Jonathan Van Parys - Semetis - Business Intelligence with Web Data - GABC12


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Jonathan Van Parys - Semetis - Business Intelligence with Web Data - GABC12

  1. 1. Business Intelligencewith Web Data Jonathan Van Parys Technology Lead at Semetis
  2. 2. Data
  3. 3. 2015Lots of Data.Quantity of databeing created andstored is exploding. 2010 2005 Digital data storage in exabytes (IDC)
  4. 4. Data in Marketing Percent of CMOs reporting underpreparedness 50% Data explosion 71% Social media 68% Growth of channel and device choices 65% Shifting consumer demographics 63% Financial constraints 59% Decreasing brand loyalty 57% Growth market opportunities 56% ROI accountability 56% Customer collaboration and influence 56% Privacy considerations 55% Global outsourcing 54% Regulatory considerations 50% Corporate transparency 47%
  5. 5. Accessible Data.Getting the data you need is easier than hasever been. APIs are going to rule the world.
  6. 6. The rise of open APIsThe rise of open government data initiatives
  7. 7. Timely Data.No more waiting10 days to getthe data you need.
  8. 8. The real-time web
  9. 9. Flexible Data.Choose what datayou collect.
  10. 10. Definitive Data.No more guessing.People speak withtheir clicks.
  11. 11. It’s the most exciting time ever for people interested inunderstanding their business, their customers and theirindustry.Capture, monitor and measure things like never before.Data + Business =
  12. 12. I think marketing is the new finance. In the 1960s and1970s we got interesting data. So we saw huge gains inunderstanding performance in the finance industry.I think marketing is in the same place: now we’re getting alot of really good data, we have tools, we have methods,we have smart people working on it. Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google
  13. 13. And not only for marketing... Search data at the Bank of England. This article examines the use of data on the volume of online searches for labour and housing markets in the United Kingdom. [...] internet search data could become an important tool for economic analysis.
  14. 14. Business Intelligencewith Web Data
  15. 15. Collect the right data. ?source=primary-nav ?source=record-in-brief
  16. 16. Create the right interface. Data alone is not enough. Data needs poetry. Brendan Dawes
  17. 17. The interface needs to identify what’s worth saying and help say it intelligibly.Information display
  18. 18. The interface needs to identify what’s worth saying and help say it intelligibly.Information hierarchyInformation navigation
  19. 19. We build data-rich applicationsto help you gain insights into your business.
  20. 20. Multi-domain Analytics dashboard
  21. 21. Multi-domain Analytics dashboard
  22. 22. Insights into online train booking
  23. 23. Insights into online train booking
  24. 24. Insights into online train booking
  25. 25. Industry, Location & Business insights
  26. 26. Industry, Location & Business insights
  27. 27. Industry, Location & Business insights
  28. 28. Industry, Location & Business insights
  29. 29. Business Intelligence 1307
  30. 30. Business Intelligence 1307
  31. 31. Trending topicsWe use impression data, evolution and speed of evolution to identify trending topics.Correlates very nicely with TV, radio campaigns, and big events. Twitter Semetis Trends
  32. 32. What next? track what words are associated with your brandtrack how often based on whatyour brand is people type.searched inGoogle. track how oftentrack how many your brand ispeople like your mentioned onwebsite or Twitter orFacebook Pages. Facebook.
  33. 33. Today’s availability of data on the web makes it possible to seamlessly track you objectives and build beautiful applications around them. Tracking these objectives becomes better, easier, more timely, and more fun.