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One Ugly Pie 13.3
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One Ugly Pie 13.3


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  • 1. Episode 13.3
    One Dead Term Paper
    One Ugly Pie
  • 2. Varieties of Zombies
    By Buck Grunt
  • 3. Zombies. They are typically considered undead beings that have come back from the grave or those among the deceased. As time passes, the type of zombie that appear in the media changes. In this report, I will detail four different types of zombies that have risen.
  • 4. The modern zombie is frighteningly fast. They are unique in the fact that they are not necessarily considered fully dead. Though the original fast zombies, probably first seen in the movie Return of the Living Dead, were among the undead, more recently they have grown to also be among the living. These living zombies tend to be under the spell of some kind of rage inducing virus that causes the people plagued by the disease to attack any that are not also infected.
  • 5. The undead variety still seek to feast upon brains and/or flesh as it “makes the pain go away”. The living variety have a different agenda it seems. They simply seek to spread the virus to those not infected or otherwise kill them in violent means. Outside of Return of the Living Dead, fast zombies have also been seen in such media sources as the Dawn of the Dead remake and Zombielandmovies as well as video games like Left 4 Dead.
  • 6. Meanwhile
    Xerxes makes a trip to the Pie Shopping center. He still possesses quite a considerable amount of items inherited from the previous generation that need to be sold off. Like lots of food stuffs and vegetables. Hopefully a great deal of it can be sold off. But first, the current inventory in the story must be sold off to make room.
  • 7. A few simselves stop by to help buy up the goods.
  • 8. As well as a few of the local residents unique to Strangetown.
  • 9. Plus the additional bonus visit made by Sassafras Pie who hasn’t been seen in like. Forever. And no Xerxes!
    No flirting with ancestors!
  • 10. With about 57 fridge shelves sitting in Xerxes’ inventory, it’s definitely going to take a lengthy amount of time or maybe just more visits to sell everything off.
  • 11. Back on the home front, Chuck leads his siblings off to private school.
  • 12. I wasn’t really sure if Abignale and Jerry got their due close-ups in the previous installment, so here they are again.
    Coming home from school, they also bring home a friend.
  • 13. She’s no Marsha clone, but Jeannie Widow may have the look down.
  • 14. Jeannie, “Don’t you guys even have goldfish? Some kind of pet? “
    Chuck, “No, why?”
    Jeannie, “Because pets are cool and you guys have all kinds of cool stuff. And yet you don’t have anything as cool as a pet?”
    Chuck, “Well, I do play with the doggies that visit every night. They have cool glowing eyes.”
  • 15. Jeannie, “Let’s play cops and robbers. You get to be the cop.”
    Chuck, “Ok, pew pew!”
    Jeannie, “Hah! You missed. You’ll never hit me. I’m too good at dodging.”
    Chuck, “No fair!”
  • 16. Chuck and Jeannie move their games outside, giving plenty of room for Abignale and Jerry to do their homework.
  • 17. Later in the day, Xerxes grows into an aged sim. And is oddly enough missing his… uh… belly? And Ratna uses karate powers to chop both hands through a wooden door.
  • 18. Xerxes, “These aren’t the clothes I made for myself.”
  • 19. Xerxes, “Now this is more like it. Hey kids, come to see your dad?”
    Jerry, “Yuppers.”
    Abignale, “I can’t reach you. Jerry is in the way!”
  • 20. Meanwhile, someone has stolen the lawn gnome! Must have been Jeannie, she’s the only one who stopped by to visit
  • 21. Ratna, “I was going to get the gnome back but you had to cancel out my queue.”
    Oops. Sorry. >_>
  • 22. Quick! Abignale, go fetch the gnome back!
  • 23. Abignale, “No, I wanna play with the helicopter.”
  • 24. Quick! Jerry! Go fetch the gnome back!
  • 25. Jerry, “Hey, Abignale. Wanna play a game of catch?”
