Back to Basics Chapter 8


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Final chapter of my Back to Basics Apocalypse Challenge

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Back to Basics Chapter 8

  1. 1. How the <br />Town of Ledora <br />Was Saved!<br />or The End of The Ramirez Family<br />By Tinkerbell Mel<br />
  2. 2. It all began somewhere, didn&apos;t it? In this case, it started with that precocious little girl, Tessa Ramirez. Yes, that little girl with the bug eyes and her parents owned some furniture store. Her sob story is probably known by all, but I say there&apos;s nothing too sobby about it. I mean, her parents were so broke they had to sale their business, yet Tessa is able to go to college? Isn&apos;t it odd that no one ever thought of that was suspicious? Even if those details aren&apos;t important, not too much else dreadful happens to her. She gets through college all fine and dandy, getting a snazzy little degree in art. And what use that has! Especially considering once she graduated, all hell breaks loose and somehow our fair town is suffering from an apocalyptic event that makes life so much more miserable. And to make things worse, no one had the sense to actually take the steps in order to make life easy. Well, no one except that annoying Tessa. It seems that for whatever reason, only she and her family line could save us all from oblivion. And oh joy of joys it is Tessa herself that not only restores hope but also art to Ledora. So all thanks to her, our fair people cans once more feel the courage to marry and procreate. And I suppose that being able to observe and own art had its own merits. <br />
  3. 3. With the bounty of beauty beguiling us all, our local Judge joined Tessa in holy matrimony. The two were dating when Tessa was in college and despite his numerous visits to her homey shack of ply wood, he never had the hope to move in with her until after artwork was no longer forbidden. Houston somehow managed to rise to the title of Mayor, though how was anyone even supposed to run against him? We were all, &quot;Oh no! We&apos;re hopeless! And Artless!&quot; Well, before Tessa restored those wonderful things to Ledora. Perhaps the townsfolk were so impressed with what was restored, they didn&apos;t care who was Mayor. Supposedly it was a good thing that Houston managed to become mayor of Ledora as he somehow did away with the small housing ordinance. Because no one really loved living in a small shack and despised the thought of making towers. Also, we could &apos;influence&apos; each other to do things. Because influencing people is SO important. <br />
  4. 4. Tessa and Houston managed to spawn to boys out of there union. The first was Pedro, the weird dentist. He made sure everyone in town called him an oral hygienist and demanded that ambulances stop picking him up. And with magic fluoride, managed to make our water supply safe for consumption and hygiene. Which is pretty crazy. Before we had showers and tubs, we did just fine with washing our hands a million times. That somehow kept us from producing green stink clouds, even if the children suffered from them more often than the teenagers and adults. But no one seemed to care when they had &apos;fresh water&apos; sprinkling from showers or pooling in tubs. What&apos;s more no one really seemed to care that this wonderful oral hygienist was a homicidal maniac. But with no proper authorities, I guess no one bothered. Maybe if they started pointing fingers, they figured he would kill them. How he managed to procreate is beyond belief. <br />
  5. 5. The second son was Manuel. He was a lot like his brother only into more physical pursuits than hygienic. And by physical, I mean effort that causes the opposite effect of hygienic. He practically promoted green clouds of stench. Perhaps that&apos;s why his brother killed him and Manuel&apos;s daughter. They were the symbolism of the very thing Pedro was trying to banish. But before his death, Manuel managed to convince everyone that it was A-OK to start working our muscles again. Don&apos;t know why it took a professional bowler to convince people of such things. I guess people were so convinced it was the real apocalypse, that there was no point in staying in shape. <br />
