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One Ugly Pie 15.2
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One Ugly Pie 15.2


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  • 1. One Ugly Pie Chapter 15.2
  • 2. Ratna, “Get up so I can brag to you about this masterpiece I’m going to paint one of these days.” Xerxes, “Nope, comfortable right here.”
  • 3. Xerxes, “Morning, Chuck.” Chuck, “Morning, pops.” Xerxes, “Uh, I guess I have to teach you a thing or two about shaving.” Chuck, “Oh this? Don’t worry about it pops, I’ve got it under control.”
  • 4. Chuck, “See? No shaving at all.”
  • 5. Abignale, “Using this toilet is out of the question.” Ratna, “It would be usable, Abignale, if your father got off his lazy bum and fixed things himself.”
  • 6. Abignale, “Oh, hi Jerry. Um, you don’t want to go in there.” Jerry, “Why?” Abignale, “Toilet’s backed up again. And mom is the one fixing it.” Jerry, “Ooooohhhh.”
  • 7. Abignale, “So I think you’re in trouble dad.” Xerxes, “Why’s that?” Ratna, “I’ll tell you why: I’m fixing everything in this place!” Xerxes, “Can’t you see that I’m eating? I said I’d get to it.”
  • 8. Ratna, “Just stay right there, Xerxes, and I’ll fix you right up!”
  • 9. Just play it cool. Be smooth and suave. Or maybe it’s just better to be yourself? Or should I… no, that won’t work. She already knows me for who I am and the way she was talking with my siblings, no doubt they gave her some insight. *sigh* Ok, it’s just going to be straight faced then. But perhaps I should change my clothes at the very least. These just don’t look appealing anymore.
  • 10. There, this ought to do it. Much better than sleeveless shirt and shorts. I guess I didn’t expect there to be so much snow.
  • 11. Abignale, “And where are you off to brother?” Jerry, “Just a date. I woke up this morning and the desire to go on a date just hit me.” Abignale, “Ok. But with who, hmmm?” Jerry, “Well, being heir, that can only be one person.” Abignale, “I see. Well enjoy yourself.”
  • 12. Abignale, “Would you two leave? I’m trying to use the restroom here.” Xerxes, “Guess I’ll wash the dishes elsewhere.” Chuck, “I can’t go anywhere, Abignale. Not with the toilet in my way.”
  • 13. Jerry, “Hello, uh, Twitchy? It’s Jerry. I was thinking maybe kinda that you’d like to go on a um… date? You will? Ok. I’ll see you when you get here. Um, where am I? Uh, at one of the dance clubs. I don’t remember the name and they didn’t have a sign out front so…” She’ll find me, eventually.
  • 14. Twitchy, “Wow, a hug?” “We are good friends, aren’t we?” Twitchy, “I’m just a little surprised is all. I didn’t realize our relationship had progressed this far.” “Oh.”
  • 15. Twitchy, “So now that I’m here, what did you have planned for us?” “I don’t rightly know, but I do want to check out that dance sphere in the back corner.” Twitchy, “Ok.”
  • 16. Twitchy, “Have you ever been on once of these things?” “No, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I do have some body skill, so don’t worry too much about me.”
  • 17. “Well, that was entertaining in the least.” Twitchy, “How about an activity the both of us can do?” “Oh, sure.”
  • 18. “How about a little punch-me, punch-you?” Twitchy, “You sure about this? Don’t whine if I hit you too hard then.”
  • 19. The game of punch-me, punch-you didn’t last very long as someone wanted to use the dance sphere and we were blocking the path. So Twitchy and I step over a few paces and continue the date.
  • 20. Without any other ideas, I just start dancing and Twitchy joins in.
  • 21. We shuffle, move to the beat, sway our arms, and otherwise enjoy ourselves as the music continues. We suddenly find ourselves staring at each other for a moment.
  • 22. And in this moment, I realize there’s something I want to do. Something I didn’t think I’d ever want to do.
  • 23. I look at Twitchy and her smile. And I think to myself, “I want to kiss her.”
  • 24. But how do I go about doing that? With Jeannie, it felt so easy. So different. That I knew she wanted to kiss me back. But with Twitchy. Do I ask? Do I state what I’m about to do? Do I do anything at all? Or do I just lean forward, pucker up, and hope she returns?
  • 25. Thump-Thump
  • 26. Thump-Thump
  • 27. Thump-Thump
  • 28. Thump-Thump
  • 29. Thump-Thump
  • 30. Thump-Thump
  • 31. Thump-Thump
  • 32. Thump-Thump
  • 33. Thump-Thump
  • 34. Thump-Thump
  • 35. Did that just happen? Did I actually pull it off? She kissed me. She kissed me and there was nothing wrong with it.
  • 36. And she is smiling. Does that mean she liked it? Di she actually accept the kiss without any cost or rhyme? It’s just. I don’t know what to make of it.
  • 37. Twitchy, “Thank you, Jerry. That was a pretty good one, even if short. I suppose that means it was a good one in all on it’s own.”
  • 38. “You really think so?” Twitchy, “Of course I do. What did you think I meant?” “Nothing. I really don’t know what to make of it. I just wasn’t expecting it.” Twitchy, “Neither was I.”
  • 39. Twitchy, “Jerry?” “Yes?” Twitchy, “Thank you again for being my first kiss.” “Um, you’re welcome?” Twitchy, “So now what?”