    Abignale, “No thanks. Having fun with the helicopter.”
  • 26. Quick! Chuck! Go get the gnome back!
    Chuck, “But I was having a good dream.”
    No, now!
  • 27. Well, since no one wants to fetch it, I surrender and purchase a new one.
  • 28. Buck, “Now where was I.”
  • 29. Buck, “Oh right. Moving onto the slow zombies.”
  • 30. George Romero is one name that kicked off the flood of zombie movies. His movie Night of the Living Dead was the start of numerous films that featured the slow moving undead zombies. These variety have only been known to move at a pace that is easily out-run, but known for rare quick lunges when close to a victim.
  • 31. These zombies have always been known to be undead and are ever relentless in their search for flesh, both human and otherwise. This variety of zombie is rare nowadays, but still makes appearances in the media. The cause for the return of this type of zombie ranges from magical to chemicals. They are able to spread their undead state to the living through simple bites and even scratches in certain cases. The affected person will go through a feverish stage before lapsing into unconsciousness then death. The person then returns shortly afterwards as a zombie.
  • 32. Today is Chuck’s birthday, so a party is thrown in his honor. Only in this case, the party is thrown while the person of the hour is at school and long before the actual main event.
  • 33. Xerxes, “I can’t dance like I used to, Marcie. They may have to do terrible x-rays and I don’t want the bill.”
  • 34. Marcie, “Have you tried using a pain relief remedy? What you do is take two eggs and mix it with a bundle of other ingredients. Swirl it about in some water and down it in a single gulp and you’re cured.”
    Xerxes, “Where’d you hear that?”
    Marcie, “I saw it in a movie.”
  • 35. Sharla, “Did you hear what happened to the cheerleader that hung out at our guild house all the time?”
    Xerxes, “No what?”
    Sharla, “She did something that even I don’t know. I just know that she did it. Keep this to yourself, ok.”
  • 36. Xerxes, “Thank you, Yarby. I’m glad you think the party I’m throwing is a good one. So long as you and the others are having a good time, I’ll keep throwing these as often as I can.”
  • 37. Meanwhile, Ratna makes frequent trips to the bathroom to upchuck whatever food she’s managed to eat. Apparently, she must have caught a nasty flu bug when I wasn’t looking. We don’t need anymore green ghosts.
  • 38. Chuck, “See you tomorrow, Miss bus driver. I’m off to grow up into a teenager and get all sorts of cool presents.”
  • 39. So how big do you think you’ll be when you grow into a teenager?
    Chuck, “I’ll grow up to be this big.”
    Kinda small, huh?
  • 40. Chuck, “Hey, look at how big and sexy looking I am? Girls will come a runnin’ from all over the place to get a piece of this.”
    Chuck rolls Romance with a LTW of being a Professional Party Guest. Turn on’s being cologne and underwear, off being make-up. Not sure if I gave his personality stats so here they are as well: 10/10/10/2/3
  • 41. Abignale, “Big brother, how come you gotta do elementary school work like me? Aren’t you in high school now?”
    Chuck, “I have no idea. I just know that I have to finish it up or I’ll get in trouble.”
  • 42. Like father, like son.
  • 43. Looks like someone has stolen the lawn gnome again. That’s ok, because this time, Ratna will keep stealing it back in her cue. No messing up this time.
  • 44. Ratna, “That gnome will be ours once more. Keeheeheehee.”
  • 45. “Can I use the computer now?”
    Buck, “Not yet. I’m still typing up my term paper.”
  • 46. There is a slow zombie that we as sims are used to seeing in our own lives. While they do consistently think of brains as a food source, they are not dissimilar to our own physiology. They eat normal foods, bathe, use waste facilities, as well as have urges to socialize and seek out fun. These zombies are also among the undead variety as they are generally resurrected sims.