  6. 6. Things wouldn&apos;t be good if the family died out, so Tessa had a plan. She somehow convinced an old college friends to marry one of her children. Bringing a wonderful college education with her, Kari did her best to be the wife of whichever child was deemed... worthy. Manuel was the original one, having chosen her with lots of vomit on her face. While birthing a child known as Samantha (later killed by Pedro for being useless), Kari was busy becoming a rising Hollywood star. Yes, a professional actor is one very key position in restoring our fair Ledora to normal. And how wonderful it was that she somehow inspired us all to realize we don&apos;t need to wear our hair in the same style we had all our lives nor the shabby clothes (mismatched or not). Heck, she even inspired the females that make-up can be wonderful. And amid all that wonderful restoration of being able to change clothes and pretty ourselves up, I suppose we all suddenly realized we should start dating and throwing parties once more. Because who cares if we&apos;re in the midst of an apocalypse when we can have fun? And with so much fun occurring across Ledora, Manuel and his daughter mere killed and Pedro forced Kari to carry his child instead. Somehow, Kari killed Pedro and life was made happy once more. If you can believe that. <br />
  7. 7. There was only one child Kari birthed that managed to survive Pedro&apos;s vicious grip. It might have only been because she was his spawn. It might be irony, but the local psychopath brought forth the person who restored law & order to town, taking up the mantle of Captain Hero. Stifle any giggles, because Catherine never launched a comic book series. While her mother was slowly aging, she somehow managed to find a suitable suitor for her surviving spawn. It was with him that Catherine continued the Ramirez family line with three children. <br />
  8. 8. Though how Kari considered that bumbling oaf Reed a suitable husband for her daughter should have raised questions. Barely able to produce a comprehensible sentence or a fully train a thought, Reed was insane. Perhaps it was for the best though, since he wasn&apos;t crazy enough to kill. The maniac entered the household, another college grad. Only instead of the wonders of art or the infamous red carpet, he pursued ghosts and the undead. After all, with the end of the world at hand for Ledora, there must be an ungodly amount of ghosts terrorizing the folk. Thanks you Reed for putting so many spirits to rest. And thank you for making a deal with Death himself to allow us to beg and plead for the lives of whoever may die from an early demise. <br />
  9. 9. Bursting forth and leaving mess after grimy mess in his wake, Daniel was the first born between Catherine and Reed. If anything, he was a bum, so maybe that&apos;s why he chose bum jobs. Yet it&apos;s quite a feat that had to be accomplished, because without someone doing those jobs, how else would Daniel somehow manage to convince the bosses of every possible career path available to all who reside in Ledora. Convince them to let us keep our jobs even when we feel like taking the day off. Keep our jobs when we happen to miss the carpool. Convince them to let us back into the same career after they fired us for incompetence. <br />
  10. 10. Second born Angelina carries on the crazy gene. Apparently, at least one person per generation in the Ramirez family tree has to be insane in some manner or another. The link is so scary when it&apos;s true. And while it was so crazy that she managed to become a Mad Scientist, I don&apos;t think anyone minded that too much. After all, why complain when there&apos;s that wonderful buzzing electricity providing lights, computers, and TVs once more? All the electronic splendor kept us all distracted to never realize it was a mad woman that gave it all back to us. <br />
  11. 11. Timothy was the last child Catherine and Reed gave our town. And what a blessing it was to have him climb to the top of the local crime ring. Sure, he might have ensured that no one had to pay weekly protection money. Sure, he might have given us the ability to craft multiple items. But is it really all that nice? We praise a local crime lord for freeing us from the old one. That&apos;s just splendid! And to think his mother, the one person that restored law & order to Ledora. Not only that, but Timothy was chosen to carry on the family line. Another smart decision.<br />
  12. 12. Timothy was wed to Tammy, thusly making the two Timmy and Tammy. I guess someone thought it was a clever rhyming scheme. Probably the same person who thought it was a good idea the two marry and reproduce. Tammy&apos;s contribution to the town was one that actually seems to be beneficial: the restoration of plants. Because in the midst of doomsday, nothing says, &quot;We&apos;re almost out of this.&quot; than seeing lots of lovely plants. Green ones. Doubtful if any would consider the town near safe if nothing but dead plants took a hold of the town. Probably lay down and die, believing it truly is Armageddon. But it isn&apos;t and between Timmy and Tammy, three more Ramirez children are born to finish the task started so many years ago by Tessa. <br />
