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  • 1. One Ugly Pie
    A Non-Plotty Update
    Done as per Request
  • 2. First and foremost, I’d like to warn that a few dozen of these pictures were taken long before I upgraded both the graphics and picture size/quality.
    Secondly, there isn’t much in the way of plot. This update is merely to give the low down on what has happened to the Pie family since last we left them.
    Thirdly, I present to you all the fish collected and mounted wonderfully on the wall here. So +1 point. 
  • 3. Let us start with the current generation sitting in college. I didn’t take much pictures, since Chapter 10 pretty much covers a great deal of them and I was really sick of college aka Young adult stage.
    Yarby spent a lot of her free time crying. She is a romance sim and did not receive much romance.
  • 4. Yarby did get the opportunity to do a bit of flinging with one of her professors, but it never amounted to anything except spying on her in the shower. I tried and she throws it back in my face. >: (
  • 5. Zayl picked up a side hobby of spying on Vidcund. He also found another hobby to fill his time.
  • 6. He started picking on the llama mascot. Eventually they start to duke it out with llama man winning every time.
    I also gave almost everyone in the family a make-over post-band troubles. I figured a nice flannel shirt fit Zayl just peachy.
  • 7. Here is Yarby in her new look. She kept playing musical instruments (as did many folks in the guild house).
    Yes, Yarby cried a lot due to a major aspirational low. I just really wanted college to be over.
  • 8. Marcie still continues her alien search. Or rather just a whole lot of stargazing.
  • 9. Had no idea what to do with Tina Traveler, adoptee. Somehow, I thought this look suited her. She also volunteered herself to stay behind and protect the guild house from destruction when she obtained Academic Probation. Guess I wasn’t paying attention. >_>;; She’ll be her for when the next generation comes round.
  • 10. Sharla Ottoman, second adoptee, was another clueless idea. Mime paint and black knight armor seemed to be her ultimate defense against becoming Cow plant food. More on that later.
  • 11. As for Xerxes, he just became pudgier. Mostly because of all the fish these kids eat and he’s been the one making the outfits for everyone.
  • 12. Without any prodding, Zayl and Xerxes still argue amongst each other. It’s generally kept to a minimum sine Xerxes is usually up to sewing projects and Zayl goes after mascots.
  • 13. Tina eventually joins Zayl in on mascot torment. Only this case it’s one of the cheerleaders. Go figure.
  • 14. With the graphics beefed up and the photos as well, I start taking close-ups of the kids phaces.
  • 15. Tina
  • 16. Marcie
    Didn’t find anything on Xerxes or Sharla though. Yarby’s photo accompanied her makeover look.
  • 17. Mmmmm, rainbow trout, wrapped in bacon, with mushrooms, rice, and greens. And lemon, bleh.
  • 18. As I mentioned earlier, Sharla dodged the cow plant ghostification. Simply by waiting patiently, some random secret society member took the bait and grabbed me the ghost. The urn is currently sitting in the heir’s inventory, waiting to join other gravestones on the family lot.
  • 19. Eventually, the four main kids graduated… but which one is the heir? Who was chosen? Well, based on the votes from that thing long ago…
  • 20. It wasn’t Marcie. She’s currently living downtown, dreaming to eventually become a City Planner. I’m not sure if she’ll get any playtime until after the uglacy is over or if I decide to do something side plot-wise.
  • 21. It isn’t Yarby, who lives just a little ways down the street from her sister. Yarby is looking forward to knocking boots with 20 different sims. With the look of aviation pilot in a skirt (at least, I liked the outfit), who knows how that may turn out?
  • 22. Sharla is ruled out since she is an adopted child. I don’t remember her dreams except not to be cow plant chow. Growing up in Chloe Singles outfit and topped off with her mother’s hairstyle is where I leave her.
  • 23. Nope, Zayl isn’t the heir either. His fat sack of crap is living in the same area as his siblings in the downtown area. He hopes to one day have 20 best friends.
    So who is the heir? Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s only one name left. Which will be revealed in the next update. Now on to the main house.
  • 24. A long time ago, Loki became a plant sim. He spawned a single plant baby named Rosie. She spawned 4 plant babies herself. Their mission: die with dignity to get some nice ghost colors.
  • 25. These plant babies grew up rather unstable, which made them even more perfect fodder. Upon downing some wonderful anti-plant sim cure, they became human. This is there terrible death throes.
  • 26. Cedar Pie was scared to death between both that snotty starved to death ghost and servo crushed by satellite tag team. After verifying his death, he died with dignity in a puddle of his own something other.
  • 27. Her name was Tulip Pie. She swam in a pull for 3 days before she drowned.
  • 28. And of the last obdient child was Sunflower. She fatally ran around to fast with some scissors and cut herself something fierce.
  • 29. All that remained was Oak. He was to die gracefully within the elevator. But he refused. Time after time, he went up and down and never died. So he got a girlfriend. They knocked boots so many times and still, he survived every crash.
  • 30. At this point I turned him into a warlock and sat his rumpkiss in the opposite chair til his mood was low. A trip with Miss Piggy to the local shop and he was riding the elevator once more.
  • 31. And when it finally crashed, Oak’s mood so low he couldn’t survive…
  • 32. And yet he did survive. At this point, I gave up on the elevator ghost.
  • 33. Oak Pie left the world in a blaze of glorious flames.
    But not all deaths were quite so pleasant.
  • 34. Miss Piggy had her own death: Rally Forth. Yes she did actually die out on the lawn. She refused to die in the kitchen as seen in Chapter 10. The scene was temporarily moved to the kitchen for plot sake. >_>
  • 35. Loki was devastated. But he too has his own obligation to fulfill.
  • 36. First he grew old. Then we made lots of roaches via trash. And believe me…. It took for freakin ever for him to finally catch the flu.
  • 37. Flu concieved, I locked him in a room with only a fridge and a toilet til he died 4-5 days later. Though I think it was actually 3 days afterward. :-
  • 38. And that is how Miss Piggy and Loki parted the living world.
  • 39. Because I could not stop for Death,
    He kindly stopped for me;
    The carriage held but just ourselves
    And Immortality.
    We slowly drove, he knew no haste,
    And I had put away
    My labor, and my leisure too,
    For his civility.
  • 40. We passed the school, where children strove
    At recess, in the ring;
    We passed the fields of gazing grain,
    We passed the setting sun.
  • 41. Or rather, he passed us;
    The dews grew quivering and chill,
    For only gossamer my gown,
    My tippet only tulle.
  • 42. We paused before a house that seemed
    A swelling of the ground;
    The roof was scarcely visible,
    The cornice but a mound.
  • 43. Since then 'tis centuries, and yet each
    Feels shorter than the day
    I first surmised the horses' heads
    Were toward eternity.
    Poem by Emily Dickenson