  • 47. The fact that these zombies are able to function well in our society allows them to work jobs and be accepted as normal citizens for the most part. They have been known for a nasty reputation for the rare cases that they are able to somehow spread their state to other sims via fighting and winning said fights. I do not have enough research on this subject to fully understand how this occurs or what makes these particular zombies special.
  • 48. For some reason, a couple of readers have made comments about there not going to be Ratna and Xerxes babies.
    Ratna, “That’s right, never gonna happen.”
  • 49.
  • 50.
  • 51. Ratna, “I said this isn’t going to happen.”
    Yea, well. Sometimes the audience deserves to get what it asks for. Not like this was a big request either.
  • 52. Jeannie Widow makes another stop by the Pie house. Seems the wolves know her reputation of stealing lawn gnomes.
  • 53. Jeannie, “Wow. I didn’t know you actually were able to get a pet. Though maybe you should keep it on a leash. That thing was all gggrrrr! My mom would be upset at you people if I were to get hurt.”
    Jerry, “You people?”
  • 54. Jerry, “Ha hah! I killed you nasty robber. Now what are you gonna do?”
    Jeannie, “I’m gonna come back to life and haunt you as a ghost.”
  • 55. Jeannie, “Or even better: steal your gnome.”
  • 56. Apparently, Ratna is making it clear why she didn’t want a pregnancy. It’s being a lot rougher on her than most other sims have had it in this house.
  • 57. Chuck, “You alright there, step-mom? You don’t look too well.”
  • 58. On a second trip to care for an urgent need, Ratna manages to take care of business only to collapse once more. At least her head fell away from the toilet.
  • 59. Chuck, “Hey, check it out lil copter thing. I’m gonna get the gnome back.”
  • 60. Chuck, “Heehee… I heard my name sake would round house kick whoever stole the gnome, but I’ll settle with just stealing it back.”
  • 61. Ratna, “I’m hungry!”
    Then have a quick, hunger satisfying strawberry lemonade. It’ll help a lot more than cooking up a meal at this point.
  • 62. Did I mention that lightning has struck another breadfruit tree and we now have three of these things permanently on fire? Amazing isn’t it?
  • 63. Ratna, “I hope this ends soon. I’m so sick of lugging this thing around. It’s not fun at all!”
  • 64. I swear it looks like Colgate.
  • 65. Ok, some of you may not even see what is in this picture at all. But, what I wanted to say is that there is a blue ghost in this picture. Actually, hold that thought and go to the next slide.
  • 66. Ok, the ghost in this picture, he’s actually blue in color when he’s out wandering about. But he wasn’t always blue. In fact he didn’t even die of drowning. That was Tulip Pie remember? Apparently, Tulip and this random townie that starved to death have somehow swapped ghost colors. Weird huh? I wish I knew what caused that.
  • 67. Ratna, “Care to explain why you got me pregnant? And please tell me you have some reason better than just ‘it’ll make a couple readers happy.’”
  • 68. Xerxes, “There’s just something appealing about a pregnant woman. I don’t know how to explain it, but you look just incredibly sexy standing there.”
    Ratna, “I am standing in my underwear you know.”
    Xerxes, “Even if you were in maternity wear, I still think you’d look amazing.”
  • 69. And the time finally comes when Ratna screams as the tiny little one in her womb says it’s ready to come out and join the rest of the world. Looks like Chuck is missing out on this moment, but we do have the train of family members wondering what to do.
  • 70. And with a spin and twirl, out comes the wonderful little Ralph Pie. All that he reveals is that he has brown hair and dark blue eyes. Anything else looks like it won’t show itself til the toddler stage.
  • 71. And everyone starts to cheer. Except for Ratna.
    Ratna, “Hope you are all happy. I didn’t even want the thing.”
  • 72. Buck, “What was the final kind. Oh right.”
  • 73. Though not entirely forgotten, the voodoo zombie has long since been phased out of media. This kind of zombie was created by practitioners of voodoo magic. Zombies were not necessarily undead, but were still living beings. However, they were under the control of a powerful spell that caused them to do whatever their master asked of them.