  13. 13. Assisting the three recently born Ramirez kids is the formerly dead Samantha. She was revived for one reason or another by Angelina. Perhaps out of gratitude, Samantha took a career in science. That and lured many unsuspecting folk into the maw of a cow plant so that Angelina can drink the life restoring milk. Some people say Tammy took part in it, but who knows or really cares? Ledora is out two Sandy&apos;s and who knows what other folk may fall victim to being devoured. Thing is, some people may not have noticed that Samantha is also copying another family member. <br />Perhaps death has killed her sense of individuality, since she&apos;s also copied Tessa&apos;s sense of style. At least she hasn&apos;t turned into some kind of gothic girl and dress in all black just because she was killed by her uncle. It&apos;d be such an easy stereo-type to fall back upon for someone of Samantha&apos;s caliber. <br />
  14. 14. Three children carry on the line, the second born named Bob. Bob played a lot of chess during his childhood. It is rumored he also liked putting blocks into various shapes as a toddler. And because of these habits, Bob quickly increased his logic beyond any normal standard for one of his age. At least, for normal kids. Considering this is the Ramirez family and only they carry the burden of releasing us all from the tragedy of an apocalypse, perhaps it is not so out of the ordinary. <br />When it came for Bob to grow into the teenage stage of life, his father sought to tell as many of his friends as possible. No, he didn&apos;t want to throw a party, nor did he, but many people were informed that it was Bob&apos;s birthday. Rumor has it that they wanted it to be the third child&apos;s birthday. Said child being the daughter named Zoey. Timmy was probably none to pleased about such thoughts. <br />
  15. 15. Bob grew up. And his family was none to pleased. Rather bland. All in attendance was Timmy and the first born son, Jake. <br />Bob and Jake hugged, quickly realizing that they had more in common than parents: that is, because we were still rationing food at the time, everyone was hungry for the most part. <br />
  16. 16. Sports, sports, sports, sports, sports. For a kid who was stuck on a strict routine of building his brains, Bob would not shut up about more athletic pursuits. <br />The rest of the family didn&apos;t think too highly of such thoughts. After all, we were all taught proper exercising from Manuel so very long ago. What good would it do if we were taught the same lesson twice. Absolutely nothing! That is why the family had Bob punished.<br />
  17. 17. While many thought it would be wrong, nothing is too wrong for the Ramirez family! With criminal masterminds, mad scientists, and killer psychopaths in the family, a little electro-shock therapy would be perfectly harmless. <br />All that zapping convinced Bob that being a sports star is not a good idea. He started investing his time in learning more practical ideals: like convincing the townsfolk that it&apos;s A-OK to sale our stuff instead of hogging it all. <br />
  18. 18. Shocking had other consequences. Bob came home from school to yell at his baby sister about his good grades. Big whoop. Another crazy Ramirez. <br />Keeping track of Zoey was a task for everyone in the family. Mostly it was Samantha&apos;s job, as she is the responsible adult in the household. Responsible meaning she was the only adult not meditating.<br />
  19. 19. All the other adults with real jobs were meditating. They say it was to conserve supplies, but my theory is that they did it to avoid the responsibility of raising their family. I suppose Angelina would be exempt as she is related only by aunt-hood and not as key to raising the children as Timmy and Tammy. They still held jobs, but otherwise just meditated away. <br />Jake often helped Samantha. At least, when she was at work. When Samantha was back at the house, Jake would immediately move on to other tasks, like oh so important exercise! <br />
  20. 20. Regardless of a great lack of parental supervision by her real parents, Zoey managed to survive to childhood. Being the good girl that she is (and making good on ensuring that Kari&apos;s hard work wasn&apos;t put to waste), Zoey quickly made her hair look &apos;much better&apos;. <br />
  21. 21. With plants restored, the Ramirez decided to decorate their house with wonderful square bushes and some trees. However, they made no attempt of their own to keep the green in proper care, instead letting it run rampant. A particular Ledora resident found the sight so appalling that they decided to spruce up the garden himself, without being influenced or paid. <br />
  22. 22. Not all the adults of the Timmy&apos;s generation meditated their lives away. It&apos;s been observed that Daniel made sure the family had kept a few local connections to ensure that Jake, Bob, and Zoey could impress their future bosses or some such. Because apparently, the only way to get by in the world is to know people. Sounds awfully suspicious to me, like maybe they wanted things to get better, but didn&apos;t care to do it themselves. <br />
