How Unions Are Targeting Your Employees with Social Media


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Unions are getting savvy with technology to organize, reach and communicate to your employees long before a union election begins. This webinar will discuss current employment law surrounding the NLBR or National Labor Relations Board and how union organizations are using social media, blogs and text messaging as a way to reach and organize your non-union employees at your company. o

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  • Jon Hyman (@jonhyman)As an employment law attorney with 15 years experience, he primarily concentrates his practice in the representation of companies in employment disputes, including litigation with terminated employees and disputes over trade secrets and non-competition agreements. His representation extends beyond the courtroom, into various state and federal administrative agencies. He supplements his employment practice with complex commercial matters, such as fiduciary and shareholder litigation. He’s also the author of “Think Before You Click.”  Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR (@blogging4jobs) is an author, HR consultant, new media strategist, and author who writes at Her company, Xceptional HR offers digital technology and social media strategies, human resources, and recruiting consulting with an eye on digital media. Listed as the number 6th most influential recruiter online and as the 17th most influential woman on Twitter, she is a highly sought after speaker. Jessica’s book is titled “Tweet This! Twitter for Business.”
  • Oct. 2010
  • How Unions Are Targeting Your Employees with Social Media

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    4. 4. Our Panelists Jessica Miller-Merrell @blogging4jobs Jon Hyman @jonhyman #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    5. 5. Jessica, @blogging4jobs Jessica Miller-Merrell, @blogging4jobs #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    6. 6. Session Overview • • • • • Union Social Media Use Cases of Note How Unions are Using Social Media NLRB Concerted Protected Activity #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    7. 7. Facebook Firing •NLRB vs. American Medical Response of Connecticut #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    8. 8. Unions: Some Background Via CERP #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    9. 9. How Unions Use Social 4% 1% 2012 survey via LabourStart 4% 6% 13% 49% Facebook Twitter YouTube UnionBook Other 23% LinkedIn MySpace #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    10. 10. Other “Social” Channels #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    11. 11. Where the Conversations Happens Blogs ~ Forums ~ Google ~ Chat Rooms #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    12. 12. Union Campaigns Gone Social #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    13. 13. Union Campaigns Gone Social #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    14. 14. Facebook #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    15. 15. Facebook #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    16. 16. Blogs #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    17. 17. Aggressive Ad Placement #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    18. 18. Motts: No bad apples #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    19. 19. Employee Viral Movements 200,000 signatures #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    20. 20. Employer Action plan • • • • • Monitor your brand Stake your claim Adopt preemption strategies Engage proactively in social media Have a rapid response strategy #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    21. 21. Jon, @jonhyman Jon Hyman @jonhyman #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    22. 22. NLRB RIGHTS OF EMPLOYEES Sec. 7. Employees shall have the right to … engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection…. UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICES Sec. 8(a)(1). It shall be an unfair labor practice for an employer to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in section 7. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    23. 23. Concerted Protected Activity Dilbert, 9/13/2010 #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    24. 24. NLRB Case Examples #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    25. 25. Concerted Protected Activity #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    26. 26. NLRB Case Examples #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    27. 27. Policies & Disclaimers #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    28. 28. NLRB’s View on Social Media More info at #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    29. 29. Questions? #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    30. 30. Get HRCI Recert Credits • Visit & register to get PHR, SPHR & GPHR cert credits free. #hrsolutions #hrsolutions
    31. 31. Learn more about . . . • Jessica Miller-Merrell at • Jon Hyman at *NLRB’s POV on Social Media **From Jon’s blog and his social media category ***Information on Jon’s book “Think Before You Click” #hrsolutions #hrsolutions