  • 74. As a result to how phased out this variety of zombie is, I was unable to gather much information on it outside of the little I could gleam off the internet. Even in recent media with voodoo, shadow monsters played a bigger role in The Princess and The Frog than voodoo zombies. Disney must have thought such beings would be frightening for children.
  • 75. Jerry, “Welcome back, Jeannie. How long has it been?”
    Jeannie, “Only a few days.”
    Jerry, “So what do you want to do?”
    Jeannie, “Let’s play rock, paper, scissors.”
  • 76. Jerry, “Hah, I win again!”
    Jeannie, “That’s not fair! I’m supposed to win too. Or even make draws at times. You’re not allowed to win every time.”
    Jerry, “But I am.”
    Jeannie, “Not cool.”
  • 77. Jeannie, “I’ll teach you to beat me at rock, paper, scissors all the time.”
  • 78. Jeannie, “I hate flowers.”
    Chuck, “Hey, my shirt happens to have flowers on it.”
    Jeannie, “I guess I hate your shirt too.”
    Chuck, “You’re lucky you’re only a little girl or I’d teach you a lesson about hating peoples’ wardrobe choices.”
    Jeannie, “Then go change your clothes.”
    Chuck, “No! Not just because you hate the flowers on my shirt.”
  • 79. Later that night, Jerry goes to fetch back the lawn gnome. Only he comes back with three of them. Two of which mysteriously vanish.
  • 80. Jerry, “Look, dad. I got an A+”
    Abignale, “I got an A+ too.”
    Jerry, “You copy cat!”
    Abignale, “No, you copied me.”
    Jerry, “Nu uh! I was here first, so you copied me.”
  • 81. Meanwhile, today is Ralph’s birthday. He’s been hiding behind the curtain so time for him to get some more camera time.
  • 82. Ratna, “Wow… a face that, as the saying goes but doesn’t necessarily apply here, only a mother could love.”
  • 83. It ain’t no freakish mutation, but Ralph got the eyes and nose from Xerxes and the lips from dear ol’ Ratna. Who know? Maybe it gets a pinch worse as he grows up. Don’t count in topping Jerry, k?
    Personality Stats: 6/10/3/6/0
  • 84. While Ratna and Xerxes stuff their faces with cake, Chuck makes a mad dash to potty train Ralph, only to make it there a touch too late.
  • 85. Ratna, “Come now Ralph, you must learn to talk. How else will you be able to properly scream at people to get things done once you’re a fine grown man of Mr. big status?”
  • 86. The weather is getting colder around Strangetown. No snow yet, but still chilly enough to don cold weather gear.
  • 87. Well it’s time already for another set of birthdays: Abignale and Jerry’s. First up, Abignale.
  • 88. The first thing that strikes me is that she grows into an outfit I have never seen before. It’s so… I have no idea, but she’s staying in it since it’s so… unique.
    Pleasure LTW Celebrity Chef
    On: Fat, Clean Off: Grey Hair
    Personality: 4/1/10/6/10
    Looks like everyone else is preoccupied to give Abignale any proper welcome into the teen years.
  • 89. Jerry, “Do I really have to grow up?”
  • 90. Whoa. Jerry grows into another outfit I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Then again, I don’t really go through the teenage clothes section very often.
  • 91. Nice, Xerxes. Think of Abignale now when the spotlight is now on Jerry.
    Romance LTW Still unknown
    On: High job position, no job (How lovely!) Off: Black Hair
    Personality: 6/6/10/7/6
  • 92. Buck, “Just save and print. And done.”
  • 93. Buck, “A nice pat on the back for a job well done. Hope the psychology professor finds my paper satisfactory.”
  • 94. And one final thing: those wondering who Jeannie Widow is, she’s the first born daughter from my Black Widow challenge. You can find it in the Other Challenges section if you want to give it a read. Thank you.