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Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics for Advanced Threat Protection
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Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics for Advanced Threat Protection


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Solera Networks Presentation on Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics for Advanced Threat Protection

Solera Networks Presentation on Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics for Advanced Threat Protection

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. © 2013 Solera Networks1© 2013 Solera Networks. All information contained herein should be considered confidential, proprietary, and trade secretinformation of Solera Networks. Any use of this work without express written consent is strictly prohibited.Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics forAdvanced Threat ProtectionSee everything. Know everything.™© 2013 Solera Networks
  • 2. © 2013 Solera Networks2BackgroundGlobal Presence• Salt Lake City, UT (HQ)• San Francisco, CA• Washington, DC• London, UK• Tokyo, Japan• Sydney, Australia• Pune, IndiaInvestors Leadership and Innovation• 300+ G2000 & Federal customers• 14 patents awarded/pending• Threat Research Lab• FIPS and CC certification
  • 4. © 2013 Solera Networks4Breaches and attacksperpetrated by outsidersState-affiliated attacks thatemployed phishingBreaches discovered byexternal parties*2013 Verizon DBIRReality of Today’s Threat Landscape
  • 5. © 2013 Solera Networks5Initial Attack toInitial Compromise [ 11% 13% 60%] 13% 2% 1% 0%74%Window of Opportunity for Advanced Threats*Seconds Minutes Hours Days Weeks Months YearsInitial Compromiseto Discovery 0% 1% 9% 11% [ 12% 62% 4% ]78%*2013 Verizon DBIR
  • 6. © 2013 Solera Networks6Past 10 years: Deploying Layers of Countermeasures…Today’s footprint:Top security pointproducts deployed…URLFiltering
  • 7. © 2013 Solera Networks7We liveWORLDPOST-PREVENTIONin ado we do what we do?
  • 8. © 2013 Solera Networks8Most Dreaded Questions from the CISOWho did this to us?How did they do it?What systems and data were affected?Can we be sure it is over?Can it happen again?
  • 9. © 2013 Solera Networks9Advanced PersistentSecurity™ that easilytells users what tolook for—and atwe deliver
  • 10. As data is gathered andanalyzed, relationshipscan be found andpatterns appear…Turning Complexity into Context…you’ll know if it is athreat or not.ContextMetadataInferenceDataThrough…
  • 11. Turning Complexity into ContextAs data is gathered, theelements aren’t alwayscoherent or revealing.But through analysis,relationships can befound and patternsappear.
  • 12. Once pictures begin toemerge, it becomespossible to discern ifsomething is a threat, orif it’s benign.Turning Complexity into Context
  • 13. © 2013 Solera Networks13Integration LayerThreatIntelligenceBig DataSecurityAnalyticsSecurityVisibilityFull Packet CaptureLayer 2 - 7 indexing & classificationVisual InsightContext, real-time awareness, alertsAdvanced Malware DetectionWhite/blacklists, sandboxing, feedsBig Data Security Intelligence & Analyticsfor Advanced Threat Protection
  • 14. © 2013 Solera Networks14Integration LayerThreatIntelligenceBig DataSecurityAnalyticsSecurityVisibility• Telling users what to look for and at• Flexible architecture: HW/SW/Virtual• Scalable: 10Gbps, VM, Software• Advanced threat detection/analysis• Single ‘pane-of-glass’Big Data Security Intelligence & Analyticsfor Advanced Threat Protection
  • 15. © 2013 Solera Networks15Integration LayerThreatIntelligenceBig DataSecurityAnalyticsSecurityVisibilitySecurity Ecosystem: IntegratedAdvanced Threat ProtectionContext-aware andadaptive security will bethe only way to securelysupport the dynamicbusiness and ITinfrastructures emergingduring the next 10 years.Neil MacDonald, Distinguished VPGARTNER“Integration LayerThreatIntelligenceBig DataSecurityAnalyticsSecurityVisibility”
  • 16. © 2013 Solera Networks16Solera is the Security Camera for your NetworkRecords, classifies and indexes all packets and flows from L2 – L7On the wire, file-level visibility of data exfiltration & malware infiltrationActionable intelligence, forensics and situational awarenessUnmatched multi-dimensional flow enrichment & big data warehousingFlexible, open and easy-to-use platformdo we do what we do?Providing real-time analysis andfull visibility ofeverything goingin and out ofyour network
  • 17. © 2013 Solera Networks17Solera DeepSee™The Most Comprehensive and Flexible SIA SolutionFlexible and easy-to-deploy on leadingplatforms.Comprehensive,pre-configured SIAappliances.Total network visibility.Branch/small-officedeployments.
  • 18. © 2013 Solera Networks18Solera DeepSee Appliances SpecificationsDeepSee 2G DeepSee 10GThroughput 2 Gbps 10 GbpsStorage 6 TB to 66 TB 20 TB to 140 TBNICs 4 – 1 GbE 2 – 10 GbE & 8 – 1 GbERack Size 1 U 2 UDeepSee Central Manager• Manages up to 100 sensors• Up to 1.4 PB of managed Big DataDeepSee Storage Modules• 20 TB storage modules• With 2 SAS6 interfaces
  • 19. © 2013 Solera Networks19An Example DeploymentTAP/SPAN+Root Cause Explorer+Threat Analysis+PCAP Import+Comparative Reporting+Reputation Services+more…DeepSee ApplianceManagementNetworkDeepSeeDashboard+Reports+ArtifactTimeline+AlertsOptional StorageApplication ServersMobile DevicesUsers
  • 20. © 2013 Solera Networks20Real-World Use Cases with Solera DeepSeeSituationalAwarenessIncidentResponsePolicyComplianceData LossMonitoring& AnalysisAdvancedMalwareDetectionContinuousMonitoringWho? When? What?Where? How?Target(s)? Who Else? Is It Over? What Else? How Long?
  • 21. © 2013 Solera Networks21Big DataAnalyticsDeepSee Big Data Security AnalyticsPartner IntegrationDeepSee® ApplicationsReports, GeoIP, Reconstruction,Packet AnalysisReputation, Threat Feeds,and File AnalysisThreatIntelligenceSensorsSolera DeepSee PlatformUse CasesIncidentResponseSituationalAwarenessPolicyComplianceContinuousMonitoringData LossMonitoring & AnalysisAdv. MalwareDetection
  • 22. © 2013 Solera Networks22A Trusted Partner to Global At-Risk Customers
  • 23. © 2013 Solera Networks23Try Big Data Security Intelligence and AnalyticsSolera DeepSee 30-Day Trialor…Free DeepSee Lab
  • 24. © 2013 Solera Networks24Win an iPad MiniAnd don’t forget your BigData Security for DummiesNew!Tweet about Solera or apicture of you with Soleraswag and mention@SoleraNetworks in yourtweet
  • 25. © 2013 Solera Networks25Security that MattersYou have been targeted. You will be hacked. Now what?Our advanced threat protection and security analyticssolutions help protect organizations from cyber attackers. Andby doing that, we are helping to protect our way of life…TM