What's the Big Deal with Mobile in HR & Recruiting?


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While mobile adoption has been happening for some time in the consumer marketplace, it's just now becoming mainstream in HR and recruiting. Hear from our experts how mobile is changing how we hire, engage employees and do our jobs every single day. Mobile is a big deal and we will show you why in human resources and recruitment.

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  • Devices will all be connected. Watches, cameras, thermostats, watches, cars, parking meters, cash registers, airplanes, backpacks, clothing, trains…
  • Filip – kid-friendly, $199, $10 a month subscription, tracks location
  • Simple phone and texting capabilities
  • If we forget that we are all humans with human qualities, we will fail as a civilization.This is where HR functions, including recruiting, crosses streams with marketing. If you don’t believe that – you are in denial…
  • We cannot talk about mobile without talking about social
  • 238 Million users => 91 Million via Mobile
  • As much as HR and Recruiters think they control jobseekers. They do not.
  • Mobile subscriptions reached 5 B this summer
  • Only 2 % of Fortune 500 Companies have “mobile apply” for jobseekers – that’s only 10 companies!78% say they delete emails from their mobile device if they don’t render prior to reading them
  • Mobile devices are outselling PCs and laptops by 4 to 1. 2 million mobile devices are being purchased every single day. Imagine that…
  • What's the Big Deal with Mobile in HR & Recruiting?

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    7. 7. Mobile Matters Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    8. 8. HR Tech Hype Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    9. 9. Adoption in HR & Recruiting Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    10. 10. Mobile for HR & Recruiting • Access • Flexibility • Now Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
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    12. 12. Cell Phone vs. Smart Phone Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
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    14. 14. Part of Our Lives • Mobile becomes embedded further into our lives • Our Children • Our Parents • Our Work • NOT going away Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    15. 15. How can we NOT LOVE this? Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
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    18. 18. LinkedIn 38% of LinkedIn Users access LI via mobile How this translates? 91 MILLION! Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    19. 19. Rise of Mobile Consumers and Jobseekers want control over how they gather information. And they have control. We can choose to understand our consumer, or we can try to change their behavior… Good Luck With That. Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    20. 20. Current Predictions by Social LinkedIn Predicts: • HALF of users will access via Mobile next year NOW: Over ½ of ad revenue comes via mobile… Facebook Predicts: Mobile Ad Revenue UP Twitter Predicts: Twitter Mobile ad Revenue at $1 Billion for 2014 50 Billion connected mobile devices by 2020 Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    21. 21. Consumption • Mobile devices outselling PCs > 3 to 1 • 2 million mobile devices purchased everyday • Samsung reports selling 1 M phones daily • What this means to businesses & enterprises today Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    22. 22. #Fail • Only 2 % of Fortune 500 Companies have “mobile apply” • No mobile friendly website or career site • Email: 42% of all emails are opened on a mobile. 78% say they delete… Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    23. 23. Contextual Ambience • • • • • Push Notifications Wearable Computing Search Internet of Things Location Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    24. 24. GEOLOCATION Technology 33 M on Foursquare 1.5 M Businesses Are you AFRAID of Location Tracking? #Blogging4Jobs Powered by Blogging4Jobs
    25. 25. Bold Predictions • • • • • • Consumer Demands Location Context Will move from Party to Business Many Failures Privacy Wearable Tech is Mobile Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
    26. 26. Questions? Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs
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    28. 28. Learn more about . . . • Jessica Miller-Merrell at www.workology.com • Rayanne Thorn at www.linkedin.com/in/rayannethorn Sources: http://b4j.co/mobile-samsung http://b4j.co/mobile-outsells, http://b4j.co/mobile-increase, http://b4j.co/linkedinmobile, http://b4j.co/mobile-open, http://b4j.co/twitter-forecast, http://b4j.co/50billion, http://b4j.co/ambient-mobile Powered by Blogging4Jobs #Blogging4Jobs