  23. 23. Jake was making friends with Ledora residents himself. Or perhaps it&apos;d be a safer bet stating he was making more than friends. Don&apos;t be fooled by the rather shy kiss most observed him sharing with Lucy. <br />What started off as seemingly bashful tap quickly grew into something more passionate. And everyone in town thought to look down upon Meadow Thayer.<br />
  24. 24. As the children grew, so did their parents. Despite all the meditating, Timmy was forced into his elder years and nick-named grandpa by his kids at time. It&apos;s a wonder that he didn&apos;t start wearing glasses considering how he looks like he is always squinting. But with him meditating life away, why would he even bother with glasses? <br />
  25. 25. With adult-hood nearing, Jake decided it was time to get a head start into his military career. While the normal way might include enrolling in an ROTC program, Jake somehow manages to do it as being a Paintball Attendant. Yes, because even though it&apos;s the end of the world, we somehow managed to salvage paintball guns for our own entertainment. <br />
  26. 26. Things were going poorly for the Ramirez around that time as well. With so much good being down, perhaps they felt they strong desire to entice sympathy from the townsfolk once again. Though how grilling hot dogs instead of hamburgers is such a tragedy is beyond me. <br />What sounded like a better tragedy was when the two boys, Jake and Bob both, received food poisoning. It&apos;s as if eating fly infested, green fuming food wouldn&apos;t cause stomach churning pain. Being the good adult that she is, Samantha made the attempt to create a cure for their illness so they wouldn&apos;t waste time doing it the old fashion way like the rest of us. <br />
  27. 27. Yet in her pursuit of a cure for their illness, she got infected with a virus of her own. Her own virus left Samantha dashing for a toilet to barf in just as often as Jake and Bob. Perhaps a side-effect of her own disease, but Samantha had no luck making any medicine that cured the family, forcing the Ramirez boys and herself to deal with their diseases the old fashioned way of laying about in bed and putting up with it.<br />
  28. 28. Jake eventually became an adult just fine. Considering his &apos;connections&apos; as a teen, he managed to jump ahead to a Flight Officer status. Either that means he sits on a plane and orders people around or actually fly is a good question. Hopefully the former, as the scary thought of having someone of Ramirez caliber flying a flying weapon system is a scary thought. <br />
  29. 29. The military training took hold of Jake as he made it a point to lecture everyone in the family whenever someone broke anything. In fact, it&apos;s stated that on his first day of work, before getting in the carpool, he lectured Samantha for breaking a TV by simply turning it on. <br />Or perhaps Jake&apos;s serious behavior is limited to certain occasions. Every day he returns from work, he&apos;s been observed parading about with open arms announcing his return. With or without being a step closer to making Ledora a better place.<br />
  30. 30. Due to his wonderful military training, Jake was also dubbed the household mechanic, frequently fixing those items he lectured his family about breaking. <br />
  31. 31. And once more, the Ramirez cry out with tragedy. &quot;Oh no!&quot; They cry out. &quot;One of our own is dead once more.&quot; Though once more seems rather odd, considering that the Ramirez who died has never died before. Even more to the point is the question of whether it was truly a natural or even accidental death. <br />Angelina Ramirez was devoured by a cow plant. I personally believe that Samantha did her in, despite any former gratitude bestowed with her own resurrection. Some say the reason Angelina was killed was so that she would later be revived once Ledora became safe for one and all to strike out on their own. Murder is murder is murder. And it&apos;s all the Ramirez&apos;s fault for allowing such things to occur without consequence. <br />
  32. 32. It&apos;s been said that one did cry for Angelina: Zoey. But why? That is a story for another report, not mine.<br />Throughout her entire life, Angelina has been obsessed with the color pink. Some say she wasn&apos;t actually obsessed by the color, but hated it. Yea! Like we&apos;re supposed to believe that she didn&apos;t purposely dye her hair that color or put on make-up of that color or waltz about in that silly dress all the time. In death, she came back as a green ghost. I bet she secretly desired to be scared to death so she could be a pink ghost.<br />
  33. 33. And while Angelina died, her niece grew into a teenager. Her only witness was her brother Bob. She seemed to be extremely happy about it in the beginning. But apparently, she was still upset over the fact that her aunt was dead. <br />
