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  • 20110516 r1
  • Issue: The virtual environment is growing (in size and/or importance—for example, now looking at virtualizing mission-critical applications)
  • Issue: Existing tools aren’t doing the job
  • Issue: Missing opportunities that virtualization provides to improve data protection and disaster recovery
  • The solution: Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Recovery verification: examples of why you need it
  • *This slide is animated*
  • User-directed item recovery from any application or database: for example, ticket tracking systems, bug tracking systems, content management systems, CRM systems, custom applications
  • U-AIR
  • IFLR
  • Searching with guest file index
  • This is the first of 3 key capabilities being developed for Hyper-V
  • This is the second of 3 key capabilities being developed for Hyper-V
  • This is the third key capability for Hyper-V

Veeam back up and replication presentation Veeam back up and replication presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Veeam Backup & Replication™v5
    with vPower™
    Aseem Anwar
    Sales Engineer
  • Existing tools aren’t doing the job
    • Traditional backup
    • Agent in each VM
    • Full VM recovery is complex
    • Expensive
    • Does not guarantee recoverability
    • Typical VMware backup
    • Backup code runs on ESX(i) hosts
    • Significant storage requirements
    • Limited recovery options
    • Does not guarantee recoverability
    “A major reason that organizations still hit these bumps on the backup and recovery road: They use the same products for both physical and virtual server backup, when we all know that virtualization requires a fundamentally different approach.”
  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • vPower
  • Breakthrough technology
    • Publishes the backup as a regular VMDK file
    • Compressed, deduplicated, incremental
    • Runs a VM directly from the backup file
    • Runs on regular backup storage
    • Does not make any changes to the backup file
    • Automatically manages an isolated virtual lab
    • Workflow engine manages requests
    • Proxy appliance provides access into the isolated environment
    “This is why I love Veeam. They take all the virtualization technology pieces on the table and put them together into a functioning business solution.”
    – Brett Westover
    IT Administrator
    Therapeutic Research Center
  • How it works
    Isolated virtual lab
    vPower NFS
    Veeam Backup
    VMFS datastore
    Backup store

  • SureBackup
  • Recovery verification
    • Verify the recoverability of every backup
    • Every virtual machine
    • Every restore point
    • Does not affect backup windows orrequire additional hardware and staff
    Check all
    Check some
  • How it works
    Backup Repository
    Verification Job
    Virtual Lab
    Veeam Backup Server

  • SureBackup
  • SureBackup
    From the Veeam Community Forum: Our current backup system is bogging down due to too many small files (and probably too few directories) resulting in an 8-10 hour backup time…Daily Veeam backups using CBT take just under 20 minutes consistently. It's really incredible.
    recklessop: backed up entire customer infrastructure (900GB) with @Veeam & 6GbSAS link to HP P2000 G3 in less time than CA backed up exchange. nice!!!
    seb_neumann: Create and Config of #Backup jobs: Before @Veeam about 4 hours for a couple of VMs with #Veeam less than 15 minutes - Veeam rules!
  • InstantRestore
  • Instant VM recovery
    • Fast: start VM directlyfrom backup file
    • Readily available:uses existing backupsand backup storage
    • Buys you time:users keep workingwhile you troubleshootthe problem
    jr_on_the_cloud: Did a VM restore using Veeam yesterday. Worked perfectly and was very easy. Impressed!
  • How it works
    Veeam Backup Job
    Veeam Backup Server
    Virtual Machine A
    Backup file for Virtual Machine A
    Virtual Machine A
    running from the backup file

