ready for the day, you need to find out what may be affectingthe quality of your sleep.Sleep is a mysterious creature. Unattainable to some yet absolute bliss tothose who are lucky enough to find its warm embrace each night. And if tonight my soul may find her peace in sleep, and sink in good oblivion, and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created. ~D.H. LawrenceThe amount of time someone needs to sleep each night to be able toperform well the next day varies from person to person. Some peoplehappen to function quite well on 4 hours sleep and others cant get out ofbed without 10 + hours of sleep.For you to be able to figure out what your specific sleep needs are, youregoing to need to experiment. But first you need to figure out how to achieveQUALITY sleep.
  2. 2. Whether someone is able to function well on4 hours of sleep or 8 or more hours, its notthe length of the sleep but the quality of thesleep that affects their performance the nextday. Therefore, you need to figure out how toget quality sleep before finding your optimallength of sleep.There are many factors to take intoconsideration when trying to work out yourown personal sleep equation. Everythingfrom whats on your mind before bed, toyour diet to your exercise schedule (or lackof one); the amount of sunlight you get, howcomfy your bed is and what you do previousto going to bed also play important roles inhow to sleep well at night. These, and manymore factors, determine how well and restfulor how quality your sleep will be.After finding your own personal sleep equation, you will find that yourquality of sleep has increased and as a result, you will have more energy, bemore productive, mentally sharp and emotionally balanced throughout theday. Related Articles Why We Sleep This can have a great impact on not only 5 Sleep Stages you, the once tired sleeper, but on the What is Insomnia? people around you. Life just gets better What is Sleep Apnea? when you get a good nights sleep! What is Narcolepsy?
  3. 3. Not being able to get to sleep at night can bea horrible experience - at night as well asthroughout the following day. But it doesnthave to be that way - sometimes all it takes isa few lifestyle adjustments. Learn what youneed to know to instantly fall asleep eachnight in the sleep ebook, Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee Your ZZZs.