  34. 34. Bob was also quite upset, enough to constantly go outside and kick over the trash can.<br />Though I&apos;m not sure why, Zoey must have somehow idolized her aunt enough to inherit her former bedroom. And scarily enough, fashioned herself some pink pajamas. <br />
  35. 35. With teenage hormones all the rage in the house, it&apos;s easy to forget that Samantha is without a partner. Or at least so many would think. Rumors fly about that she managed to obtain her first woo hoo, but with who no one knows for sure. Well I&apos;ll tell you one thing: no one has ever seen her invite a guy over since Komeii long before Bob grew up. You can come to your own conclusions. <br />Working her feminine charm, Zoey clawed her way into the heart of one of the Malcolm boys. Though that&apos;s what most thought. The truth is that she hesitated, questioning him whether or not he was the one her uncle Daniel had dated in his youth. <br />
  36. 36. His aunt and sister seeking love, Jake tried to jump on the band wagon. After fitfully declaring his arrival for all, he made one fatal mistake in his planning: that the woman that he brought home from his work center wasn&apos;t a viable choice. At least, not as a person to social and flirt with during the daylight hours. Another conclusion would be that perhaps with the status of Commander on both their job titles, the female vampire was a bit concerned that she was riding home with Jake in, of all vehicle, a beat up, dirty little car that only had room for two. <br />
  37. 37. As with her brothers Jakes and Bob, Zoey also befell the annoying fate of rationed food. With all food devoured for the day, she opted for a less hygienically sound meal. As she shoveled in the shapeless morsel, she did not realize that at the same time, Samantha was grilling away hamburgers. And thus, for appearance sake, Zoey was punished to prevent her from exercising such filthy habits. As her brother before her, Zoey&apos;s punishment was electro-shock therapy.<br />
  38. 38. Unlike her husband, Tammy received an actual gift during her birthday transition to elder-hood. Rather than grow old in the midst of meditating, she elected and forced Timmy to go on one final date with her. Besides the typical stuff or kissing and hugging and other wanton activities, Tammy ensure that she and Timmy shared one last big moment with each other.<br />It is good for us all that she is so near old ladyness, considering that adding an additional Ramirez child at this point would SO greatly benefit Ledora. <br />
  39. 39. With Jake and Timmy as witnesses, Tammy twirled into very appropriate waist high slacks and drab mustard yellow shirt to shield folks from viewing her less firm chest. Thankfully, as with her cohorts, Tammy went back to meditating instead of flaunting her new figure.<br />What&apos;s more, Tammy wasn&apos;t the only Ramirez growing up in the household during the period. Not long after, Bob was to celebrate his transition into an adult. He had apparently been working his way through the pint-size teen duties in a business career field, but never quite reaching the same success as Jake. However, Jake did &apos;score&apos; better as he cleverly brought home a companion that did not fear the sun. <br />
  40. 40. But considering his new stage of life, the chances of him pursuing such a companion beyond mere friendship would be illegal and illicit. <br />Many consider that as the chief reason why Bob had flipped his lid, knowing that he would never be able to embrace his one, so-called true love until she joined him in adult-hood. A gift of life that she would never receive. Others theorize that due to his money grubbing ways, Jake was more upset at not being able to attend college.<br />
  41. 41. Samantha probably did not care as she seemed more torn over other issues than Bob&apos;s sanity.<br />A rich sight was observed: Bob panhandling. Yet the reasoning behind it is beyond most. Here stands a man who is in the position of a Senior Manager of some company that just happened to survive they blasted apocalypse, that has a family fortune of several hundred thousand simoleons, yet he sees fit to beg for more. Truly a disgusting sight, it is one reason why the end of the Ramirez family should be welcomed indeed.<br />
  42. 42. And considering how close the town was from being fully restored, Zoey was forced to partake a liquid created by her Aunt Angelina to hasten her growth. Drinking a good portion from the container aged her quite far, yet stopping just short of going into adult-hood. Some say she wanted to savor a few final days as a teen and others claim it was to prevent future back-fires as the same fluid could also reverse the aging process. <br />
