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Sven De Meyere (Wijs) - SEO Optimization for large websites. How to scale your efforts?
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Sven De Meyere (Wijs) - SEO Optimization for large websites. How to scale your efforts?


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SEO Optimization for large websites. How to scale your efforts? Sven De Meyere at search university

SEO Optimization for large websites. How to scale your efforts? Sven De Meyere at search university

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. 1
  • 2. SEO & large websites Sven De Meyere 10h20 – 10h40
  • 3. SEO & large websitesAbout me...
  • 4. 4
  • 5. Over there... 5
  • 6. SEO & large websitesIntroduction...
  • 7. Why this topic?‣ Been there, done that‣ Lot’s of misconceptions‣ Large is the new ‘normal’
  • 8. Topics‣ Key factors & quickwins‣ Optimize the workflow‣ Which tools to use‣ How to measure‣ 8 rock solid takeways
  • 9. SEO & large websitesKey factors & quickwins...
  • 10. Site architecture & internal linking Image source:
  • 11. Site architecture & internal linking Image source:
  • 12. Site architecture & internal linking Image source:
  • 13. Site architecture & internal linking‣ Horizontal & vertical linking‣ Navigation‣ Breadcrumbs‣ Footer links‣ Header logo‣ Impact increases with number of pages
  • 14. Smart use of XML sitemaps‣ Standard XML sitemaps = band-aid solution‣ Site architecture > Sitemaps‣ Index sitemaps‣ Image sitemaps‣ Video sitemaps‣ News sitemaps
  • 15. Smart use of XML sitemaps
  • 16. Index XML sitemaps<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><sitemapindex xmlns=""><sitemap> <loc></loc> <lastmod>2004-10-01T18:23:17+00:00</lastmod></sitemap><sitemap> <loc></loc> <lastmod>2005-01-01</lastmod></sitemap></sitemapindex>
  • 17. Microformats Resource to check:
  • 18. Microformats‣ Improvement in CTR‣ Small (development) cost‣ Template -> scalable impact‣ Semantic data markup Resource to check:
  • 19. Microformats Resource to check:
  • 20. Site speed‣ Crawl rate & indexation‣ Server costs‣ User experience‣ Amazon research: 0,1s loading time = -1% sales
  • 21. SEO & large websitesLet’s get to work...
  • 22. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road willtake you there..
  • 23. Get the basics rightGet the basics right Image source:
  • 24. First you automate...‣ Use the power of templates‣ <title> template‣ Meta description template‣ <h1> template
  • 25. First you automate...<title>$productname - Buy now, only $price! | $brandname</title><meta name="description" content="Looking for $productname? Available in ourwebshop at $price. Fast delivery and money back guarantee."><h1>$productname</h1>
  • 26. Then you analyze...‣ Top organic landing pages‣ Top converting pages
  • 27. Then you digg for gold...‣ Manual re-optimization of key pages‣ More specific <title>’s (longtails?)‣ More specific meta descriptions (advantage?)
  • 28. Get everyone on board‣ Everyone can help (PR / HR / Marcom / ...)‣ People like to be involved‣ Provide training‣ Share data
  • 29. Some competition, maybe?‣ Get inhouse people to write content / blogposts‣ Track author through custom vars in GA‣ _setCustomVar(1, Author, Sven De Meyere)‣ Declare winner each month:‣ Most organic visits / leads / sales / revenue
  • 30. SEO & large websitesThe large website SEO toolkit
  • 31. Large website SEO toolsetOn-site & off-site monitoring• Google Webmaster Tools• Bing Webmaster Tools (seriously!)• SeoMoz campaignsRankings• WebceoLink analysis• MajesticSEO• Open Site Explorer
  • 32. Use the available API’s• SeoMoz link metrics• MajesticSEO• Webceo online
  • 33. And build your own tools
  • 34. SEO & large websitesMeasuring your failure success...
  • 35. Different sets of metrics• Business metrics• SEO metrics• Link metrics
  • 36. Business metrics• Organic (non) branded revenue!!!• ROI
  • 37. SEO metrics• (non) Branded keyword rankings• # organic (non) branded conversions• # organic (non) branded visits• # unique organic landing pages• Top X organic (non) branded landing pages• # unique organic keywords• Top X organic (non) branded keywords
  • 38. Link metrics• On domain level • On page level • Domain authority • Page authority • # external links • # external links • # referring root domains • # external referring root domains • % follow vs nofollowed links • % follow vs nofollowed links • % anchor text VS branded links • % anchor text VS branded links • # internal links
  • 39. Benchmark your progress• Short term • Compare with previous month • Careful: trends & seasonality?• Long term • Compare with same month last year • Careful: changes on-site or in Analytics config?
  • 40. SEO & large websites8 rock solid takeaways...
  • 41. 8 key takeaways...1. Horizontal & vertical internal linking2. Use index XML sitemaps to discover weak spots3. Microformats: boost your organic CTR4. First things first: get the basics right5. Automate when possible, adjust when necessary6. Get everyone on board7. API’s: use them!8. Larger websites -> different metrics for success
  • 42. Thank you.And now, coffee please...!