Marketing Trends: Search, Social, Shopping & Mobile
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Marketing Trends: Search, Social, Shopping & Mobile



Rundown of the data on search marketing (organic, paid, PLA), Amazon, mobile, e-commerce, and social.

Rundown of the data on search marketing (organic, paid, PLA), Amazon, mobile, e-commerce, and social.

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  • RKG
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  • Forrester
  • Can we somehow get mobile into the image?
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  • RKG
  • Can you add a slide after this
  • Maybe compare the 14% to the 39% - more than double…
  • Pew – shouldn’t this be near mobile in-store (before Friday)
  • IBM
  • “This should come as no surprise but….people are buying on their smartphones. In fact, the number who have used their smartphone to for a purchase increased 20% from 2011 to 2012.”
  • “Not only are they buying, but those who do use their smartphone for purchases are doing so even more often.”
  • “When you look at the data on smartphone shoppers, it’s clear that those who adopt mobile commerce are increasing the frequency of their purchases.”
  • “Shoppers are buying on their smartphones in a variety of places.” Its very interesting that the majority of consumers who buy on a smart phone do it in their own home.
  • “Of course, there is still friction in mobile commerce that holds a lot of people back from completing a purchase on their smartphone. But as you know, the smartphone plays a role in purchases far beyond just those that are completed on that phone. Mobile assisted commerce is a huge use case and opportunity”
  • “One example ‘mobile assisted’ commerce is research. Google’s study found that shoppers are using their smartphones to research purchases”
  • “And they’re doing that research on a smartphone while they’re at home, work, in the store and out about town”
  • “Here’s the most important slide. It shows that shows that after the research, those smartphone shoppers are buying on their phones, on their desktops and laptops, and in the store. That’s mobile assisted commerce in action. In fact, a Deloitte study found that the mobile assisted revenue number was actually13x the transactions on the smartphones. So reducing friction and improving the cross-channel experience are key.”
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Marketing Trends: Search, Social, Shopping & Mobile Marketing Trends: Search, Social, Shopping & Mobile Presentation Transcript