  43. 43. After many days of incredible effort, the one and only Jake Ramirez had become Ledora&apos;s extravagant General. Using his military mind and capable forces, he somehow made the town safe to travel about, allowing our townsfolk to no longer fear whatever unknown creatures lurked about preventing us from ever striking out on our own, leaving behind our dreary shacks. At least, those of us who still lived in dreary shacks. <br />And as if to show all the world that he truly was a general, Jake swirled into uniform, quickly dabbing lots of instant-growth hair tonic for whatever reason he did. Some joke that it was the only way to get his &apos;one size fits all&apos; beret to fit snuggly. <br />
  44. 44. With the streets safe to roam, Timmy set forth to fixing the long broken family computer. The very same one that his own son, Jake, couldn&apos;t possibly be bothered with fixing. Computer restored, Timmy looked for an empty place to call his new home. Considering all that has gone on in the house, it may be safe to assume that anyone living there for that long would naturally have gone stir crazy. Seeing him off was Samantha, because his sons and daughter had more important things to do. <br />
  45. 45. In tow, Timmy was also bringing his wife and brother. Now it&apos;s only reasonable why he is bringing Tammy with him, but the thought process of bringing his brother is beyond comprehension. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe he though with his brother being younger, he&apos;d be more resourceful or perhaps more fit at building them a new home and getting all the furniture in place. Or maybe he just wanted to form a triad of meditating people.<br />
  46. 46. Rumor has it that Timmy, Tammy, and Daniel weren&apos;t the only ones leaving the Ramirez house that same day. If it can be believed, Samantha made good use on her half-sister&apos;s husband&apos;s connections with death. A use spent reviving Angelina back from death. For whatever purpose she was killed in the first place, planned or unplanned, murdered or suicide, it was told that Angelina was quite happy to be alive once more and so much younger. Apparently it is also said that those who have been claimed by death are always returned with a full stage of life ahead of them.<br />
  47. 47. While I do not support the following claim, others state that the main reason behind Angelina&apos;s incident was so that she could have the full life ahead of her. With said extra days, she would be able to spend far greater time with husband-hopeful bill delivering Pao. Again, I think of it nothing more except fantasy, but decided it was worth mentioning in this report. <br />
  48. 48. With the parade of parents, aunt, and uncle out the house, the darling Zoey stepped up to the plate to become an ever responsible adult herself. Witnessing this transition was Samantha. <br />With only two things left to restore to our fair Ledora, it was placed upon Zoey&apos;s shoulders to do away with our rationing ways. To ensure that she was doing it right, she was to watch many programs on how to properly cook. Though how we are able to have such television programming when we are unable to perform the same tasks ourselves is a topic for another report.<br />
  49. 49. Whatever the case may be (some say it was due to her active outlook), television wasn&apos;t good enough for Zoey. She was forced to study old cook books in order to get her to learn how to make food that wasn&apos;t simple hot dogs and hamburgers. <br />Dotted up in lots of flair, Zoey somehow managed to convince her boss to promote her from Dishwasher to full blown waitress when she blossomed into woman-hood. Between so many button adorning her shirt, let alone how she managed to speak to her boss in such a proposition it&apos;s difficult to say what exactly occurred between the two individuals and whether or not it merely involved words. <br />
  50. 50. But as Zoey busied herself serving those folks who are somehow ordering meals at restaurants that don&apos;t even exist in Ledora, her brothers were making accomplishments of their own. Namely Bob, who had somehow become a Tycoon of the local businesses that have sprung up during his 8 hour work shift. Not wanting his brother to outshine him, Jake made sure to announce his arrival to his family. As if the fact that his long since street safety was more important to folks than the fact that we could all now go out and shop for whatever we darn well please once more. That and sell off old possessions and just maybe hire folks to do tedious household duties in our stead. After all, we would be too busy purchasing a million clothes to bother with washing the dishes from our hastily downed burgers. <br />
  51. 51. And just like that, Zoey went from waitress to cook. Management somehow got a hold of a stupendous chocolate making machine to better enhance her ability at cooking. Though should we really ponder at all how making chocolates and selling them off is at all a reasonable excuse to learn how to cook as opposed to watching those cooky cooking shows or learning recipes from a book? Whatever the reasoning behind such substantial learning this curve breaks, they should have included a manual as it is made clear from various sources that Zoey learned more how to spill chocolate on the carpet than get them into square bites. <br />
