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Amanda Ontherun 03

Amanda Ontherun 03






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    Amanda Ontherun 03 Amanda Ontherun 03 Presentation Transcript

    • BlueBerryPie360
      A PinStar
      Sim of the Month
    • Starring:
    • $5,929
      As Amanda dreams of her home to be, allow me to welcome to the final chapter. For the next dozen or so slides will be mostly of Amanda playing guitar for tips. You can watch as the money counter grows or you could skip ahead to the real chunk of the chapter: the wedding party. Your choice.
    • $6,005
    • $6,655
      A chess competition is a nice distraction. After three games against Mrs. Landgrabb, Amanda pockets an extra $650.
    • $6,655
      Finding quarters for the night proves interesting as we knock up a house never visited before.
    • $6,655
      Turns out Mr. Clams lives here and he’s only a teenager. No matter how much Amanda befriends him, she just can’t spend the night. Should have been talking to mom for that privilege.
    • $7,446
    • $9,194
    • $10,044
    • $11,448
    • $12,448
      You mentioned paying me $1000 if I earned at least $500 in guitar playing tips? Can I have that please?
      Some opportunity challenges are really nice like this.
    • $13,701
    • $13,701
      The challenges calls for twenty different books in the single bookshelf you must purchase. A visit to the bookstore now and buying twenty different books should save me a trip later on. Plus there’s an opportunity to be had inside as well.
    • $14,503
    • $15,734
      Notice something missing? If you guessed guitar skill bar, you’re right! Amanda is now a professional ten skill guitarist.
    • $16,630
    • $16,630
      Anyone remember Zelda Mae, the flirty girl at the Langerak household?
    • $18,294
    • $4,572
      What’s this? The cash just went down? Trouble? Danger? Meteorites? None of the above! After finishing this round of tip playing, Amanda possesses enough money to finally build a home and furnish it.
    • And here it is. The lot value was originally $2,700. After the build and furnishing, it’s now worth $27,487, plenty more than the additional $20,000 worth it needed to be.
      Some items inside may have been… repossessed from other homes. >_>
    • As part of the challenge, there is a checklist of what is needed for the proper home for Amanda Ontherun. Here is that checklist:
      -1 double bed
      -1 dresser
      -2 mirrors
      -1 toilet
      -1 shower / tub
      -2 sinks
      -1 fridge
      -1 stove
      -2 kitchen counters
      -1 table
      -2 chairs
      -1 fireplace
      -1 loveseat
      -1 desk
      -1 computer / laptop
      -1 bookshelf w/20 different books
      -5 rooms floored, walled, lit, and accessible and each room has +10 decorative buff (the final of which I have actually tested out)
      -10 windows
      Feel free to keep an eye out for every item as the house we tour the home of Amanda.
    • Ah, to be able to cook your own food in your own home.
    • Or to sleep in your own bed? After so long living off of the hospitality of others, it must feel good to have a place to call her own.
    • Come on over, Cyclone Sword!
      There are only two other things left as part of this challenge:
      -Marry a computer whiz
      -Throw a successful wedding party
    • And what do you think you’re doing?
      Getting some salad.
      With the engagement phase in effect, it’s time to throw that successful wedding party and get hitched. Guests invited and the festivities kicked off.
    • Amanda mingles with her guests, but someone seems to be missing: the man of the hour. And where the whootnanny is he?
    • Cyclone Sword! Stop playing computerized chess and get married darn it!
    • This house is perfect according to my list. So you better learn to like it, Cyclone.
    • And they lived happily ever after… if you want to believe that. >_>
    • I’m sure this qualifies as a successful wedding party.
    • And as Amanda plays us off at the end of this long and fairly difficult challenge, I’d like to thank you all for reading. And thank you Pinstar for making such a challenge. It took a grand total of 86 days for Amanda to finally reach her… uh, accomplish her quest.
    • And with the challenge finished, there’s only one thing left to do.
    • Catch some ghosts!
      *cues Ray Parker Jr.*