  • Storage vMotion (or Veeam Backup & Replication)
  • U-AIR
    • No application-specific agents to licenseNo additional products to buyNo special backups to create
    • Supports ANY virtualized application
    • Durable—not tied to application internals
    • Supports administrator- and user-directed recovery
    • Wizards for administrator-directed item recovery fromMicrosoft Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server
    • User-directed item recovery from ANY application or database
    • Maintains separation of permissions between backup administrators and application owners
  • Workflow engine
    Maintains separation of permissions between backup administrators and application owners
    Application owners install wizards on their workstations
    Application owners submit restore requests to backup admins
    Backup admins approve requests
    Application owners get notified, finish wizard to restore items
  • On-demand sandbox
    • Instantly start a group of production VMs in sandbox
    • Restore from any point (full or incremental backup)
    • Run directly from the backup file, with backup file remaining untouched
    • Can be used for:
    • Troubleshooting
    • Testing workarounds
    • Patch testing
    • Development or test lab
    Leverage the investment you’ve made in backups—put your backups to work
  • How it works
    Veeam Backup Server
    Veeam-provided proxy appliance to communicate with VMs in isolated network
    Backup files
    Multiple VMs staged in virtual lab

  • InstantRestore
    lcaller: 1 week of trying to recover crucial data from a failed LUN we're almost there. #VMware & @veeam support = fantastic. Symantec = < useless!
  • SmartCDP
  • Replication
  • SmartCDP
  • Centralized management
    • Federation of backup servers for unlimited scalability
    • Consolidated alerting and reporting
    • Enterprise-wide VM and file searching
    • Automation via SDK
  • 20,000+ customers and 1,500,000+ VMs
    “If you’re serious about backing up your virtual machines, you need to have faith in a product that works. I’ve tried them all and am most pleased with Veeam. Veeam Backup is definitely number one in this market.”
    –Nathan Johnson Manager of IT ServicesNAI Utah Commercial Real Estate
    “Nothing else in the virtualization space offers comparable functionality and reliability.”
    – Kim ByramDirector, Business and Information SystemsISCO Industries, LLC
    “Veeam Backup & Replication is way past WOW! This is what the backup world needs. Veeam has already given me hours of my life back each week.”
    – Larry WalkerVice President and Data Processing OfficerChelsea Groton Bank
  • #1 VMware Backup
  • What backup vendor and/or product(s) does your organization use for backing up its x86 virtual machines (VMs)?
    * From the Gartner US and EMEA Data Center Conferences in 4Q2010
  • Product roadmap
  • 1: Image-based backup and replication
  • 2: Changed block tracking
  • 3: Deduplication and compression
  • Ongoing innovation: Veeam “firsts”
    Version 1
    • 2-in-1: backup and replication
    • Instant file-level recovery (IFLR)
    • Inline deduplication
    • Direct-to-target backups
    • Synthetic full backups
    • Replica rollback
    Version 5 with vPower
    • Instant VM recovery
    • U-AIR
    • Recovery verification
    • On-demand sandbox
    • Instant indexing
    Version 3
    • IFLR for Linux
    • ESXi support without VCB
    Q1 08
    Q1 09
    Q4 10
    Q4 09
    Q4 11
    Q3 08
    Version 6
    • Hyper-V support
    • Other TBA
    Version 4
    • vStorage APIs
    • Changed Block Tracking
    • Thin-provisioned disks
    • Direct SAN access
    • Near-CDP replication
    • Replication to ESXi
    • CBT with vRDM disks
    Version 2
    • ESXi support with VCB
    • Fastest VCB performance
    • Advanced VSS support

  • A solution you can count on
    • Know that your VMs are protected and that you can recover quickly in the event of a problem
    • Remove unnecessary load and potential sources of instability on your production hosts
    • Know that the solution will work as advertised
    • Know that you won’t outgrow the solution
    • Know that you made the best investment
  • The best choice
  • A great value
    • 2-in-1: backup and replication
    • Hardware agnostic
    • No extra charge for:
    • Replication (near-CDP)
    • Deduplication
    • Enterprise Manager
    • Licensing by CPU socket
    • No per-server, per-agent or per-mailbox fees
    • Quick ROI and low TCO
  • Standard and Enterprise Editions
  • Veeam Backup & Replication
    • 100% reliability
    • 5-minute RTOs and RPOs
    • 70–80% cost savings