  52. 52. It&apos;s also been sighted that instead of sharing all the chocolate she made, Zoey indulged upon many of them, snarfing them down as if they were her sole source of sustenance for the rest of her life.<br />
  53. 53. It was at this time that actual quotes were finally obtained. Not fully accurate, but to say the least, enough to draw some conclusions. It was during one evening that Jake had been conversing with Zoey, questioning how much longer until the food rationing would be put to a halt.<br />Apparently Zoey was none too pleased behind the hint of urgency behind her brothers words as she practically gagged in disgust. Though some claim it was more in part to eating a rather nasty burger that had been sitting out for two nights that she was devouring. <br />
  54. 54. Whoever decided that Zoey was to be a culinary queen should have double-checked her hygienic habits. That is, unless the very same person decided that ear wax mixed in with food is perfectly harmless. <br />To put a time scale on how long Zoey was working on fixing the food problem, she wasn&apos;t even born when Samantha was revived by Angelina. Even with the assistance of some clever life draining beverage, Zoey&apos;s progress was at such a snail&apos;s pace that Samantha decreed it fit that she consume the devoured Angelina so she might still be an adult once Ledora was restored to it&apos;s former glory. <br />
  55. 55. It was getting to the point where Zoey started working double shifts in order to speed up the process. You&apos;d think that she would just up and bake a giant cake for us all to consume, but she couldn&apos;t make it that easy. Instead, some being decreed that the only way we could feast upon many foods and fear no ration was for that pesky female to become a famous Celebrity Chef.<br />Even her brothers were getting annoyed with the slow progress, Jake taking to lounging about and Bob moving on to the dapper of all responsibilities of meditation. <br />
  56. 56. It soon came apparent that the only one deemed worthy to assist Zoey in getting our food back was Samantha. Considering her science background, she was the perfect candidate! After all, scientists are the best known cooks in the world besides a professional cook! And she didn&apos;t even go to cooking school! Perhaps it was in her own interest that she spurred the girl into making candies faster and learning quicker. The interest of not dying of old age. <br />
  57. 57. And with the finality of successfully knowing all there is to cooking, Zoey celebrated the best way she possibly could. For it was now that she could finally feed us all! That is, if her own boss saw fit to elevate her to the status of awe-inspiring Celebrity Chef. <br />
  58. 58. Still, one has to consider the fact that other bosses thought it was A-OK to promote so many other Ramirez family members to lofty positions that made life easier for us all, why not give Zoey her big break? After all, it&apos;s not like were weren&apos;t all starving to death as it was. <br />
  59. 59. And lo, it was that very fateful day seemingly so long ago, when it may have been perhaps only a week or month, that the ever dashing and daring Zoey Ramirez approached her carpool to take her to the restaurant that Ledora shouldn&apos;t even have to do her duty of managing that very same restaurant and making it to big time.<br />And once she arrived home, she walked to her bedroom and twirled into an outfit that would bring honor to any who hold the title of Iron Chef. And she proudly declared to the entire town of Ledora, &quot;We can hazcheezeburgers! Forever!&quot; Though it was as overtly dramatized like that, but it might as well have been. And thusly with Zoey Ramirez having become the amazing Celebrity Chef and restoring food to the town of Ledora, all had finally been restored to normal. As normal as this town can possibly get. <br />
  60. 60. &quot;And in conclusion, let it be known that in this person&apos;s opinion, things could have been handled a great deal better. My main point is that perhaps instead of being greedy little snitches and taking it upon their shoulders, perhaps those bratty Ramirez&apos; could have spread the wealth, allowing the rest of the town to assist in bringing things back to order. But no, apparently, we were all stuck up on hopelessness to even bother.&quot; <br />&quot;And that is that. Well now, if that isn&apos;t at least worthy of a B, I can&apos;t think what is. Whoever said history is the most boring course must have been an idiot.&quot;<br />
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