Oodle Case Study


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Case study of BloomReach customer Oodle.

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Oodle Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY | OODLE 01Profile ProductUsing the power of social media, Oodle is reinventing online classifieds. BloomSearchThe company provides consumers with a friendly local marketplace to buy,sell and trade. Oodle operates a network of online marketplaces with more Impactthan 15 million monthly unique users including the Oodle Marketplace and Substantive increase in naturalthe Marketplace on Facebook. search visits and more products getting found by users SubstantiveBusiness ChallengeOodle offers a vast selection of products to its users across a rangeof categories: cars, real estate, merchandise, and jobs. In addition toimplementing an aggressive social networking strategy, the company increase in naturaluses both natural and paid search to drive demand for its dynamicinventory of more than 40 million products. “The scale at which we search visitsoperate is unique for a business of our size,” says Matt Kaufman, VicePresident of Product at Oodle. “And natural search plays an important “BloomSearch helps usrole in the 16 million visits we get every month.” merchandise our listingsOodle had contracted with an outside agency to help it get more in a way that connectsproducts found through natural search. However, the agency was notable to address all of the categories in which Oodle does business. them with dynamic“The agency had to tackle problems in a very narrow fashion in order consumer needs.”to keep costs down,” Kaufman comments. — Craig Donato Chief Executive Officer,Solution OodleBloomReach’s cloud marketing platform offered Oodle a flexible way toget content found at scale. “BloomReach’s BloomSearch can move a lotfaster and go further than a manual approach,” Kaufman remarks.Kaufman also recognized that BloomReach offered a low-risk approachto deployment. “We could get started and see measurable resultswithout having to make a substantial investment on our side,” he says.“Furthermore, the BloomReach team is knowledgeable and very eagerto help.”
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | OODLE 02Incremental Visits Result in More New UsersSince implementing BloomSearch, Oodle has seen a substantiveincrease in visits from natural search. “BloomSearch helps our productsget found,” Kaufman reports. “And that brings us new users.”Increased Exposure for a Broader Range of InventoryUsers describe their wants and needs in an infinite number of ways,and these unique descriptors quickly explode into a massive numberof phrases — all of which can be used to discover Oodle’s products. Now beingDuring the first 60 days of deployment, a significant proportion ofBloomSearch-generated visits came to pages that searchers had not discoveredfound in the three weeks preceding launch. on Oodle.com:In a business where inventory is constantly in flux, BloomSearch hasgiven Oodle an innovative, technology-driven way to meet user needs “1987 chevy silverado for saleand to make the best use of its marketing resources. in texas” “canyou get a massage therapy job in atlanta” “dogs and cats for adoption yakima wa” “brunswick ga elderly care jobs” BloomReach created the world’s first Web Relevance Engine dedicated to exposing the best content on the internet to the right consumers seeking it on search engines and social platforms. BloomReach, Inc. 399 West El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040