  • 40. “How about a back rub?” Twitchy, “Sure, why not?” “Ok, just turn around and I’ll let my fingers do their thing.”
  • 41. After the massage, Twitchy and I return to dancing some more.
  • 42. Eventually she excuses herself to use the ladies room, so I take another shot at the dance sphere.
  • 43. Thankfully, Twitchy wasn’t there to see me get thrown off and proceed to upchuck my breakfast on the floor.
  • 44. When she comes back down the stairs, another feeling washes over me and I find myself compelled to say some things I thought I’d ever say let alone I had the words for.
  • 45. “Twitchy.” Twitchy, “Yes?” “I just want to say that these past few days have been well, different for me and I have to say almost magical.” Twitchy, “Please, Jerry.” “I’ve been having a wonderful time with you and, well, I guess I should be happy to be the heir.”
  • 46. Twitchy, “And why is that?” “Well, because as the heir I get to spend a great deal of time with the person who will be my wife and if that person is going to be you, so be it. I will be happy.”
  • 47. Twitchy, “You’re making me blush, Jerry. Do you really mean that? All of it?” “I said it, didn’t I?”
  • 48. Twitchy, “Oh, Jerry.”
  • 49. “Twitchy.” And so ends our date.
  • 50. I return home simple enough, but then something occurs to me. Did I really say those things to Twitchy? That I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life with her? But how will I handle this with Jeannie? I know we’ve kissed and I want to spend time with her as well, but… is there no way things can’t just work themselves out? Or even to a degree so that I can at least win? Do I have to choose just Twitchy? Can’t I have Jeannie too?
  • 51. “Abignale, I need advice. I’m in a predicament!” Abignale, “I’ll say. For one you should never barge into the bathroom while your sister is using it.” “But this is an emergency!”
  • 52. Chuck, “Did I hear someone say predicament?” Enter Chuck at just the perfect moment.
  • 53. Chuck, “So Jerry, enough about your predicament, I got something better to share in this tiny cramped bathroom.” Really now, and just what might that be? Chuck, “I am the bomb. That’s right. The bomb. And not just because I’ve always been the bomb. Oh no, there’s more to it than that.” “Like what?”
  • 54. Chuck, “I am the bomb because I’m passing school with excellent grades. That’s right, A+ student the bomb material right here.” “That’s really nice and all, but I got bigger problems to deal with.” Chuck, “Like what?” “None of your business.”
  • 55. Chuck, “Oh come on now, I deserve to know about this. Abignale?” Abignale, “Nope, can’t share what I don’t know.” “And I ain’t sharing til you leave.” Abignale, “Does this mean we’re going to be playing punch-me, punch-you for a while?” “Yes.”
  • 56. Chuck, “Come on now, I must know it. It’s getting to delicious not to need to know.” “Ain’t sharing nothing with you Chuck.”
  • 57. Chuck, “Fine then. I’ll join in on the game myself.”
  • 58. “Uh, Abignale… my predicament.” Abignale, “It’ll have to wait until we’re someplace more quiet.” “Like when?” Abignale, “Not now of course, but later.”
  • 59. By the time the maid showed up into the bathroom, I knew it was time to leave. The bathroom is crowded enough with three people, let alone four.
  • 60. Xerxes, “I know I’m popular but this is ridiculous.” Chuck, “Just want to congratulate you on something, pops.” Ralph, “Daddy, let’s talk about stuff.” Abignale, “Wait, why did I come in here when Jerry wants to talk to me.”
  • 61. Abignale, “Alright, Jerry. Things should be more peaceful between us now that Chuck is busy talking to dad. So what’s up?” “I find myself in a bit of a problem that I don’t exactly know the best way out of.” Abignale, “Like…”
  • 62. “Well, it all starts with a kiss. I kissed Jeannie and I like her very much. But being the heir, I have to marry someone with ‘ugly’ genetics so I’m forced into this relationship with Twitchy. Anyways, today I kissed her and found out that I like her very much as well.”
  • 63. Abignale, “Ok…” “See, the thing is, I like both of these girls very much. The thing is, I can only marry one and well I know who that person is. And I’ve decided I can be happy with that choice.” Abignale, “So where’s the problem?”
  • 64. “The thing is, I still care very much about Jeannie, even though I know I won’t be able to marry her. So the thing is, isn’t there some kind of way for me to win and have both girls or something?”
  • 65. Abignale, “What a complicated little triangle you’ve wound up in. Listen, this might not be the exact answer you’re looking for, but the way I see it, you won’t be able to win and have both girls. You have to factor in the whole jealousy thing and the fact that, well… you can’t exactly excel (?) in two relationships and exactly call it fair. You can probably have both girls, but I doubt it’d be a winning situation.”
  • 66. “So I can still be with Jeannie and Twitchy at the same time?” Abignale, “I suppose you could, it’s just.” “Just what?” Abignale, “Just consider for a moment again the whole jealousy thing. And not to mention that there will be consequences. After all, you are supposed to be dedicating your life to the one you marry.” “I know that, and I’ll be happy with Twitchy. It’s just-”
  • 67. Abignale, “Jerry, I’m only going to say this once: beware of the consequences. There’s no way this is going to work out in the end. No matter what you think. Just remember that and try not to let this get anymore complicated. It’s bad enough knowing that you are a romance type. And being pleasure myself, I can’t give you the best advice.”
  • 68. “Alright, I understand. Just be careful. Isn’t that what Romance sims do anyway?”
  • 69. Fin