  • Search, Social, Shopping & MobileMay 2013Image Source: Flickr user blprntMARKETING TRENDS
  • ATTRIBUTIONShoppers converted withfewer touch points4.33.9012345# Touch PointsQ4Q1Data SourceRKG DMR Q1 2013Image SourceFlickr user katietegtmeyer
  • NEW CUSTOMERSOrganic & Paid eachaccounted for 20% of newcustomer visits201620110510152025New Visits New TransactionsOrganic PaidData SourceForresterImage SourceFlickr user perspective
  • EXISTING CUSTOMERSeMail and Organic searcheach account for 20% ofvisits20%13%20%6%0%5%10%15%20%25%Visits TransactionsEmail Organic SearchData SourceForresterImage SourceFlickr user anniemole
  • 1/3 of product searches begin on Amazon.comAMAZONData SourceNYTimesImage SourceFlickr user scobleizer
  • AMAZON60% of mobile departmentstore traffic is onAmazon.comAmazon Everyone ElseData SourceInternet RetailerImage SourceFlickr user dougbelshaw
  • When consumers abandon a retailer’s site, thesearch continues & GoogleAMAZONData SourceMultiChannel MerchantImage SourceFlickr user marktee0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%Amazon Google
  • Key ?s• How are youintercepting thoseshoppers before theyget to• How are you reducingabandons?• Are you creating arelevant experiencethat inspires loyalty?AMAZONImage SourceFlickr user yto
  • Product Listing Ad (PLA) spend is up 238%THE LONG TAILData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user noppyfoto
  • PAID SEARCH SPEND IS UPData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user epsos0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Q1 2013Google Bing
  • Mobile drives traffic & revenuePAID SEARCHData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user clanlife0%10%20%30%Total Paid Search Q12013Clicks Spend
  • • PLAs drove 28% of Googlenon-brand mobile clicks inQ4 2012• But only 16% for Bing AdsMOBILE PAID CLICKSData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user stevendepolo
  • 33% of Google non-brand spend is onPLAsPAID LISTING ADSData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user moe
  • Naturalsearchaccounts for35% of webtrafficORGANIC SEARCHData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user winton
  • 24% of organic search visits were mobileORGANIC SEARCHData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user dennis_vu
  • iOS 6 doesn’t pass referrerdata• 13% of all Google searchesare classified as “direct”trafficORGANIC SEARCHData SourceRKG
  • 14% of US webtraffic was onmobile in 2012MOBILEData SourceKISSmetricsImage SourceFlickr user thenextweb
  • 39% of traffic to Top 500 retailers will be from smartphones in 2013• Smartphones will surpass half of all traffic in 2014MOBILEData SourceInternet RetailerImage SourceFlickr user Andrea_44
  • 32% of shoppers researchand purchase on asmartphoneMOBILEData SourceMultiChannel Media Post
  • Mobile conversions lagthose of www sites…MOBILEImage SourceFlickr user ipdegirl
  • …But “mobile influence” for wwwand in-store conversions is HUGE• 13x multiplier from mobilerevenue to in-store mobileinfluenced sales1• Mobile will influence 17% of in-store sales by 2016• 20% who use Store Locator on amobile site visit the store2MOBILEData Sources1: Deloitte: The Dawn of Mobile Influence2: Adidas case study from Google MobileAdsImage SourceFlickr user Damian Gadal
  • Many showroomingshoppers are actuallyvisiting the store’s websiteMOBILE IN-STORE WIFIData SourceeMarketer0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%Visit Store Websitevia In-Store WifiMenWomen
  • 72% ofsmartphoneowners usethem whileshopping instoresMOBILE ASSISTData SourcesPewImage SourceFlickr user Damian jasonahowie
  • Key ?s• Are you acting on theknowledge thatshoppers are visitingthe website frominside the store?MOBILE IN-STOREImage SourceFlickr user Damian tiseb
  • Mobile purchases increased 40% from 2011 to 2012BLACK FRIDAYData SourceIBMImage SourceFlickr user SquiffyEye
  • 67% prefer an optimizedmobile site to a mobile appMOBILE SITES VS APPSData SourcesMediaPost
  • Key ?s• What’s the trajectory of your mobiletraffic?• How are you improving the mobileexperience?• Will an app satisfy your mobiledemand?• How are you maximizing mobilediscovery?MOBILE
  • PEOPLE ARE BUYINGData SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • MORE FREQUENTLYData SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • SOME EVEN BUY DAILYData SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • WHERE DOES MOBILE COMMERCE HAPPEN?Data SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • BUT STILL TOO MUCH FRICTIONData SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • MOBILE RESEARCH IS GROWINGData SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • WHERE ARE THEY RESEARCHING?Data SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • WHERE ARE THEY BUYING?Data SourceGoogle: Our Mobile Planet
  • • 32% of mobile users visit thesame page on desktop andmobile• 50% visit the same categorypageCROSS-CHANNEL: MOBILE + WWWData SourceBloomReach0%10%20%30%40%50%60%ProductPageCategoryPage
  • Key ?s• Do your customers have a great cross-channel experience?CROSS-CHANNEL: MOBILE + WWWImage SourceFlickr user JacksterD
  • Facebook send 30x more traffic than Google+SOCIALData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user owenwbrown
  • Fewer than 1% of transactions can be traced back to social linksSOCIALData SourceRKGImage SourceFlickr user owenwbrown
  • Pinterest traffic converts betterFACEBOOK VS PINTERESTData SourceBloomReach
  • Pinterest trafficsticks aroundFACEBOOK VS PINTERESTData SourceBloomReach
  • Pinterest trafficspends moreFACEBOOK VS PINTERESTData SourceBloomReach
  • Pinterest traffic is more engagedFACEBOOK VS PINTERESTData SourceBloomReach
  • Yet…Facebook drives 7x more traffic than PinterestFACEBOOK VS PINTERESTData SourceBloomReach
  • Key ?s• Do you engage users on Facebookand Pinterest?FACEBOOK VS PINTEREST
  • How will yougather, analyze and act ondata to create a greatcustomer experience andprofitable business?LAST QUESTION…Image Sourceeleaf