The Making of a Movement


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The Making of a Movement

  1. 1. About Blogworks® Blogworks helps create brands and organisations for the future. • Interpreting consumer and brand behaviour as seen through the prism of social mediaAugust 25, 2012 © Scenario Consulting Private Limited 1
  2. 2. Our interventions Map Measure Listen Integrate Frame Scale Engage
  3. 3. Social media frameworkMap Listen Frame Engage Scale Integrate MeasureBusiness Insights Business Agreed Technology Managemen BrandObjective Metric stakeholde t model health rsEnvironment Associations Strategy Agreed Internal Innovation Innovation channels participation practicesCompetition Crisis/ Social Media Social CRM Community Process Marketing opportunity Metric integration success Policies Lead Gen Revenues Processes Efficiencies Coaching and Customer Learning experience
  4. 4. Some names we have done work forMahindra – RiseGE CapitalTitan Industries – FastrackSamsung Mobiles and ElectronicsMadura Garments – Alley Sollys.Oliver FashionRichmond Group – CartierLiveJournal.comKnocking LiveVianza.comCSE – Down to Earth magazineCotton Council International
  5. 5. The making of a MovementTeam Mahindra, Mumbai © Scenario Consulting Private Limited
  6. 6. Comparison of Marketing 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0Marketing Evolution Marketing 1.0 Marketing 2.0 Marketing 3.0 Product Centric Consumer-oriented Values-driven Marketing Marketing MarketingObjective Sell products Satisfy and retain the Make the world a consumers better placeEnabling forces Industrial revolution Information New wave technology technologyHow companies see Mass buyers with Smarter consumer Whole human withthe market physical needs with mind and heart mind, heart and spiritKey marketing Product development Differentiation ValuesconceptCompany marketing Product specifications Corporate and Corporate mission,guidelines product positioning vision and valuesValue propositions Functional Functional and Functional, emotional emotional and spiritualInteraction with One-to-many One-to-one Many-to-manyconsumers transaction relationship collaborationSource: Marketing 3.0 Philip Kotler and others
  7. 7. Who said this? “To really implement movement marketing, we need to build something that the public can take ownership of.  Engage them in discussion around meaningful content that we initiate and THEY take forward. We support, they act. We seed, they lead.
  8. 8. The making of a Movement
  9. 9. The making of a Movement Have the Easy Embrace the Community The tipping guts steps community Energizes point Early It’s not Makes it supporter Showcasi risky for We’ve Be Not about got a easy to s are to ng them people to prepared As an us, its movemenStand out follow be valued is of join and to get equal about t what you – they are great more & ridiculed them are doing the true value more join leaders us now
  10. 10. Outside – In © Scenario Consulting Private Limited
  11. 11. Genesis of a community Define purpose User Driven Seed Community Content User Populate Generated Nucleus Content Find Content Seed Evangelists conversations8/25/2012 © Scenario Consulting Private Limited 11
  12. 12. Creating Movements Co-opting ideas Sharing ideas Funding ideas and Movements• TED • Pepsi Refresh • Jaago Re by • Mahindra Rise Tata - present • Mahindra Rise- the future
  13. 13. Thank you © Scenario Consulting Private Limited